A Sweet Marriage Is Worth Billions: Mysterious Young Master Moh's Cute and Sweet Wife

Chapter 36 - The Mo Corporation Is In Trouble.

Chapter 36: The Mo Corporation Is In Trouble.

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The Mo Family was in chaos this morning.

The land that they had invested 300 million yuan in and was supposed to start construction on got delayed. Someone suddenly died there last night, and the police were investigating it.

Then, many long-time suppliers and clients expressed their wish to end their cooperation with the Mo Corporation.

The food produced by the Mo Corporation received many quality complaints overnight, and hundreds of people were receiving medical treatment in hospitals after eating the company’s food.

“Impossible. Our products have tight quality control procedures. We’ve never had such problems,” after hanging up the phone, Mo Batian slammed his hand on the desk and said with conviction.

At this moment, his assistant came to the Mo Mansion.

“Chairman Mo, this incident has a huge impact on the company. The related governmental agencies are investigating it and told us to withdraw all our products. The banks are urging us to pay back the loans. The police are investigating the death on our land and said that we can’t do any construction on it before the case ends. We’ll lose heavily if the situation continues,” the assistant walked in and analyzed the situation in a grave voice.

He had worked for Mo Batian for years and was very loyal to him. Now that the company was in trouble, he was very worried and came over to find a solution with Mo Batian.

“I’m sure someone is behind all this.” Mo Batian had been in the business world for many years and was very sensitive to these things. He had a feeling that something unusual was going on.

“I think so too. But we didn’t offend any big figures in our recent projects. After all, in A City, few people dare to fight us in the open,” the assistant continued to analyze the situation. The Mo Corporation was a middle-scale company, but Mo Batian was very tough and intimidating.

“Is our Mo Corporation going to collapse?” Li Jinglan ran downstairs in a hurry without even combing her hair. She was terrified by the news.

If the Mo Corporation fell, it meant that her rich and fancy life was over!

“Woman, what do you know?” Mo Batian reprimanded her in a cold voice, telling her to stop guessing.

At this moment, someone walked in.

“Ma’am, a man wants to see you for something urgent,” the butler said,

“Want to see me? I’m not in the mood.” Li Jinglan waved her hand impatiently. She wasn’t in the mood, so she wasn’t going to see anyone.

“But he said it’s something concerning the Mo Family,” the butler said cautiously.

Mo Batian and his assistant turned to look at her. Li Jinglan’s expression changed a bit and said, “Let him in.”

She wasn’t worried, but she wondered, This person is here for me. Could it be…

“Did you do something?” Mo Batian asked in a harsh one. He usually didn’t care about what she did, but if she got the family in trouble, he wouldn’t let her get away with it.

At this moment, Mo Wen strode in after the butler.

“You want to see me?” Li Jinglan looked at this young man. His serious square face and chilly deep eyes made it hard for her to look at him directly.

The chilly presence emitting from him showed that he wasn’t an ordinary person.

“Mrs. Mo, I think this is yours, right?” Mo Wen took out an object and passed it over. Li Jinglan touched her neck in panic and found that her necklace had disappeared.

“Why is it in your hands?” Li Jinglan stood up and tried to take it from him.

“You should say that you lost it when you went out last night,” Mo Wen said sarcastically in a cold voice. Then, he turned to look at Mo Batian and said, “Chairman Mo, I believe you should know that the Mo Corporation’s trouble stems from your wife.”

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