A Sweet Marriage Is Worth Billions: Mysterious Young Master Moh's Cute and Sweet Wife

Chapter 28 - The Appearance of the God

Chapter 28: The Appearance of the God

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The principal took two punches from Wu Hao and fell to the ground. Terrified by the sight, the security guards didn’t dare to move.

“You! You…” The principal pointed at him, but Wu Hao lowered his head and whispered something to the principal’s ear.

The principal’s eyes widened instantly, and his fat body trembled non-stop. Then, he knelt in front of everyone.

“Stop. Move back.” As the security guards wanted to walk up to rescue him, the principal stopped them with a cold harsh tone. Everyone was confused by this.

The principal who was overbearing a moment ago was so terrified that his legs turned into jelly, kneeling in front of everyone.

Shen Chengjing stood there and looked at the man in front of her in stupefaction. Liu Sijie stared at Moh Yanchen and found him looking familiar as if she had seen him somewhere before.

“Mr. Moh, I didn’t know you were coming today. Please forgive me for not welcoming you.” Finally, the principal stood up and quietly wiped the sweat from his forehead, ignoring the astonished stares that were coming from everywhere.

He felt that he was in big trouble now, and the two punches were nothing compared to the imminent trouble.

“Okay.” Moh Yanchen nodded and glanced around without saying anything.

When Shen Ziqian sensed his gaze, she smiled sweetly and swayed up to his side charmingly. She said with a smile, “Hi, my name is Shen Ziqian.”

But Moh Yanchen turned around and walked to Shen Chengjing’s side, completely ignoring Shen Ziqian.

Shen Chengjing wrung her small hands nervously. She didn’t know what to do when he appeared, and she didn’t dare look up at him.

“It’s freezing out here. Don’t get cold,” he said in a deep voice and took off his black coat before draping it around her shoulders.

“Wow!” The onlookers gasped and looked at them in disbelief.

What did Shen Chengjing do that deserved such attention from this big figure? The key thing was that they wondered who this man was. The principal got beaten but still had to smile at this man, which showed that he was a big shot. Furthermore, his presence when he appeared overshadowed everyone, and no one dared to utter another word.

“You!” Suddenly, Liu Sijie remembered who he was. But before she could say it, Shen Chengjing covered her mouth.

Liu Sijie wasn’t willing to let it settle; she wanted to tell him what these people had done to her bestie Shen Chengjing.

“I’m sorry. I’ve got to go,” Shen Chengjing said and pulled Liu Sijie out of the crowd.

The principal invited Moh Yanchen to his office. The students made way for them while Shen Ziqian looked at his figure and then at Shen Chengjing in disbelief.

“Shen Chengjing, what’s your relationship with him? Who is he?” She walked up, grabbed Shen Chengjing, and asked without preamble.

Liu Sijie was about to tell her but was stopped by Shen Chengjing.

“It seems to be none of your business, right?” Shen Chengjing said coldly.

She wasn’t stupid and knew that someone had planned everything that had happened today, trying to make her unable to graduate.

“Right. Besides, he didn’t even spare you a glance. Ms. Shen, go home and look at yourself in the mirror. The makeup on your face is thicker than a wall, and you look like a ghost. No wonder that handsome guy ignored you,” Liu Sijie said cuttingly.

Shen Ziqian was humiliated by their mocking words.

Some onlookers were pointing at them and talking. Shen Ziqian stomped her foot and was about to leave when she saw Mo Yongqian standing not far from them, staring at her.

“Qiang.” She walked up, but he shrugged her away and said in a deep voice, “Enjoy yourself at the anniversary. Bye.”

Without waiting for her answer, he walked away quickly without looking back.

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