The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 514 - County Magistrate Zhou

Chapter 514: County Magistrate Zhou

Translator: Lonelytree 

In a single night, every village and every street in Ning An town was filled with two pieces of shocking news, and both of them were related to the Lin family Village.

The first was that the Lin family Village had a capable farmer who could produce eight stones per mu, and every farmer in the village could buy a farming method from her. The rich could buy it and bid according to their own ability, while the poor would buy using their items at home. It could be valuable or worthless. In short, it all depended on the person’s mood.

It was said that some people bought it for a few taels, but some bought it for hundreds of taels. In short, the prices were different, and whether they sold it or not depended on the person’s mood.

It was said that some people only used a piece of white paper to exchange for a farming method, and some people used a stone on the stove to exchange for a farming method. It was really worth it, and others were really envious.

Therefore, regardless of whether it was the villagers or the merchants, they all rushed to the Lin family Village.

Secondly, it was news of that capable person from the Lin family Village.

The capable person was Lin yuelan from the Lin family Village. She was a jinx. She jinxed her friends and her family, and even more so, her enemies.

Several families in Lin village had lost their lives because of her.

Her family was on the verge of being destroyed by her. What was even more infuriating and shameless was that she did not acknowledge her family, not even her own parents.

Such an unfilial daughter should be reported to the court and be struck by lightning.

But the strange thing was, why hadn’t her parents sued her for unfilial piety?

However, of these two pieces of news, the villagers paid more attention to the first one.

This was because this concerned their own livelihood and the food and clothing of their entire family. Therefore, even though they were angry and criticized Lin yuelan, they had to endure it at this moment. After they got their hands on the farming method, they would … would hit her when she was down.

On the other side, the villagers from Ning An town’s surrounding villages all swarmed towards the Lin family Village.

On the other side of the county, Zhou Wencai had just returned home from a poetry meeting with his friends. When he passed by the study, he heard someone talking inside. His father was the county Magistrate of An Ding County, so it wasn’t strange for people to visit him every day, be it for business or personal matters.

However, what made Zhou Wencai stop in his tracks was that he vaguely heard the words ” Lin family Village ” and “jinx”.

And the only person in the Lin family Village who could be labeled as a jinx was Lin yuelan.

Zhou Wencai leaned against the door and listened for a while. Moments later, he frowned deeply.

It didn’t take long for someone to come out from inside.

It was a chubby middle-aged man that he was not familiar.

When the man saw the young man standing at the door eavesdropping, he immediately panicked and asked, ” Who are you? ” His tone was obviously guarded and vicious.

The person behind him walked over to take a look and immediately introduced him with a warning tone, “This is my family’s kid, master Yan!”

Hearing this, Yan Lin was slightly relieved. Then, he raised his hand and said, ” I’ll leave this matter to you, County Magistrate Zhou.”

County Magistrate Zhou stroked his beard and said, “No problem, no problem.” Then, he shouted to the outside, “Someone, send the guest out!”

A moment later, a person who looked like a butler walked in. He made a gesture and said to Yan Lin, ” master Yan, please!”

After Yan Lin left, the county Magistrate turned to Zhou Wencai with a Tiger-like face and said, “Come in.”

The father and son stepped into the study room.

“How much did you hear just now? ” County Magistrate Zhou asked seriously.

Zhou Wen shook his head and said, ” I only heard you talking about Lin family Village and its jinx. I didn’t hear anything clearly. “Immediately after, he asked doubtfully, ” father, who is this person? Why are you suddenly interested in the Lin family Village and its jinx?”

County Magistrate Zhou was sitting on a stool, lightly tapping the table with a serious expression. He said, ” recently, there’s a new farming ability in the Lin family Village. One mu of land can yield eight stones. Have you heard of it? ”

As a District Magistrate, although he wasn’t a perfectly clean and honest official, he was also a good official who sincerely wanted to make some achievements and worry about the people.

Now that someone had presented him with an opportunity, he didn’t want to miss it.

With this opportunity, he would definitely be promoted by the higher-ups and would not continue to live in this poor County with barren hills and turbulent rivers.

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