A Sweet Marriage Is Worth Billions: Mysterious Young Master Moh's Cute and Sweet Wife

Chapter 32 - Don’t mess with that person

Chapter 32: Don’t mess with that person

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That night, the Shen Mansion was in an uproar as Shen Ziqian took her anger out. The servants were terrified and all stayed away from her.

“That’s enough. It is already late; aren’t you ashamed of your behavior?” Shen Zhicai returned from his business dinner and reprimanded her when he heard Shen Ziqian’s yells.

Pan Ru took his briefcase and brought him a cup of ginseng tea.

“Husband, you don’t know what happened. Our Qian’er went to attend her school’s anniversary celebration but was played by that damn girl Shen Chengjing. She set Qian’er’s dress on fire. Qian’er’s butt… body got scorched, and she can’t even walk properly. It’s bad for her reputation, too,” Pan Ru spoke for her daughter and exaggerated the situation a little.

Shen Zhicai sipped the ginseng tea and didn’t speak after hearing that.

The living room fell silent; even a pin drop could be heard. Pan Ru and Shen Ziqian exchanged a look.

“I told you not to mess with her for the time being! If she’s cornered, she might have a media conference and accuse us of mistreating her. The public might say that we are cruel to her. Not only would it affect the business, what would Mo Yongqiang’s family think of us? Don’t you want to marry him? Only with his family’s help can the Shen Corporation prosper. Otherwise, our company won’t be able to go public on the stock market even after ten years,” displeased, Shen Zhicai put the teacup on the table and said with a cold face.

“Qian’er, listen to your dad! Stay away from her for the time being and put all your attention on Mo Yongqiang and the Mo Family; marry him as soon as possible. I’m afraid that he’s unreliable. If he gets bewitched by Shen Chengjing and gets back together with her, wouldn’t all your efforts go to waste?” Pan Ru was worried.

She was experienced and could see that Mo Yongqiang was a fence-sitter and didn’t truly love Shen Ziqian.

“Mom, I know what I should do.” Shen Ziqian bit on her lower lip, angry that she got reprimanded instead of being comforted. Shen Chengjing had caused all this suffering upon her.

She stood up and limped up to her room. Then she dialed a number and said something in a low voice.

After parting with Liu Sijie, Shen Chengjing was about to take a taxi when someone grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

“Chengjing, it’s me.” Mo Yongqiang pulled her to a dark spot and looked down at her with his hands pressed on the wall next to her head.

She felt sick at the sight of him.

“Mr. Mo, do you have anything to say?”

She was a bit afraid in the darkness, but she forced herself to stay calm.

“I’m going to marry Ziqian.”

“Congrats to you two!” She smiled sarcastically; did he have to tell her this news in person?

“I did those things in the past two days because I want to possess you! You’re the one I truly love. I can’t lose you.”

“So, you decided to marry her?” He had just said that he was marrying someone else, but in the next second, he said he loved her. Only he could spout such ridiculous lies.

Mo Yongqiang looked agitated and gripped her arms. “Wait one year for me.”

“Pu! Mr. Mo, are you dreaming? I DON’T LOVE YOU! NOT EVEN A BIT! PLEASE LET ME GO AND DON’T HARASS ME EVER AGAIN,” she spat out these words from her clenched teeth.

“Do you want to be with that kid?” He remembered that Li Shuiwu had grabbed her hand but she didn’t shrug it off immediately. Damn! Does she really like someone else now?

“Any man is better than you. I might love anyone but you,” she said coldly. Her heart had died that night when he tried to force himself onto her on the bed.

She didn’t know why she had liked him in the first place.

“Shen Chengjing, I’m giving you face; don’t you dare throw it away.”

“I’d rather have no shame than love you. Get off me.” She raised her knee and struck his crotch. He held his crotch and cried in pain, and she took this opportunity and fled.

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