You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 993 (Invitation from the Emperor)

Chapter 993 (Invitation from the Emperor)

"The Emperor learned that Prince Ye miraculously survived the great danger, and he was delighted. He said that Prince Ye would return sooner or later! As expected, the Emperor issued a decree, inviting Prince Ye for a banquet tonight to celebrate nationwide!"

After the eunuch finished speaking, he waited for Ye Hua to express gratitude. But Ye Hua remained motionless, his face showing no emotion whatsoever.

Probably because of the marriage announcement released this morning, the Emperor's move was truly brilliant. It had clearly infuriated Ye Hua, and everyone was at a loss for words.

Seeing Ye Hua's lack of response, Ye Shen quickly knelt down to express gratitude. Following Ye Shen's lead, everyone else, except Ye Hua, also knelt.

'This deity does not kneel even to the heavens. Would this deity kneel to an eunuch? Even if the Emperor came, this deity wouldn't pay any attention. What a joke!'

"Rebellious son, why don't you kneel down and express gratitude!" Ye Shen wished he could slap Ye Hua to death. Ye Hua's antics would eventually destroy the Ye family!

Ye Hua looked down at his biological father, and the latter immediately turned his head away. This rebellious son was now too arrogant; he would even strike his own father without a second thought.

He would definitely be struck by lightning in the future! This unfilial son deserved to die!

At this point, the eunuch smiled and said, "Prince Ye, His Majesty has said before that you do not need to bow."

Indeed, the Emperor had said something like that after Ye Hua's supposed death.

Ye Shen had nothing to say at this point. The Emperor was obviously trying to get rid of Ye Hua. He just hoped it wouldn't involve the whole Ye family.

This was a disaster wherever he went.

"Prince Ye, I won't disturb you any longer," the eunuch said with a slight bow and then left the Ye family.

Ye Hua didn't expect the Emperor to act so quickly. The old tricks to provoke him, like the marriage announcement this morning, had indeed worked. He didn't know what to say.

As the eunuch left, Yue Jing whispered, "Ye Hua, follow Mother. She has something to tell you."

Ye Hua nodded and followed his mother out of the main hall. Ye Juetian quickly left as well. He belonged to Ye Hua's faction, and it was incongruent to stay with them.

Even if the elder brother broke the sky, the younger brother had to advance and retreat with the elder brother.

"Husband, is he really Ye Hua?" asked Ren Yue softly, looking worried.

Ye Shen nodded and sat down.

Su Peiyu brought a pot of tea and served Ye Shen.

"He died, didn't he? How did he come back to life?" Su Peiyu asked in a low voice, puzzled.

"How would I know!" Ye Shen scolded, feeling irritated. Everything was calm before, but now things had gone wrong unexpectedly. And it was a big deal! Just thinking about it made him feel furious.

Seeing their husband getting angry, Ren Yue and Su Peiyu didn't say anything.

"Dear husband, when will Yuanqing come back?" Ren Yue asked aloud. With such family changes, she should return.

Ye Shen sipped his tea and replied, "Yuanqing should be able to return by this afternoon."

Hearing that her second sister was returning, Ye Chen was still a bit happy. It had been over ten years since he last saw her sister. [Second sister does not mean there's one more sister. She is just the second oldest.]

Ye Yuanqing and Ye Chen were, after all, true siblings, so their relationship was naturally closer. Ye Yuanqing was currently the highest-ranking official in the Ye family, aside from Ye Hua. She was also the only female general in Spirit City, often fighting on the front lines and displaying a tomboyish demeanour.

Ye Yuanqing's relationship with Ye Hua was average, neither too good nor too bad, unlike other brothers who envied Ye Hua's excellence. She aimed to prove that she was more outstanding than her elder brother, capable of carrying the Ye family's banner.

On the other side, Le Jing led Ye Hua to her private courtyard.

"Little Tian, let me talk to your elder brother," Le Jing said with a sigh.

Ye Juetian nodded dejectedly. Now, he wasn't even allowed to listen. This favouritism was...

Mother and son walked to a stone table on the side.

"Ye Hua, sit."

Ye Hua sat down slowly, and Le Jing poured two cups of tea.

Le Jing had also thought it over and decided to give her son a warning. Whether he was willing to listen or not, it was his mother's advice.

"Ye Hua, you should know that the Emperor has a strong prejudice against you. The previous failed assassin might have been arranged by the Emperor!" Le Jing had long felt that the incident from years ago was not simple, but she wasn't sure. However, with the Emperor issuing a marriage announcement this morning, it further narrowed down her suspicion.

Ye Hua remained silent. He didn't need Le Jing to say it; he had already thought of this. Being too prominent before the Emperor was a major taboo. Moreover, the previous Ye Hua even planned to usurp the throne. Did you think this deity was unaware? He deceived everyone, even a foolish girl who loved him unconditionally.

It was probably true that Qian Yuqing was also his pawn. Otherwise, on the day of the wedding, the ceremony wouldn't have been disrupted so hastily.

If it was true love, shouldn't the ceremony be completed first?

So, according to this reasoning, the Emperor's judgement was sharp.

"Ye Hua, you came back last night, and the Emperor must have gotten the news from Cheng Tian. The Emperor issued the marriage announcement early in the morning, using it as an excuse to eliminate you!" Le Jing said with a sense of fear. Serving an Emperor was like accompanying a tiger. This saying was correct.

When the Emperor is pleased, you are favoured, but when he is furious, you are dead.

A person's life and death were at the mercy of the Emperor's whims. Whatever he wanted to do, he would do it.

"Tonight, the Emperor is hosting a banquet. No matter how angry you are, don't lose your temper. It's fine if you hit Ye Shen; no one will complain. However, if you hit a royal family member, it will be troublesome. In short, don't give the Emperor any excuse to kill you, understood?" Le Jing earnestly advised, feeling that Ye Hua's appearance was not a good thing.

If only she had let Ye Hua stay below as the emperor and not get involved in the affairs above.

Ye Hua nodded after hearing this. 'If this deity couldn't figure this out, it would be a waste to watch Conan all day long.'

"As for Yuqing's matter, don't let it bother you. The Emperor all manipulates it behind the scenes."

Ye Hua remained silent. Maintaining silence is the best in some situations.

"Alright, that's enough of Mother's words. Prepare well for the evening banquet. Mother will make a midnight snack and wait for you to return." Le Jing held her son's large hand, smiling gently with a look full of affection.

Such a gaze was something Ye Hua never grew tired of because he had never experienced such warmth before. Neither Qing Ya nor Donghuang Baizhi had given him this feeling.

In the entire three thousand worlds, only his mother could make him feel a different kind of warmth. It seemed he had come to the right place this time!

Ye Hua left the court. Ye Juetian, who had been waiting on the side, quickly caught up. "Big brother, what did Mother say?"

"She told me to be careful," Ye Hua replied indifferently.

"Big brother, you should also go and console sister-in-law."

Ye Hua didn't say anything, walking towards his room.

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