A Sweet Marriage Is Worth Billions: Mysterious Young Master Moh's Cute and Sweet Wife

Chapter 25 - Are We That Close?

Chapter 25: Are We That Close?

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Shen Chengjing was being passive; Shen Ziqian was the only one who talked.

After hearing all of that, she raised her eyebrows slightly, turned around, and left without answering.

“Shen Chengjing.” Shen Ziqian watched her leave, angry at the disdainful look on her face that day. But with so many people watching them, she could only keep up her smile and said, “I’ll wait for your answer.”

As she walked, Shen Chengjing felt people glancing at her, but she ignored them and went to the classroom.

Bang! When she pushed open the door, a bucket of water fell down. As the icy water splashed down; she jumped back half a step and watched the freezing cold water splash on the floor.

All the people in the classroom looked over to her.

“Shen Chengjing, what’s that look on your face? I know you were dumped, but don’t take it out on us. Today is the school’s anniversary. Don’t crash the party.” Zhou Qing strode forward, and her pretty face seemed a little wicked. She had never liked Shen Chengjing and hated the fact that no matter how hard she worked, she wasn’t as good as this girl who was once rich but was now in disgrace.

“Are you my mom? Mind your own business,” Shen Chengjing retorted coldly.

“Hey! What’s this attitude? Do you truly think that you’re still a rich young lady? I heard that you got the supporting female role in a Qing Dynasty time-travel production. You have no work to show but got such a good role, I wonder if you got it by sleeping with the director.” At this moment, Lan Chu walked up as well and tried to spread a rumor.

It was good news for Shen Chengjing, but they just wanted to make things difficult for her.

“You guys might not know it, but Director Lin Hong came to our school because of her. The whole thing reflected badly on our school. If not for the Shen Family that suppressed the coverage of that event, her reputation would have been ruined,” someone whispered at this moment.

Everyone knew what had happened to Director Lin Hong!

It was heard that he tried to sleep with a student in the school and got caught, resulting in that consequence. The rumor said that the student had a very strong background.

“How could it be her?”

As her classmates whispered to each other, Shen Chengjing walked past them and sat down at her desk before looking at her costume.

In the previous rehearsals in the class, even though she wasn’t the main actress, she had a small role that made several appearances. But now that all the costumes were made, hers was torn into pieces.

“Guys! Please get ready. Today is the school’s anniversary, and you must do your best and obtain glory for our class,” the class advisor came in and said in a loud voice.

Everyone listened attentively, but Shen Chengjing was thinking about something else.

“Shen Chengjing, after you change into your costume, read the script. In today’s play, you’re Shen Ziqian’s maid. Congrats!” the class advisor said and handed her the new script.

The others looked at her in envy since she got to act alongside Shen Ziqian. After all, Shen Ziqian was a big celebrity and the daughter of the Shen Family. Furthermore, her relationship with Mo Yongqiang just got announced. She became the hottest topic of the day.

“Okay.” Shen Chengjing took the script and didn’t ask any questions.

Undoubtedly, Shen Ziqian had planned this to humiliate her.

The students went away to get prepared, and no one had the time to mock her. At this moment, a person walked in and said kindly, “If you admit your mistakes, we’ll forget about it. I’ll speak for you.”

Hearing Mo Yongqiang’s voice, she looked up at him coldly with a faint smile. “Your skin is thicker than a wall. You truly think highly of yourself.”

As she walked past him and wanted to leave, he grabbed her arm with an extremely gloomy expression.

“Shen Chengjing, I can ruin your life with one word.”

“Oh? Are we that close?” She raised her chin proudly and looked at the man with provocation.

She hadn’t thought that he was so shameless and disgusting before. But looking at him now, she felt as if she was looking at a pile of poop…

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