A Sweet Marriage Is Worth Billions: Mysterious Young Master Moh's Cute and Sweet Wife

Chapter 40 - Finally Signing the Contract 

Chapter 40: Finally Signing the Contract

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Shen Chengjing left Moh Park. Moh Yanchen drove her to the coffeehouse on his way to somewhere else.

Someone was waiting for her in the coffeehouse and waved at her when she entered.

“Ms. Shen, I’m so happy to see you,” Agent Bai said to her politely. Shen Chengjing was a bit uneasy since this was her first formal contract.

Agent Bai handed her the contract. “Ms. Shen, please read it. If you have no problem with the contents, please sign it.”

Despite her politeness, Shen Chengjing was very cautious with the contract. After reading the terms, she asked, “I’ll be paid 100,000 yuan per episode, right?”

“Yeah. TV series usually pay by episodes. Of course, Ms. Shen, if you get famous, you’ll be paid by the lines. The A-list stars are paid no less than 50 million yuan for a TV series,” Agent Bai explained to her patiently.

“Okay, I see.” Shen Chengjing picked up the pen and signed her name.

Agent Bai needed to see many actors and didn’t have the time to chat with her. After getting the contract signed, she even paid for the coffee and left.

A few minutes later, Liu Sijie arrived.

“Did you sign it?”

“Yeah.” Shen Chengjing was excited and began chatting with her friend.

Liu Sijie suddenly leaned over and said mysteriously, “Did you see the news this morning?”

“No.” Shen Chengjing looked at her in bewilderment. She got injured last night and had slept until noon today, so she had had no time to read the gossip news. She didn’t know what was happening.

“The Mo Family is in big trouble. The scandals have been suppressed, but they had a huge impact on the company. The stock price has hit the down limit today,” Liu Sijie said. She found the news website on her cellphone and handed it to Shen Chengjing.

[TL Note: In the Chinese stock markets, no stock could go up or down for more than 10% a day.]

Shen Chengjing saw that all the news today was about the Mo Family.

She swiped to the latest news and found that it was about Mo Yongqiang and Shen Ziqian’s engagement. She was surprised that Shen Ziqian would agree to marry Mo Yongqiang in such a situation given her character.

“What’s wrong?” Liu Sijie noticed the subtle change in Shen Chengjing’s expression.

“Nothing. Mo Yongqiang and Shen Ziqian are getting married; I guess they want to distract the public’s attention from the scandals,” she analyzed.

“Those two scumbags are getting married? I curse them; they’ll divorce very soon after getting married quickly!” Liu Sijie was angry at the mention of Shen Ziqian.

“Uh-huh,” Shen Chengjing answered absentmindedly.

She had been with Mo Yongqiang for one year. Although she disliked him now, it was still a bit unsettling to hear that he was getting married.

“Hey! Where’s your handsome man? Did you two do it last night?” Liu Sijie leaned over suggestively and wanted to hear some intimate details.

“No. We live in one place but in different rooms.” Shen Chengjing sipped her coffee.

At this moment, two people entered the coffeehouse.

“Qiang, let’s sit here.” Shen Ziqian was pointing at a table by the window and wanted to sit there when she saw Shen Chengjing.

Mo Yongqiang saw her too, surprised that she was also here having coffee with Liu Sijie.

“Qiang, get the coffee for us. I’ll come back in a minute.” Shen Ziqian strode forward and stood beside Shen Chengjing.

Putting a hand on the table, she glanced at Shen Chengjing’s casual clothes and smiled charmingly. “We brought our wedding forward. I believe you’ve heard of it. Anyway, since you’re a member of the Shen Family, you’re welcome to our wedding.”

Shen Chengjing ignored her and sipped her coffee quietly.

“I can also tell you something.” Shen Ziqian leaned to her ear and said, “If you got married before your 19th birthday, it’s still not too late. But unfortunately, you’re not that lucky.”

Hearing her words, Shen Chengjing only looked at her calmly; no disturbance could be seen. Shen Ziqian had thought that Shen Chengjing would go crazy, but to her disappointment, Shen Chengjing showed no response.

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