War God Supreme

Chapter 409 - Chapter 409: Returning to the Wargod

Chapter 409: Returning to the Wargod

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Following that, Li Lingtian brought Tang Qingyue back the way they came.

There were countless demonic beasts in the Lost Forest. Although he did not encounter any eighth-rank demonic beasts, there were definitely eighth-rank demonic beasts.

He had already obtained the dragon soul, so there was naturally no need for him to stay here.

Moreover, the benefits of the dragon soul he obtained this time were that he had broken through to the third level of the Supreme Realm and the True Dragon Body Protection had reached the fourth level. It had also allowed him to achieve the True Dragon Body.

However, the true benefit was that his physique had become terrifyingly powerful. Moreover, the dragon soul of Yinglong Ao Lie had not been completely digested. When he attacked the power of Yinglong, there would be endless benefits.

Similarly, although he had the Dragon Power now, there was a trace of the Yinglong Power in the Dragon Power. The True Dragon Body Protection was also stronger than usual.

Others thought that obtaining a dragon soul could allow one to reach the cultivation of an eighth-rank demonic beast, but they had all underestimated the power of a dragon soul. It was far from being as simple as an eighth-rank demonic beast.

After a month, the two of them flew at a moderate speed and finally arrived in front of the restriction of the Lost Forest.

When they returned, there were still countless experts entering. There were even disciples of Martial Kings.

Since the Lost Forest was open, it would naturally not close. All the experts could also search for treasures, find medicinal herbs, and hunt demonic beasts inside.


Li Lingtian held Tang Qingyue’s little hand as his body flashed and entered the ripples on the stone wall.

With a slight sound, the two of them appeared on the other side, which was Dragon Valley.

Long Da also came out. After coming out, he also saw that many martial artists were still hesitating whether to enter or not.

Without saying a word, Li Lingtian and his companion flew away. There was no need for them to stay in this place.


” Wasn’t that young man just now young noble Ling Tian? ”

” Li Lingtian!” A Martial Arts Grandmaster exclaimed. Others might not know Li Lingtian but he did. A few years ago, the most famous genius in Green Continent was Young Master Ling Tian.

He was also from Green Island, so he naturally knew Li Lingtian.

” That’s right, you only just recognized him. You must definitely provoke young noble Ling Tian.”

Another Martial Arts Grandmaster powerhouse only dared to speak when he saw Li Lingtian’s back disappearing into the horizon.

” That’s right. No one below a Martial Emperor is his match.”

Yao Hao was still shocked when he thought of Li Lingtian’s strength. What shocked him even more was that Young Master Ling Tian was destroyed by the God’s Wrath a few years ago. How could he appear here unscathed?

” No one below the Martial Emperor Realm is his match? ”

Cheng Li looked at Yao Hao as if he was a monster. Although the two of them had not known each other for long, they had worked together to kill a few powerful demon beasts, so their relationship was not bad.

“What’s wrong?”

“Isn’t it?”

Yao Hao looked at Cheng Li’s eyes and knew that there must be something he didn’t know. He had only been in the Azure Continent for less than a month, so he naturally didn’t know anything.

“Sigh, you’ve only just arrived in the Azure Continent. There are so many things that you don’t know.”

” He wiped out the Dishi Family and the House of Storms single-handedly. The Wargod killed a Martial Emperor in seconds, and an eighth-level gorilla became his pet.”

” No one in the Azure Continent dares to provoke him. Even the experts of the House of Storms in the past had to flee far away. In front of him, a Martial Emperor is nothing but an ant.”

” Furthermore, he’s the first Alchemy Saint of the Azure Continent, an Honorary Elder of the Alchemy Guild, and a Saint Array Master.”

The more Cheng Li spoke, the more excited he became. Such a legendary figure, no one would not admire him. Such a figure, no one would not be afraid of him.

In the past two years, this young man had completely overturned the Azure Continent and caused the three superpowers of the Azure Continent to reshuffle.


“Alchemy Saint! Holy Array Master, Martial Honor?”

” Exterminate Dishi Family and House of Storms, the strongest warrior in the Azure Continent!”

Yao Hao was stunned. It was as if his soul had been sent flying. It took him a long time to wake up.

Becoming a Martial Arts Grandmaster in Azure Continent was already so heaven-defying that no one in the entire Azure Continent dared to provoke him. Even the Four Great Empires dared to extort him.

He did not expect that in just a few years, he had actually become a Saint Alchemist and a Saint Array Master. He had even reached the legendary Supreme Realm. Wasn’t this too heaven-defying?

What kind of person was this? He was the strongest wherever he went. He was an overlord wherever he went. Wherever he went, he was earth-shattering.

While the two Martial Arts Grandmasters were discussing, Li Lingtian and Tang Qingyue were already a thousand miles away.

Tang Qingyue’s cultivation was already a Tier One Martial Arts Grandmaster. However, she would not unleash her cultivation when she was with Li Lingtian. It was always Li Lingtian who brought her away.

In front of Li Lingtian, she was just a little girl. She was Li Lingtian’s little woman.

“Ling Tian, do you think big sister Yu Yan misses us?”

Tang Qingyue was hugged by Li Lingtian as she snuggled happily beside him. The True Dragon’s protective light shield covered the two of them as they glided rapidly in the air. There was no jolt at all as if they were standing steadily on the ground.

” Yes, we’ve been in the Lost Forest for more than two months. They’ll naturally be worried about us.”

Aren’t you afraid that they’ll laugh at you? ”

Li Lingtian looked at Tang Qingyue with a hint of a smile in his eyes.

“I’m not afraid. I’m your woman. What’s there to be embarrassed about?”

” Besides, Qingling, Sister Yuyan, and Mei ‘er are still with you. I’m not afraid of this little sister Ji Yi.”

Tang Qingyue said with a smile. Among these peerless beauties, only Xiao Bai and Ji Yi were not with Li Lingtian. Yet, the two little beauties were clinging to Li Lingtian every day. They looked extremely intimate.

Naturally, she could see the smile in Li Lingtian’s eyes. He was obviously teasing her.

Her heart was filled with sweetness. No one dared to bully her when she was with Li Lingtian. Li Lingtian protected her and doted on her in every way.

No matter how powerful a woman’s cultivation base was, it was better for her to have a man whom she liked and who liked her to take care of her. She had done it herself. She liked Li Lingtian, and Li Lingtian liked her in return.

She knew that she was beautiful but she knew that Li Lingtian was not doing it because of her beauty. With Li Lingtian’s strength and charm, there was no beauty in the world who would not fall for him.


Li Lingtian extended his hand and gently tapped Tang Qingyue’s round nose with a faint smile on his face.

Soon, the two of them arrived above the sea. Their divine senses moved, and a few spells were cast. Immediately, a rumble sounded in the air.

The Wargod appeared in the distance and flew toward Li Lingtian.

When Li Lingtian appeared, all the Warriors came out to welcome him. Their faces were filled with joy.

Although nobody could threaten them with the Wargod, it was different with Li Lingtian as he was their backbone.

“Welcome back, Young Master.”

” Congratulations, Young Master. Your cultivation base has increased greatly.”

“Long Da, congratulations.”

“Congratulations, Young Madam.”

(( »

In an instant, more than two hundred powerhouses on the Wargod came out to congratulate Li Lingtian. They were all extremely excited when they saw Li Lingtian’s cultivation base skyrocketing.

Moreover, they also discovered that Long Da’s return this time was very different from before. It was obvious that his cultivation had increased a lot.

Li Lingtian nodded his head one by one before finally arriving at the top. A few girls had been waiting for him for a long time and their faces were filled with excitement.

Excitement was mixed with concern. After all, Li Lingtian had to deal with the powerhouses from the House of Storms and enter the Lost Forest to search for the dragon soul.


The Restriction was activated and Li Lingtian entered the Restriction. Tang Qingyue did not move away but clung to Li Lingtian’s arm.

Naturally, the girls understood what was going on. Li Lingtian and Tang Qingyue’s relationship must have reached that stage.

Naturally, Long Da stayed behind to guard the Wargod. Now that he was a true member of the Dragon Tribe and had been bestowed the Roaring Dragon Halberd by Li Lingtian, it was only natural that he had to protect the Wargod, Li Lingtian, and the girls.

Tang Qingyue let go of Li Lingtian after they entered the restriction. Shun Mei ‘er and the others naturally had to be intimate with Li Lingtian.

It was impossible for her to hoard Li Lingtian all the time. Besides, her sisters were all living on the Wargod. It was easy for her to be intimate with Li Lingtian.


“Young Master.”

“Big brother.”

The few girls surrounded Li Lingtian happily. Huangfu Yuyan did not have the slightest scruples and was completely at ease as she chattered away like a little girl.

Li Lingtian looked at the girls who had been separated for more than two months and he missed them dearly.

In the end, Li Lingtian half-reclined on the chair and enjoyed Huangfu Yuyan and Shun Mei ‘er’s massage while eating the spirit fruit.

He slowly recounted everything that had happened in the Lost Forest. Tang Qingyue also told him about the fun things that had happened in the Lost Forest.

” Big Brother, you don’t even bring me. Next time there’s such a fun thing, you must bring Ji Yi along.”

When Ji Yi heard Tang Qingyue mention that there was something fun inside, she immediately pouted her rosy lips and twisted Li Lingtian’s arm in a coquettish manner.

The girls burst into laughter. Ji Yi and Li Lingtian were senior siblings, so they knew that Li Lingtian treated Ji Yi as his sister and doted on her like a treasure.

The girls also liked Ji Yi, this little sister. There was no one who didn’t like a beautiful elf princess.

“Good, good. If you shake me a few more times, you’ll tear apart my old bones.”

Li Lingtian felt helpless. Ji Yi was like a precious gem in his heart and he had to take care of everything himself.

She had acted coquettishly with him many times, so he could only let her be.

“Big brother, aren’t you embarrassed? You’re a Martial Honor. Are you old at the age of 20?”

” You’re the number one genius in the world, the most handsome man in the world, and the most charming man.”

Ji Yl’s jade-like fingers kept counting, praising Li Lingtian to the skies.

” Yeah, I’m the number one genius in the world. I’m the most handsome man in the world. I’m the most charming man in the world.”

Li Lingtian put on a narcissistic look and the girls burst into laughter. They did not expect Li Lingtian to be so funny.

However, the girls knew in their hearts that there were not many who could surpass Li Lingtian. He was also the most dashing and charming man who could make all the girls in the world fall for him..

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