A Sweet Marriage Is Worth Billions: Mysterious Young Master Moh's Cute and Sweet Wife

Chapter 17 - You’re one of my Moh Family  

Chapter 17: You’re one of my Moh Family

Moh Yanchen pulled a chair over and sat down, gracefully gazing at Chen Shengjing on the bed.

Shen Chengjing drank some water but didn’t ask any questions. After she woke up, she had decided to start anew and never get softhearted when people messed with her.

“What’s your plan?” Moh Yanchen had odd glints in his eyes as he raised his eyebrows and asked her softly.

He knew very well how the Shen Family had treated her, but it was her decision if she wanted him to help her.

“I’ll work hard,” Shen Chengjing bit on her lower lip and said with a frown.

She wrung her small hands uneasily. “I don’t want you to get involved in my business.”


She thought he would get angry; she didn’t expect him to agree without a fuss.

“Are you hungry?”

She wanted to say no, but her belly growled out of her control. Then, he stood up and walked out.

“Come downstairs to eat in half an hour,” he curled up his lips and said before closing the door behind him.

The room was now quiet. She sniffed and found that the bedroom was filled with his pleasant scent.

She got out of bed, walked forward, and pushed open the window. She looked at the scenery outside the window, which was a garden in the rear mountain. It was winter, but there were many flowers in the garden; she could smell the fragrant scents from them.

“Hello.” Her cell phone rang at this moment.

“Shen Chengjing, what happened to you? You didn’t answer my phone calls. Are you trying to kill me with anxiety attacks?”

“I saw him,” Shen Chengjing leaned on the window frame and told Liu Sijie about what had happened as a cold wind brushed her face.

Liu Sijie was sitting down and drinking coffee. When she heard what had happened, she jumped up in agitation and said, “That director tried to sleep with you? Someone paid him to do it? Who’s so evil? Fortunately, the dream guy came to your rescue. So dashing!”

“I know what is going on,” Shen Chengjing said solemnly and squinted her eyes which glinted intensely and chillingly. She wasn’t stupid and knew who the biggest suspect was after so many things had happened lately.

“By the way, I gave that Mrs. Mo a hard time and blackmailed her for one million yuan. She was furious. Let’s have a good meal when you have time; you must bring your dream guy.” Liu Sijie’s eyes brightened when she thought of Moh Yanchen. “Be good to him; don’t let him go.”

“Fine. I’ve got to go.” Shen Chengjing smelled the fragrance of food and remembered that he told her to go down in half an hour; the time was almost up.

She changed clothes and went downstairs. When she saw Moh Yanchen walking over with fried rice in his hands, she gazed at his handsome face through the glass wall as if time had frozen.

Did he cook himself? Surprised, she walked faster as well.

“There’s not much in the fridge. You have to make do with this,” he said. Seeing that she stood there in a daze, he reached out and grabbed her pale wrist before pulling her to sit down on the seat. Then, he handed her a pair of chopsticks.

“Thanks.” Shen Chengjing moved back a bit and took a bite with her head lowered.

Then, she paused her chopsticks and looked up.

“You don’t like it?” Moh Yanchen gazed at her exquisite face with squinted eyes and asked. He hadn’t cooked for a long time, and his skills indeed got rusty.

“It’s so yummy. Uncle, I will give you 32 thumbs-up.” She gave him a thumbs-up and finished the bowl of fried rice swiftly. “Can I have another bowl?”

Moh Yanchen was delighted by her cute expression.

“After this meal, you’re one of my Moh Family.” Moh Yanchen suddenly smiled and refilled the bowl for her.

“As the saying goes, people of different families wouldn’t enter the same residence.. Man, you’re so sly, trying to win my heart when I’m starving. This is a really good tactic! Since you saved my life, you’re my man.” Shen Chengjing was sincere. He didn’t say it, but she knew that he was the one who saved her life.

Unpretentious and unassuming, and the man could even cook. He was a rare treasure.

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