Vampire Summoner's Rebirth: Summoning The Vampire Queen At The Start

537 A Mother With High Standards


I looked at my stats while patiently storing all the loot I acquired inside my Grimoire:


[Name]: [Blake Hunter Goathorn]

[Race]: [Human]

[Spirit Orb Realm]: [Rank 2 (Peak Stage)]

[Physique]: [Vampiric Blood Emperor Physique (Tier 4: Rank 5)]

[Psyche]: [Vampiric Soul Psyche (Tier 3: Rank 1)]

[Magic Circle]: [Abyssal Blood Circle (Tier 3: Rank 6)]

[Job Class]: [Summoner: ★★]

[Subclass]: [Synthesist: ★★]

[Level]: [7/50] -> [14/50]

[EXP]: [52830/280000]

[Health Points]: [1575/1575] -> [1779/1779]

[Mana Points]: [2348/2348] -> [2643/2643]

[Strength]: [1831] -> [2035]

[Agility]: [1449] -> [1653]

[Vitality]: [1415] -> [1619]

[Intelligence]: [1915] -> [1666]

[Dexterity]: [1462] -> [1757]

[Spirit]: [105] -> [125]

[Spirits (3/3)]: [Vampire Queen: Eleanora (Rank 2 Peak Stage)] [Vampire Plague Doctor: Henrick (Rank 2 Peak Stage)] [Vampire Specter Princess: Saphira (Rank 2 Peak Stage)]

[Physique Abilities]: [Tier 4: Superhuman Body (+Demonic Arm)] [Tier 4: Supernatural Senses] [Tier 4: Vampiric Eyes (+Demon Eyes of Paralysis +Demon Eye of Gravity)] [Tier 4: Self Regeneration] [Tier 4: Vampiric Bloodline]

[Psyche Abilities]: [Tier 3: Soul Aura] [Tier 3: Soul Materialization] [Tier 3: Soul Gaze] [Tier 3: Soul Weapon]

[Link Skills]:

[Link (Eleanora)]: [Shadow Sneak: 5] [Charm: Lv6] [Assassination: Lv5] [Ninjutsu: Lv3]

[Link (Hendrick)]: [Plague Aura: Lv5] [Researcher Eyes: Lv6] [Hallucination Fog: Lv3] [Torture: Lv5]

[Link (Saphira)]: [Stealth: Lv6] [Camouflage: Lv5] [Invisibility: Lv3] [Spectral Body: Lv5]

[Passive Skills]: [Acrobatics: Lv7] [Robust Body: Lv5] [Hard Worker: Lv10] [Hawk Eye: 6] [Gifted Magic Apprentice: Lv6] [Heavy Drinker: Lv4], [Intimidation: Lv4]

[Active Skills]: [Throwing Technique: Lv6] [Spear Mastery: Lv7] [Butcher: Lv4] [Alchemy: Lv5] [Brewing: Lv4] [Synthetize: Lv4] [First Aid: Lv6], [Command: Lv5], [Cooking: Lv5] [Agriculture: Lv5]

[Magic Skills]: [Blood Arts: Lv5] [Shadow Manipulation: Lv5] [Create/Delete Familiar: Lv4] [Summon/Unsummon Familiar: Lv4] [Familiar Storage Expansion: Lv4] [Familiar Synthesis: Lv4] [Apprentice Alchemist Recipe Book: Lv4] [Spirit And Master Connection: Lv3] [Pseudo Spiritual Realm: Lv3]

[Title Skills]: [Beast Slayer: Lv4] [Demon Slayer: Lv4] [Savior: Lv4] [Slaughter King: Lv3] [Dragon Slayer: Lv2] [Kin Slayer: Lv2] [Undead Slayer: Lv4] [Alchemist: Lv4] [Yggdrasil’s Gardener: Lv3] [Holy Spirit’s Chosen: Lv1] [Spiritual Realm Master: Lv3] [Challenger of the Impossible: Lv1] [Cunning Mind: Lv1] [Insect Slayer: Lv1]

[Spirit Treasures]: [Black Blood Tree Forest (Lesser Spirit Treasure: Rank 3)] [Red Crimson Flowers (Lesser Spirit Treasure: Rank 3)] [Abyss Black Flowers (Lesser Spirit Treasure: Rank3)] [Spiritual Blood Fountain (Lesser Spirit Treasure: Rank 3)] [Black Mirage Herb (Lesser Spirit Treasure: Rank 3)], [Blood Fruit Herb (Lesser Spirit Treasure: Rank 3)], [Illusionist Herb (Lesser Spirit Treasure: Rank 3)]


[Blessing of the Twelve Holy Spirits]


[EXP required to level up x100]

[Proficiency required to learn techniques and skills x100]

[Mana/Qi/Aether Recovery speed decreased by -50%]

pαпdα Йᴏνê1,сòМ

[Available Skill Points]: [290]

[Can gain 10 Stat Points and Skill Points with each Level]


Naturally, all my stats increased once more. Not only from the level ups, which were seven in total, but also thanks to the increase in my Physique and the like, some stats have risen past the 2000 mark, which are good news. Whatever dungeon we’ll be assigned in a week from now, I am quite confident I could clear it alone even without the aid of my spirits or familiars.

I’ve also got a lot of Skill Points, I can use them to buy the Summoner and Synthesis Skills from their Skill Tree, which I’ve been inspecting ever since I ranked up… However, the Skills have become rather expensive. The higher the stars, the more expensive skills become, apparently.

As the only one that can actually distribute his Stat Points and Skill Points at will, there’s no more knowledge about this anywhere, so its all up to me and my own knowledge to decipher the most efficient ways… but for now, these are my two Talents Skill Trees.


<Skill Tree: [Job Class]: [Summoner: ★★]>

[Familiar Connection: Lv0] 100 SP

[Familiar Awakening: Lv0] 150 SP

[Advanced Familiar Fusion: Lv0] 200 SP


<Skill Tree: [Subclass]: [Synthesist: ★★]>

[Metamorphosis: Lv0] 75 SP

[Extraction: Lv0] 75 SP

[Advanced Synthesis: Lv0] 125 SP

[Golem Creation: Lv0] 125 SP


Even by counting the remaining Skill Points I can acquire after reaching max Level 50, and even by drinking the bare minimum Skill Points from the potions, I’ll have 700 Skill Points left, yet the sum of all these skills necessary Skill Points is 850!

This means I either have to abandon some once I reach my next Rank up (as the previous Skill Tree is lost forever once Ranking Up), or I find some other way to earn them, and this predicament has been finally resolved… partially, and that’s through these damned potions.

Now, I somehow have to hope the Holy Spirit give me some more, all these Skills seem useful, but I suppose I’ll have prioritize Summoner Class over Synthesist for now… Also, all these Skills cannot be acquired normally through practice, so I am left without many options in this regard.

Of course, I am not willing to hope for the goodwill of some entity up in the sky, to be honest. I’ll just pick what’s the best of them all and abandon the rest, it’s not like I cant find roundabouts to utilize some of their effects.

The only thing I would truly be missing is how quick Skills can grow and develop certain functions to insanely high specs, but that’s not something I should be concentrating so much into, for now.

“Phew, I guess we’ve taken a long while talking about stuff, maybe it should be time we get going, Erika, Blake. Thanks for being so patient too, Blake, you’ve been listening to us talk and talk for over an hour, your patience is incredible.” Cattalina congratulated me.

Ah… Well, I suppose she doesn’t know I just slayed four dangerous spies that could had caused tremendous chaos in here just some minutes ago.

“Yeah, Blake is so patient and nice, he’s someone that always listen to what I talk.” Erika praised me in front of her mother.

“Oh my… I see, he’s a good boy.” Cattalina smiled. “But you’ll need to do more before I approve of you and my daughter’s relationship, Blake. Make sure to work hard. My daughter deserves only the best after all~”


“Mom! Don’t say that. It’s rude!”


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