Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 2440 - Chapter 2440: One Thought Decides Life and Death, I Rule

Chapter 2440: One Thought Decides Life and Death, I Rule

My Kingdom, Reversal God Appears

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It was the technique, Realm Reversal!

Time was reversed, and the dead Pan Gu Sect’s cultivators were brought back to life.

Armament Destruction opened his eyes and looked around, feeling strange and confused. “What happened? I thought I died.”

Not only he but even Ye Zhu, the Three Clarities, the Wine Honorable, and many others were brought back to life by the reversal of time.

They looked around, confused.

One thing worth noting was that only the Pan Gu Sect’s cultivators were brought back to life. Not one of the alliance soldiers was revived.

Chu Kuangren’s precision in his mastery of time was astonishing, and it shocked Zhu Yang.

Everyone finally knew why Chu Kuangren remained so calm after seeing his people die.

He could bring them back to life!

The alliance fought a fierce battle to destroy more than half of the Pan Gu Sect, yet everyone was brought back to life, and the whole sect was restored in just a moment.

The unbelievable scene stunned everyone in the alliance, including the Heavenly Sovereign and Doomsday Darkness.

“H-How is this even possible?”

“This is crazy!”

Chu Kuangren looked at those he revived with his hands behind his back. He might not show it on his face, but he was also worried before he succeeded.

Even though he was confident in bringing all of them back to life, his heart pounded wildly until he saw the final result.

Fortunately, everything turned out as expected.

He was almighty in the Fortune Kingdom.

He controlled life and death with just one thought, ruling over every aspect of his kingdom.

It was the reason why the Fortune Kingdom was so powerful.

“You would be next.”

Chu Kuangren looked at Doomsday Darkness, Heavenly Sovereign, and the others coldly. His eyes were overflowing with murderous intent.

All who caught his gaze shivered in fear.

They were horrified by his presence.

How could they win against someone who could control life and death with just one thought?

“I don’t believe it! You’re not invincible!”

The Spatial One finally snapped.

He roared and threw the Void Roulette out.

It shone in endless light as it crashed down at Chu Kuangren.

However, the Void Roulette stopped three feet away from Chu Kuangren as if stopped by an invisible barrier.

“You’re still as weak as always,” Chu Kuangren said.

“Damn it! Detonate!”

The Spatial One lost his calm and decided to detonate the Void Roulette in Chu Kuangren’s face.

The power from the detonation of an Ultimate Supreme Weapon was tremendous and terrifying.

More light burst out from the Ultimate Supreme Weapon, attempting to devour Chu Kuangren.

“Realm Reversal!”

Chu Kuangren controlled time once again and forced the light back into the Void Roulette.

It was reverted back to its intact form!

He could even control the detonation of an Ultimate Supreme Weapon!

Now that he could control time in the Fortune Kingdom, he became truly invincible!

Chu Kuangren held the Void Roulette and said, “It’s such a waste detonating an Ultimate Supreme Weapon. I’ll take it.”

He might not have a use for it, but there were many others in the Pan Gu Sect who could use it.

With that, he activated the Thousand Weapon Heart, which allowed him to instantly control the Void Roulette.

He even wiped out the Spatial One’s spirit branding on it.

“Damn it!”

The Spatial One was furious, surprised, and scared.

Before he could do anything, Chu Kuangren arrived before the Spatial One and pointed with his finger.

Spatial Daoist law energy concentrated at the tip of his fingers.

“Void Tribulation!”

A huge spatial vortex exploded at the tip of his fingers and caught the Spatial One entirely.

The Spatial One’s body exploded into a cloud of blood mist, marking the end of his life.

Ironically, he was killed by a Spatial technique, which he was so good at.

“Infernal Dragon Eye, Heaven Earth Darkness!”

Zhu Yang was so afraid that he channeled his strongest attack.

In an instant, the day turned into night.

Chu Kuangren raised his hand and snapped his fingers.


The night was shattered instantly, and the sun came back.

Then, he pointed at Zhu Yang.


Zhu Yang’s body engorged like a bubble before exploding.

The rarest Infernal Dragon was killed just like that!

“1-1 must leave!”

Dao Lingtian was horrified.

He felt helpless and frightened when he saw Chu Kuangren obliterating the

Spatial One and Zhu Yang like an invincible god.

Without further ado, he fled.

Not only him but all the other alliance soldiers were horrified. When Chu Kuangren displayed his ridiculous powers, they started to scuttle away.

“Those who besiege the Pan Gu Sect today shall not run,” Chu Kuangren said.

With just a thought, the spiritual qi on the island rumbled and formed a massive boundary surrounding it.

It was like a cage capturing everyone inside.

“No! This is impossible!”

“The Spirit Stabilizer Pillar should have sealed the spiritual qi on the island! How could you use the island’s spiritual qi?” Dao Lingtian was shocked.

“Spirit Stabilizer Pillar?”

Chu Kuangren scoffed and grabbed into the void.

Further away, a golden pillar was lifted from the ground. It was the Spirit Stabilizer Pillar!

It had countless runes and carvings on it that made it look mystical.

Chu Kuangren then closed his fist.


The so-called Spirit Stabilizer Pillar was crushed into a pile of rubbles.

“You tried to use that to seal my island’s spiritual qi? How naive.”

Even though he shared the island’s authority with the Tempest King, hers was incomplete.

He was the one and only island ruler.

He had the most authority, and coupled with the Fortune Kingdom, the Spirit Stabilizer Pillar posed no threat to him.

“I hate traitors the most. Die.”

Chu Kuangren pointed his sword hand sign forward and swung it down.

The domineering sword qi cut Dao Lingtian into shreds.

They were no longer in the Fortune Earth World.

To die out here was the end. Without Chu Kuangren’s ridiculously powerful abilities, no one could be resurrected, and there had not been many cultivators like Chu Kuangren since the beginning of time.

“Chu Kuangren, you have grown so powerful.”

The Heavenly Sovereign looked at Chu Kuangren with a gloomy expression.

He had a feeling that he could no longer resist Chu Kuangren.


Doomsday Darkness channeled his full strength for one last attack.

The rampant Darkness energy crashed down on Chu Kuangren.


Chu Kuangren unleashed a slash with his sword hand sign.

The Darkness energy wave was cut in half, and the sword qi continued forward with indomitable force, blasting Doomsday Darkness away.

The hit almost shattered the Doomsday Darkness’ Monarch’s Heart.

“Damn it!”

Doomsday Darkness got nervous.

Chu Kuangren was unbelievably powerful in his Fortune Kingdom. Not even Doomsday Darkness could challenge him anymore.

“Four Fate Defiant Kings, go!” the Heavenly Sovereign shouted.

The Four Fate Defiant Kings rose to the sky and channeled their respective Reversal energy to the limit.

They even started to ignite their Monarch’s Hearts.

Their Reversal energy converged and formed a massive vortex.

Then, a colossal figure emerged from the vortex.

His eyes shone like stars. Each breath he made felt like a cosmic storm.

His body was glimmering and emanating a powerful aura that shook the Infiniverse.

It was a terrifying being who was stronger than Doomsday Darkness and the Heavenly Sovereign, not just a little bit but countless times stronger because he was an Overlord!

“I control my own destiny! I break the shackles of fate! Master of Destiny, are you ready to die?”

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