The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 1538 - Chapter 1538: Question

Chapter 1538: Question

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As long as this lord could hear them out, Lin Yuelan and the others wouldn’t be able to find any witnesses to prove their innocence. As for the people around Lin Yuelan, they couldn’t be considered witnesses.

Lin Yuelan, who was unable to prove her innocence, would be demoted from her position as the princess of Guguo in public. Moreover, he only needed to arrange some things among the crowd and coax them a little.

Once she lost her status as the princess of the Guguo, it would be much easier to deal with her crime of being unfilial to her parents.

Their plan was quite successful.

If not for His Majesty’s sudden appearance.

They never expected that His Majesty had once stayed in the Lin Family Village.

No one around Lin Yuelan could prove her innocence, but His Majesty could.

Because no one could question the words of the ruler of a country.

Even if it was the emperor’s false testimony.

However, the Emperor had also called for the secret guards to testify, so no one dared to question the Emperor’s false testimony.

Because it was obvious, these people from the Lin Family Village all knew the Emperor and his secret guards.

Lin Dazongs complaint was also part of their plan.

After all, Lin Dazong was educated. Ordinary people, whether they were commoners or officials of the imperial court, would have a good impression of those who had been educated.

With the testimony of the witnesses, Lin Dazongs indignant accusation, and the public display, Lin Yuelan’s crime could be clearly determined.

Although the Emperor’s sudden change was unexpected, what made them pleasantly surprised was that the heavens had blessed them.

A bolt from the blue!

Regardless of whether it was Lin Yuelan’s fault or not, as long as it was attributed to Lin Yuelan, it would mean that Lin Yuelan’s unfilial actions had incurred the wrath of the heavens. However, he had never expected this.

This lightning struck people.

However, the ones who were struck were Lin Yuelan’s so-called relatives.

Now, these Lin Family villagers, who were afraid of death, had confessed that there was another mastermind behind their appearance in the capital.

He knew that once the Emperor ordered the investigation, oh no, even if the Emperor did not order the investigation, General Jiang Zhennan would probably continue the investigation.

This matter would be traced back to him sooner or later.

Therefore, he asked Xiao Jingyu for help to see what ideas he had.

However, Xiao Jingyu did not look at him.

Because even she was panicking.

Even though she was a princess by marriage, the emperor of the Longyan Kingdom couldn’t do anything to her even if they found out about it.

However, what worried her was that the emperor could not do anything to her, but what about Lin Yuelan? Jiang Zhennan would never let her off.

With Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan’s abilities, they would definitely take revenge on her.

Xiao Jingyu secretly pinched her palms. She had to think of a way to push all the responsibility to Liu Xinren.

At the thought of this, she rolled her eyes, and her brows relaxed slightly.

Lin Yuelan rolled her eyes inwardly as she looked at the dozen or so charred corpses in front of the door.

She had miscalculated again.

This place was only a few dozen meters away from her inn. It was equivalent to being at her doorstep.

The fact that someone had been burnt to ashes at the entrance of the inn would not affect the business of the inn in the future.

After the guards took the Lin family and villagers away, Lin Yuelan walked forward. Her expression was still as calm as water, but her voice was very sharp.

“Everyone, l, Lin Yuelan, am upright and clean. I’m not afraid of anyone slandering me! But,”

At this point, her sharp eyes swept across the ministers. Some of them who had a guilty conscience quickly lowered their heads guiltily when they met Lin Yuelan’s gaze.

“l, Lin Yuelan, am a petty woman too. I’ll make things difficult for anyone who tries to make things difficult for me. Whoever offends me, I’ll return the favour tenfold! Just now, everyone had heard it. These so-called relatives and witnesses of mine were invited by someone to frame me. So, don’t let me know who it is. Otherwise, l, Lin Yuelan, will pay you back tenfold!”

No one refuted Lin Yuelan’s words. No one came out to say that, as the princess of Guguo, Lin Yuelan should be magnanimous and not seek revenge.

Because everyone understood that if Lin Yuelan still wouldn’t seek revenge, she would be dumb or a saint.

However, one knew that it was not easy to be a Saint.

As soon as Lin Yuelan finished speaking, some people heard her, and their hearts jumped in fear. They were all flustered.

However, it was still better to hide it.

When Yuwen Longyan heard this, he said to Lin Yuelan sternly,” Girl, I support you! No matter who tried to frame you, they must be severely punished. If he can frame you today, then tomorrow, will he frame the entire royal family? Therefore, we cannot tolerate it! Minister Jiang, I’ll leave this matter to you to investigate thoroughly!’

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Jiang Zhennan replied.

In fact, when he saw the Lin family, he had already ordered someone to investigate. Moreover, he also knew that there was a mastermind behind this.

However, today was a big day, and the auspicious time was coming. He did not want to investigate this case at this time.


It sounded like someone had fallen.

“Lord Liu, what’s wrong? Why did you fall to the ground?” An official beside him asked with concern.

Lord Liu waved his hand and said,” It’s fine. I am old, and after standing for a long time, my muscles and bones could not take it anymore!”

“Oh, then I’ll pull you up!” There was still some doubt in his expression.

Lin Yuelan’s gaze swept over the area before she retracted her gaze. She then looked at the sky and estimated the time. She then said to Yuwen Longyan,” Your Majesty, the auspicious hour is about to arrive. Please go to the inn!” Yuwen Longyan nodded and headed towards the inn.

Behind him, a large group of people who had been invited followed him..

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