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The Yandere System in the World of Cultivation

The Yandere System in the World of Cultivation







The Yandere System in the World of Cultivation

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In his first life, Victor was lazy, poor, and the ultimate gambler, but the Goddess of Envy gave him a chance.

[ Die and go back four years into the past to restart your life. ]

Victor lost all hope and killed himself, and so began his second and also the most miserable life.

He became rich and successful but soon his girlfriend betrayed him and took away all his fortune, having decided on a desperate act Victor came up with a plan to avenge himself.

Although his plan was successfully executed, Victor hoped that this time he would die once for all and forget the despair that followed him through his two lifetimes.

Yet as if to deny him of his salvation, he suddenly heard a feminine voice once again, but a different one this time.

[ Goddess of Lust, surprised by your actions, grants you a gift ]

[ Yandere system activated! ]

It was a turning point for Victor.

From now on whether it is a Goddess, a Vampire or a Succubus, no matter who it is I must seduce you or I will surely die this time!