A Sweet Marriage Is Worth Billions: Mysterious Young Master Moh's Cute and Sweet Wife

Chapter 3 - Play Dirty With Me?  

Chapter 3: Play Dirty With Me?

In the busy downtown, a high-end Land Rover raced down the street.

Under the dim light in the car, the man sitting in the back seat looked out of the window with squinted eyes. His chiseled face was impeccably handsome, but his sexy lips were tightly pressed as a chilly air oozed from his entire body.

“Brother Chen, we found it out.”

“Yeah?” The man raised his eyebrows, and his voice was intoxicatingly charming.

“An underground group specializing in weapon research and development copied our model and tried to shift the blame to us. We’ve located the group, and it’s in our city,” Wu Hao cut to the chase respectfully.

“They want to play dirty with me? Interesting. Do it.”

“Yes,” Wu Hao answered in a deep voice, oozing murderous intent.

The person who dared to shift blame to Moh Yanchen wasn’t even born yet!  [TL Note: It should be Mo Yanchen, but this Mo is different from the Mo in the previous chapters; they only share the same pronunciation. In order to distinguish between them, we changed it to Moh.]

In A city, the Moh Family could do almost anything they wanted! Moh Yanchen came back from abroad at the age of 15 and joined the army at 18. He became a battalion commander in three years and established his own special force unit in five years, becoming a mysterious figuresenior official.

“Will you go on the blind date tonight?” Wu Hao asked timidly with hesitation.

At 28, Young Master Moh, the diamond bachelor, was ordered by his family to have a series of blind dates.

“Stop the car,” Mo Yanchen said coldly.

Screech. Wu Hao stepped on the brakes.

The night was a bit chilly, Mo Yanchen walked to the side, lit a cigar, and took a deep pull on it.

“Get married. I must get married tomorrow.” Shen Chengjing was panicky and desperate.

She always paid back what she got and never gave her enemy the chance to fight back! Since they set their hopes so high, she must give them a heavy blow. Therefore, she must get married tomorrow morning, giving a hard slap to Shen Zhicai’s face!

Walking fast, Shen Chengjing happened to glance to one side and saw a tall figure standing beside an old shabby bicycle under the streetlight. He was smoking and looking dejected and desolated.

[TL Note: Author’s side note – Cheng, Young Master Moh is only smoking to relax. The shabby bicycle is only the background and not important.]

“Ahem. Sir, are you single?”

Moh Yanchen paused smoking and slightly looked up to glance at this woman.

“How about getting married to me. We can get the marriage certificate right away. I need a husband. I will make it worthwhile for you afterwards,” she said ingratiatingly as she anxiously rubbed her hands together.

As she forced out a smile, she met his deep dark eyes, and the chilly lights in his eyes almost made her stop breathing. She took a few steps back subconsciously.

“Huh!” She was about to say something.

But he dumped the cigar butt and crushed it with the heel of his military boot. The brusque act looked elegant and domineering when he did it. She tried to move back but was pulled toward him forcefully.

“Auch.” She bumped his chest.

She was always proud of her 168 cm height, but the top of her head only came to his chin. Alarmed by his rude behavior, she snapped back to her senses after a while and slapped his chest as panic was all over her delicate face.

“Release me, jerk! Let me go, or I’ll call the police.”

“Shut up.”

She felt like crying. She only wanted to get a marriage certificate but ran into a “thug”. Would he force himself upon her? At this thought, she lifted her knee toward his crotch!

Bang! Bang! Two shots sounded as two bullets shot into the wall.

“Shit.” Moh Yanchen kicked at the left and moved behind the lamppost with her in his arms. He took out a beautiful silver handgun with a silencer and shot a round, then the gun shots in the front stopped.

“Watch out.” She was interrupted before she could finish.

He turned around and swept out a leg. Then with a swift, cold, and vicious hook, he knocked a man in black to the ground.

“Wuu…” Terrified, she felt her legs turning into jelly and fell forward. Mo Yanchen just happened to turn around, and his sexy thin lips were covered as warmth ran through each nerve in his body like electricity currents.

“Do you truly want to get married?” he asked in a deep voice before she could react.

“Oh! What are you doing?” She was pulled up rudely before she knew what was happening.

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