War God Supreme

Chapter 247 - Chapter 247: Wait (1)

Chapter 247: Wait (1)

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After a full 10 minutes, Qing Ling finished sizing up the entire cave, her face filled with shock.

How many spirit stones did this cave abode cost? It was actually so big. There were more than ten rooms, a place to wash up, and a kitchen. It could be said that it had everything.

“In the future, don’t disturb me when I’m refining pills and cultivating.”

“You can stay in the room inside. When the time comes, I will cure the cold in your body.”

Li Lingtian waited for Qing Ling to finish sizing up the cave abode before opening his eyes. He then told her about the things to take note of in the cave abode.


He was cultivating alone, so finding a maid was just to tidy up the place.

It was better than facing the cold cave abode after cultivating alone. Cultivation and life were synchronized. If one did not know how to enjoy themselves, there was no need to cultivate.

“This servant will follow Young Master’s instructions.”

Qing Ling bowed politely. She was also curious, but she didn’t expect that she didn’t have anything to do here. She just wanted to help arrange the cave dwelling.

Ordinary experts would cultivate in seclusion for a few days or months. To experts, a cave abode was just a place to settle down.

” Alright, tidy up this cave abode. As long as you don’t remove the restrictions, it’ll be fine. Take this pill and cultivate. It can suppress the cold qi in your body. ■I

After Li Lingtian finished speaking, he walked into the room with Qing Ling following behind him. Finally, Li Lingtian handed a bottle of pills to Qing Ling.

He had also found these pills in the storage bags of other martial artists. He did not need these pills.

Qing Ling’s face revealed a hint of happiness. She only reacted after Li Lingtian entered the room.

Her residence was right next door to Li Lingtian’s. This was the most basic requirement for a maid as she had to be summoned at all times.

Qing Yun was outside arranging for any news to be sent to Li Lingtian’s cave abode as soon as possible. Qing Ling was the one who relayed the news to Li Lingtian as he was cultivating.

Time passed day by day, and ten days passed.

After ten days, Qing Ling had familiarized herself with this place and was no longer restrained. She was also curious about this young master.

He didn’t put on airs at all and treated her very well, giving off a friendly feeling.

Usually, Qingling would cultivate or cook by herself. After Li Lingtian finished cultivating, she would talk to him.

She helped Li Lingtian wash his clothes, take care of the plants in the garden, and tidy up the cave abode.

These things were like relaxing for Qingling.

Furthermore, she had gained the most from her trip here. She could ask Li Lingtian for the endless supply of pills and any questions she had about cultivation.

Furthermore, with Li Lingtian’s pills, he was able to suppress the chill in his body. His entire body had recovered. At least, he was no longer suffering from the chill’s invasion and his face was rosy.

She was a beautiful little beauty. With such a little beauty accompanying him, he could enjoy his cultivation.

“Qingling, your mood will be stable today. This Young Master is free tonight and will help you expel the cold.”

After dinner, Li Lingtian took out more than ten spirit fruits from the Divine Dragon Ring. Although they were only ten-year-old, Qing Ling had never seen such spirit fruits before. She was instantly excited and her face was filled with envy.

Such a spiritual fruit was rarely seen in Moonrise City. Even if there was one, it would be expensive.

However, as a maid, she did not dare to use these spiritual fruits.

However, when she saw Li Lingtian’s signal, her face lit up. A little girl was a little girl indeed. She had completely forgotten her restraints when she was happy.

However, Li Lingtian preferred it this way. He did not like to be restrained. Moreover, it would spoil the mood if a little beauty were to be restrained in front of him.

While eating this spirit fruit, he said to Qing Ling.

“At night? Where is it?”

Qing Ling couldn’t help but be startled. When a girl heard a man say night in front of her, it was a subconscious reflex.

” Yes, I’ll talk about it after I finish cultivating. You can just wait in the room.”

Li Lingtian was half-lying on the chair and did not notice Qing Ling’s reaction or look at her expression.

However, she didn’t know that Qing Ling’s little face was flushed red. She was already mentally prepared. As a maid, her entire being belonged to her master.

Moreover, his young master was a handsome and elegant man. There was no girl in the world who wouldn’t fall for a figure like his young master.

However, she was still a little girl and was extremely shy.

Naturally, Li Lingtian did not know that his words had been misinterpreted. He did not know how much he meant by his words.


Qingling nodded softly, her heart thumping non-stop.

Then, he quickly left and returned to his room. Li Lingtian was stunned when he saw Qing Ling’s expression.

However, how could he understand a little girl’s thoughts? Naturally, he did not care.

After Qing Ling left, Li Lingtian practiced all sorts of skills in the practice room. Although he had not reached the Transcendent State, he was at the edge of it.

At night, Li Lingtian’s brows furrowed tightly. He was still unable to fully comprehend the Divine Power Skill, Divine Wrath.

Four hours had passed and he felt that it was already late at night. Just as he was about to lie down and sleep, he suddenly remembered that he had said that he would help Qing Ling expel the cold.

Thinking of this, he stood up and walked out of the room. When he arrived outside Qing Ling’s room, the stone door didn’t have any restrictions, it was just blocked by a brocade cloth.

When Li Lingtian arrived at the door, he stopped in his tracks. It was too late for a young man like him to enter Qingling’s room.

But thinking about how Qing Ling was his maid, it was fine for him to help her expel the cold.

Then, he pushed it aside and walked in. However, when he entered, he was stunned.

A girl’s room, no matter if it was in a mountain or a cave, was always the warmest. Shun Mei ‘er was like this, and now Qing Ling was like this.

This originally empty stone room had been turned into a warm boudoir by Qing Ling. It was impossible to tell that this was a stone room.

Qing Ling sat on the bed and waited for Li Lingtian.

She was extremely nervous. Even though Li Lingtian said that he was helping her to get rid of the cold, something would definitely happen if they were alone at night. She would not regret giving her pure body to her young master.

However, she was still too nervous. Time passed slowly but Li Lingtian did not come over. She thought that Li Lingtian had forgotten about her.

When Li Lingtian entered, he was even more nervous. His fair little hands were constantly twisting the corner of his clothes.

“How was it? I told you to suppress the cold energy in one place. Why didn’t you cultivate today?”

Li Lingtian walked up to Qing Ling and felt the warmth in the room. His heart was beating fast.

But when he realized that Qingling’s cold energy wasn’t suppressed, he was a little unhappy.


Qingling nodded. She was so nervous that she didn’t have the mood to suppress the cold energy. She didn’t circulate her energy to suppress the cold energy.

“Forget it, I’ll help you.”

Li Lingtian shook his head and sat cross-legged on the bed.

Qing Ling’s body trembled. Her young master sat on his bed and thought of many things.

However, she did not expect Li Lingtian to wave his hands continuously and cast a series of Magic Arts on her.

Her entire body was levitated as she sat across from Li Lingtian. The two of them sat on the bed and the atmosphere in the room was extremely ambiguous.

After a moment, Qing Ling finally understood that she had misunderstood. Li Lingtian’s eyes were filled with seriousness and he did not have any other thoughts.

Streams of warm true essence flowed through his body, and the cold air was quickly condensed.

After an unknown amount of time, Qing Ling felt the cold air being sucked away by a force.

Without any strength left in her body, she fell onto the bed right in Li Lingtian’s arms.

Li Lingtian did not expect this to happen either. How could his blood not boil when he had such a beautiful little beauty in his arms, especially on the bed?


A tender moan came out from Qing Ling’s small mouth. Her small face was red and she looked extremely shy.

It was her misconception at first, but now that she was in Li Lingtian’s arms, her body trembled as if she had been electrocuted. She had never been in contact with a man before, but now she was in the arms of the young master.

Her heartbeat sped up, and a hint of charm appeared in her lively eyes. She had completely forgotten about everything.

However, Li Lingtian let go of Qing Ling at that moment. With a smile on his face, he left Qing Ling in a flash.

“Rest well for this young master. When your body is fully recovered, come and accompany this young master.”

Li Lingtian left the room and walked toward the pool in the cave abode. He plunged into the pool and the cold water extinguished his fiery heat.

Qingling had just expelled the cold energy and her body was weak. She needed to rest for a while.

He had to cultivate as well, because that ball of cold air was still in his body. He had to refine it.

This little girl was only fifteen years old and had developed well. She was a rare beauty, but he had to take care of her body.

There would be plenty of time in the future, so there was naturally no rush.

He stayed in the pool for a full ten minutes before he got up. After changing his clothes, he hurried to his room. When he passed by Qingling’s room, Li Lingtian did not make a sound.

After a short pause, he returned to his room. After cultivating for a day, he naturally needed to rest.

He lay on the bed and fell asleep. To him, what happened just now was just a small episode.

In the next room, Qing Ling’s face was flushed red. She was still immersed in the scene just now..

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