The Yun Family’s Ninth Child is an Imp!

2346 Chapter 2346: The Regretful Mo Fangbing

Yun Chujiu had a faint smile on her face. She stared at Zhu Jingtie without saying anything. This kind of uncertain fear was even more torturous.

When the situation was in a stalemate, a person walked over and slapped Zhu Jingtie twice. “Idiot! Why aren’t you apologizing to Junior Yun?”

“Brother, you, why did you hit me?”Zhu Jingtie looked at the person in shock. The person who came had a pair of Diao Shaoyan. It was Zhu Jingtie’s brother, Zhu Jingtong.

“Cut the crap. Why aren’t you apologizing to Junior Yun?”Zhu Jingtong gave Zhu Jingtie a look.

Zhu jingtie could only say dryly, “I’m sorry.”

“HMPH! If saying sorry can solve the problem, then am I the one who killed you? Saying Sorry is fine too?”Yun Chujiu mocked.

“Then, then what do you want?”Zhu Jingtie was angry and afraid. On one hand, he resented Yun Chujiu, and on the other hand, he resented Xi Luoxia who gave him advice.

“What did you say to me before? You want me to kneel down and kowtow a hundred times, right? Then do it now! That person, help him count. Not a single one less.”Yun chujiu pointed casually, she was referring to that Li Huan.

Li Huan nodded and bowed as he quickly agreed. “Yes, yes. Don’t worry, I promise to count properly. I Won’t let him miss a single kowtow.”

Zhu Jingtie glared at Li Huan. Li Huan spread his hands helplessly. There was nothing he could do. The person in front of him was his ancestor. As for you, get lost!

“Yun Chujiu, don’t go too far! I don’t believe that the Ye family will really go against the Zhu family just because of you.”Zhu jingtie said while clenching his teeth.

Yun chujiu curled her lips. “Then let’s try.”

After saying that, Yun Chujiu made a move to leave, but unexpectedly, Zhu Jingtong kicked the crook of Zhu Jingtie’s leg and then pressed Zhu Jingtong’s head to kowtow to Yun Chujiu.

Li Huan, who was at the side, quickly counted loudly. “One, two, three… Ninety-nine, one hundred.”

“Junior Yun, Jingtie already knows that he’s wrong. What do you think about this?”Zhu Jingtong asked carefully.

“If he doesn’t provoke me again, I won’t bother to find trouble with him. However, if he goes to court death, I’ll let your Zhu family die with him.”

After Yun Chujiu finished speaking, she left with Xue Wuji and Jin Zhi.

Zhu Jingtie glared at Zhu Jingtong with resentment and staggered far away. Zhu Jingtong frowned and chased after her.

The people who were left behind immediately exploded!

“Oh my God!”! This Mo fangcao, ah, no, this Yun Chujiu was simply lucky! She actually went from a distant branch of a third-class family to the daughter of a first-class family. This is simply like a sparrow turning into a Phoenix.”

“Yeah, it really makes people envious! The Ye family is ranked near the top even among first-class families. She already has so many points, and now that her identity has changed, won’t she be even more arrogant in the future?”

“Sigh! She has the right to be arrogant. We’d better not provoke her in the future. Otherwise, we’ll be in big trouble.”


Mo Fangbing’s face turned green and then white. She regretted it!

If she had not drawn a clear line with Yun chujiu back then, would she be able to bask in Yun Chujiu’s glory? If she had not spoken ill of Yun Chujiu just now, would the Mo family be related to the Ye Family?

However, there was no medicine for regret. From now on, she and Yun Chujiu were worse than strangers. If her great-grandfather knew that Yun Chujiu had been succeeded by the Ye family, he would definitely vent his anger on her..

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