Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 2038 - 2038 The Universal Void, Refining the Chaos Flower, the Spatial Tribe Cultivators

2038 The Universal Void, Refining the Chaos Flower, the Spatial Tribe Cultivators

Somewhere inside the void, there was a place where the concept of time and space did not apply.

It was known as the Universal Void.

Situated in the gap between Infiniverse, this void did not belong to any specific universe. That place was boundless and void of light and darkness.

At that moment, a spatial rift suddenly opened within the Universal Void.

A figure walked in.

It was none other than Chu Kuangren.

“Master, why did you want a disciple all of a sudden?” Lil Ai asked curiously.

“Well, I just felt like it.”

Chu Kuangren laughed.

For most matters, he would do them whenever he wished.

“Speaking of which, I wonder how powerful this little disciple of mine will become in the future. Why don’t I do a little divination and find out?”

Chu Kuangren was a little curious, so he activated the Great Destiny Technique to predict Lan’s future.

However, he noticed something strange.

He could not peer into Lan’s path of destiny!

Chu Kuangren found it a little odd.

With his current mastery of that technique, he could conduct divination and obtain some information about a Primordial. However, when it came to Lan, a mere Gilded Immortal, he was encountering trouble predicting her future.


‘What happened after I left?’

“Well, I shall wait until the hands of fate allow our paths to cross again.”

Although he and Lan possessed the relationship of a Master and disciple, with a myriad of universes in the Infiniverse, it was unknown whether they would meet again.

Looking at the Choas in the vast Universal Void, he made a sword hand sign, and a green lotus bloomed, enveloping him within.

“Alright. Before heading to the next universe, I’ll first refine the Chaos Flower,” Chu Kuangren thought out loud.

The process of cultivation was timeless, after all.

Chu Kuangren drifted through the Universal Void for a few years while refining the Chaos Flower.

During that time, he comprehended and fused a few more types of Dao.

Somewhere in the void, a silvery-white warship was cruising through the void.

A few humanoid figures clad in long silver robes could be seen standing on board, and all of them had silvery white wings growing from behind their backs.

Besides a few exceptional individuals, even Primordials would find it hard to survive in the Universal Void for long.

One wrong move, and they would be forever lost in this place.

However, those humanoid beings could traverse freely within the void despite their low cultivation levels. Such a feat was simply unbelievable.

“Kong Feixue, do you think we’ll find the Spatial One here?” a handsome man asked.

The person he was addressing was Kong Feixue, a gorgeous young woman with silvery white hair. She was standing on the deck of the warship with a pensive look in her eyes.

She looked into the vast boundless Universal Void and said, “This is an order from our Lord. We just have to do as we were told.”

“I knew you’d say something like that. It’s just that this Universal Void is vast and endless. There’s no telling how long we’ll have to be here to complete our search. We might even grow old and die here,” the handsome young man lamented.

The others remained silent for a while after hearing him. As they looked at the silent Universal Void around them, all of them felt an inexplicable chill running down their spines.

“The Universal Void is frightening, and it possesses many shocking secrets. Even our tribe’s resources are spread too thin to cover every possible location here.”

“That’s right. I heard that besides us, many search parties have encountered danger and met their doom inside the Universal Void.”

“Let’s hope we don’t end up the same way as them.”

Everyone discussed the situation among themselves.

However, one of the guys suddenly spotted something.

He exclaimed while pointing into the distance, “Everyone, look over there. What is that?”

Everyone looked in the direction he pointed at, where a green lotus was swaying in the void.

It was surrounded by glimmers of Immortal Sparks that spread mysteriously into the surroundings.

Everyone was shocked to see it.

“Is this… a lotus flower?”

“How is this possible? This is Universal Void. How can something like a lotus grow in here? Guys, check it out. There seems to be a man…”

The cultivators steered the warship to the green lotus.

Soon, they got a clearer look at the figure on top of the green lotus.

It was a black-haired young man dressed in long white robes. He was sitting with his legs crossed and both his eyes closed. His skin had a jade-like surface, and he emanated an otherworldly aura around him.

When everyone saw the man, they were amazed.

“What an extraordinary man.”

“How could he be in here?”

“Say, do you guys think he’s the Spatial One we’re supposed to look for?”

One of the Spatial Tribe cultivator’s eyes lit up.

Kong Feixue also got a little excited, and she quickly took out a silvery white orb.

A mysterious light began emitting from the orb.

The cultivators stared intently at the orb, but after a while, they looked away in disappointment.

“There’s no reaction from the Spatial Orb. It means he’s not the Spatial One we’re looking for.”

“Sigh. We got excited for nothing.”

Everyone sighed in disappointment.

Just then, a horrifying wave of spatial fluctuation appeared from the void in the distance. From afar, large amounts of spatial energy were surging, layer upon layer, in the form of a terrifying wave toward them.

The void roared and released booming sounds wherever that wave went.

Everyone’s face immediately turned pale with fear and horror.

“It’s a Great Void Wave!”

“By the heavens, why are we so unlucky?”

Large amounts of spatial energy slammed toward them in the form of a terrifying wave.

Kong Feixue’s expression turned solemn. “Activate the spatial barrier!”

Upon giving her command, a white barrier appeared and spread all over the warship. It even enshrouded Chu Kuangren, who was sitting on the green lotus.

“Kong Feixue, why did you save him?”

“That’s right. He has nothing to do with us.”

Kong Feixue said indifferently, “It won’t cost us much to lend a helping hand anyway. Besides, I think it’s fate that we encountered each other in the Universal Void.”

No one commented further after that.

By then, the Great Void Wave had arrived.


The terrifying wave of spatial energy slammed onto the silvery white barrier.

The whole warship shook violently due to the impact.

“This Great Void Wave is powerful.”

“It can almost be considered a tsunami-category wave.”

“Let’s hope the spatial barrier is strong enough to withstand this.”

The cultivators on the warship were filled with worry.

As wave after wave continued to arrive, seemingly endless, the spatial barrier’s energy was continuously exhausted.


At that moment time, a sound was heard.

It was the spatial barrier cracking open!

That sight terrified everyone at the scene.

“This is bad. The barrier can’t hold on much longer.”

“We’re done for…”

Everyone was immediately overwhelmed with despair.

Some of them frantically flapped their wings, attempting to turn into a ray of light and flee from the warship. However, they were instantly reduced to nothing by the spatial wave that crashed upon them.

“Stay where you are!” Kong Feixue yelled. “The surroundings have now been submerged by the spatial wave. If any of you exit the spatial barrier, only death awaits you on the other side!”

However, staying on the warship was any better either. If the spatial barrier crumbled, everyone would end up dead.

Just then, a green light burst out and illuminated everywhere within the spatial barrier.

In an instant, the green lotus’s petals moved, releasing endless Daoist law energy in all directions and forming a massive Daoist law energy wave!

When the Great Void Wave and the Daoist law wave collided, the shockwaves released from that clash were strong enough to kill even a Primordial.

Everyone could only stare in awe at what was happening.

Eventually, as time went on, the Great Void Wave receded.

The Daoist law wave also dispersed after that.

Atop the green lotus, Chu Kuangren, who was dressed in white robes, slowly opened his eyes.

He looked at Kong Feixue and the others on the warship curiously, while Kong Feixue and her men looked at him with admiration.

“We’re extremely grateful for your help, Senior Brother.” Kong Feixue made a fist salute at Chu Kuangren.

‘Senior Brother?’

Chu Kuangren froze for a moment. After all, he was rarely addressed as such, but he did not mind it.

He asked. “Who are you people?”

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