Transmigrated As A Delicate Bundle Of Luck For A Farming Family

Chapter 546 - 546 Fusion

546 Fusion

Would there be people in that world?

Su Xiaolu felt terrified just thinking about it. If there were cultivators, how powerful would they be?

After the two worlds were completely fused, what chance did they have of winning against cultivators? It was still unknown if they would be at the mercy of others.

Or perhaps, there were no humans in that world.

After one night, the bait was placed again the next day. Not long after, the arowana took the bait.

With the fish taking the bait, everyone heaved a sigh of relief, this showed that the arowana did not have much intelligence.

He no longer took the bait. Perhaps he had smelled the blood of his own kind.

When he was killing, Gui You changed his method. He did not let them bleed out and directly pierced its heart and crushed it.

After changing to this method, he caught more arowana.

The cauldron did not stop, the spiritual liquid of the arowana was stored in a large vat.

When it was almost dark, he caught one. Seeing this arowana, An Lie broke down. He picked up the club and started beating it. Tears welled up in his eyes, and the wound on the tail of the arowana was glaring. He recognized it at a glance. This was the one.

After venting, he wiped his eyes and apologized to Gui You and Old Wu. “Grandmasters, I’m sorry. Not long ago, my father died because of this arowana. When I saw it again, I couldn’t control myself.”

Thinking of his father who had died in the sea, tears flickered in An Lie’s eyes. Sometimes, heaven’s will was like this. It was always unsatisfactory.

If only they could harvest arowana so easily back then.

Unfortunately, the father and son did not have such luck at that time.

Gui You and Old Wu looked at An Lie and did not say anything.

Gui You handed the sword to An Lie. “You do it.”

At this point, no one could change what had already happened. This arowana was finally caught and An Lie killed it himself. It could be considered revenge, but it was also a form of psychological comfort.

An Lie stabbed the arowana to death and carried the arowana meat into the pot to vent his anger.

After putting away his fishing rod, An Lie sat quietly on the deck.

The sea breeze had long dried the tears on his face.

An Cheng walked to his side, patted his shoulder, and sat down beside him without saying anything.

They had caught a lot today, twice as much as yesterday.

An Cheng distributed the spiritual liquid to An Lie. An Lie did not touch it, so An Cheng drank it bottle by bottle.

This spiritual liquid contained a huge amount of energy. One would not feel hungry after drinking it, let alone after drinking so much.

When Su Xiaolu finished brewing the spiritual liquid, there were already hundreds of bottles.

Su Xiaolu took out the small stove and decided to extract and compress the spiritual liquid again.

She wanted to condense them into pills so that they could be stored better.

Old Wu drank some spiritual liquid and began to practice martial arts every day under Gui You’s supervision.

An Lie had something on his mind, so it was much easier for him. His thoughts were not on him. He was like a wooden stake, standing still.

After cultivating for an hour, he would drink some spiritual liquid and go to sleep.

Su Xiaolu guarded the medicinal stove and observed the fire.

For the entire night, there was a faint fragrance in the cabin. This fragrance was refreshing.

In the end, all the spiritual liquid was made into pills. One by one, Su Xiaolu put them into bottles and stored them in the Space.

At dawn, Su Xiaolu yawned and went to sleep.

They were resting for the day.

This sea area was hers. These good things could be taken slowly.

After staying on the sea for more than half a month, Su Xiaolu already had more than a hundred pills in late March.

An Cheng’s legs had grown to his knees, and the cross section was very smooth. He didn’t look disabled at all.

Every inch of the leg that grew out was filled with bones and blood channels.

It had been a few days, and An Cheng’s leg had stopped growing. From the initial worry and disappointment, An Cheng finally accepted it steadily. His leg did not continue growing, and the effect of the arowana finally reached such a saturated state.

An Cheng asked Su Xiaolu to help him extract the spiritual liquid into pills. It was no longer useful for him to eat them, so he stopped eating them. These could be sold for a lot of money.

There were not many arowana left.

An Lie emerged from the sea. After Su Xiaolu pulled him ashore, she asked, “How is it? What’s the situation below?”

It took them a long time to catch one today.

An Lie wiped his face and said, “Master, there aren’t many left. I didn’t think so before. I clearly remember that there were more than ten fish yesterday, but we only caught one today, and there are only three or four left. They must have gone somewhere else, but it’s strange. Why didn’t they leave before?”

An Lie did not understand.

Without arowana to catch, wouldn’t it be a huge loss for them to buy this sea area?

With so many arowanas running out, it was unknown where they went.

Su Xiaolu, on the other hand, was calm. She took a handkerchief and handed it to An Lie. She said calmly, “So be it. We’ll fish for half a day tomorrow. If there’s no reaction, we’ll go back.”

Su Xiaolu thought that the biggest reason why the arowanas left was that the fusion of the two worlds had taken another step forward.

She did not know when the fusion would be completed, but it was never wrong to be prepared.

At night, they caught another arowana. After extraction, Su Xiaolu went back to her room to sleep.

In the middle of the night, Su Xiaolu clearly felt the ship rocking. Vaguely, there was a sound like a child crying.

She got out of bed quietly and went out to check.


An Cheng was signaling her not to make a sound.

An Cheng’s ears were very good. Ever since he consumed the spiritual liquid extraction from the arowana, not only had his legs grown back, but his ears had also become more sensitive. As long as he wanted to, he could hear very, very far away.

He knew very well what was going on in the sea.

Su Xiaolu also heard a strange sound. She quietened down. The ship was rocking violently. After it gradually calmed down, An Cheng looked at Su Xiaolu and said, “Young Master, there’s a huge thing in the sea. It’s very fierce.”

“Apart from the waves in the sea, there’s also the sound of it killing.”

An Cheng was a little frightened. This was the scary thing about hearing. He could hear the sound of the sea surging, and he could even hear the sound of predators tearing apart their prey under the sea.

He was also woken up by the commotion. After hearing it, he could not fall asleep and did not dare to make any sound.


Su Xiaolu asked. She didn’t know how big the thing was.

An Cheng had lingering fears. He exhaled and said, “Young Master, it’s at least the size of two restaurants. Otherwise, it couldn’t have created such a huge commotion.”

Just swimming across could cause a huge change in the sea. This was based on his experience. Seeing that Su Xiaolu still did not understand, An Cheng said, “Young Master, you’ve seen that big fish with a black back and a white stomach, right? The thing that just swam over is at least twice its size.”

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