After Being Forced to Marry a Tyrant of the Enemy Nation

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Tyrant Is Acting Strangely


This tyrant is acting strangely!

She covered her mouth and held back her tears.

He’s such a psychopath. What if he tells me to copy it a few more times because I cried?

Su Nuan looked at him pitifully and nodded genuinely. Even though she was extremely unwilling, she still did not dare to refute him.

The teacher assigned some homework after another class, and they were done for the day.

Honestly, she did not learn much, but she took away a lot of principles.

For example, the teacher could deliver a long lecture with only a sentence as a prompt. Su Nuan felt that it was similar to argumentative writing in her previous world.


After class, Su Nuan obediently followed Feng Junyi to copy Internal Training.

While he reviewed memorials to the throne, Su Nuan was next to him, copying the book with a writing brush. Her fingers soon felt sore, and she put down her brush, shaking her arms and hands. Then, she obediently resumed copying the book.

Feng Junyi would glance at the little girl beside him from time to time. She looked extremely serious and had a very good attitude, even though the way she held the brush was a little incorrect.

He couldn’t resist standing up and walking over. He pulled out the brush from her slender hand and corrected her grip. “This is the correct way to hold the brush. You weren’t doing it right just now.”

He was sharp-eyed and noticed a small red mark on her fair little finger when he pulled out the brush.

He only took a glance without commenting on it.

However, when Feng Junyi let go of her and returned to his seat, Su Nuan rubbed her shoulders.

Isn’t the little tyrant too skinny?

When he held her hand to correct her grip, she felt his collarbones pressing against her shoulder, hurting her.

She could not help but turn to look at Feng Junyi, only to see that his brows were tightly furrowed. His long silky hair was combed up, black and glossy. It made his face appear even paler. He was thin even during the bitterly cold season.

Come to think of it, my appetite is greater than his. On top of my three meals each day, I also have fruits and snacks, as well as junk food from the supermarket. It’s wonderful.

At the thought of food, Su Nuan became hungry again. She put down the brush in her hand and asked carefully, “Big Brother Emperor, can I go to the Imperial kitchen to find something to eat?”

Feng Junyi did not even look at her and said indifferently, “Go ahead.”

With that, she got down from the chair and headed for the Imperial kitchen.

Zhen Zhu followed after and said, “Your Majesty, if you want to eat something, I can go get it for you. You don’t have to make a personal trip.”

Su Nuan sighed and pushed her small hand in front of Zhen Zhu. “Look, my fingers are red and my arm is sore. I’m going to the Imperial kitchen to find something to eat and take a break.”

“I see, Your Majesty has had a hard time. Let me give you a massage.”

Zhen Zhu took Su Nuan’s hand to massage it, but Su Nuan retracted her hand. “It’s okay, let’s just go quickly,” she said.

When they arrived at the Imperial kitchen, Su Nuan saw that the Imperial chefs were already preparing lunch.

She was tempted but was only disappointed when she took a closer look.

The dishes were the same as before. Although there were a lot of them, she had already eaten all of them before.

It had been a few months since she came to the palace. Although there were twenty to thirty dishes, the dishes for the three meals were all cooked in exactly the same way and served on the same plates every day.

They were new to her at first, but she was sick of it now.

She ate a lot yesterday because it was her first time eating the Emperor’s food, and she had found it interesting. Looking at Feng Junyi’s food again, she now understood why he was so thin.

You would probably puke if you ate the same dishes since you were young, right?

She knew that the Empress Dowager had personal Imperial chefs who would give her the special treatment and cook her whatever she wanted to eat, so she had no problem at all.

Only Feng Junyi suffered.

When she saw that the Imperial chefs were about to start cooking again after cutting the vegetables, Su Nuan waved her hand. “After you’re done cutting the vegetables, you can just help from the side. I will cook for the Emperor today,” she said.

When the chefs in the Imperial kitchen heard that the Empress would cook personally, everyone panicked. “Your Majesty, please do not do this. How can we allow you to do such things personally? Your Majesty, if there’s anything you want to eat, we’ll make it for you.”

Su Nuan saw that they would give a long speech again, and she couldn’t resist pretending to be angry. She placed her hands on her hips and replied, “Why are you all so long-winded? I want to make some food for the Emperor. Are you telling me that I don’t have the right to do that?”

The Imperial chefs quickly kowtowed in fear. “We wouldn’t dare, we wouldn’t dare.”

Su Nuan was able to cook in peace without their nagging.

She looked at the chicken that was going to be stewed. Using a kitchen knife, she separated the chicken wings, drumsticks, and various other parts of the chicken. She prepared a plate of chicken wings and a plate of chicken drumsticks in no time.

After she was done, she began marinating the chickens.

After marinating the chicken drumsticks, she dipped them into whisked eggs and rolled them in bread crumbs and starch before frying them in a pan. She double fried the chicken drumsticks so that they would be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

The Imperial chefs had never seen such a cooking method before. They were dumbfounded.

However, they thought that it wouldn’t be a surprise that their little Empress knew strange cooking methods because she was from Yun Nation.

After frying the chicken drumsticks, Su Nuan marinated the chicken wings with Orleans marinade. She even fried potato strips and prepared ketchup.

As for the chicken breast, she made it into a chicken cutlet.

On top of these, she also instructed the chefs to cut up some fruit and set the plates. She had made a simple and modern KFC meal set.

Su Nuan clapped her hands and said, “You can serve it to the Emperor now.”

The Imperial chefs were extremely worried because there were only a few dishes. They were afraid that they would be beheaded because of that. No one dared to step forward.

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll be with you when you serve the food. If the Emperor is dissatisfied with anything, feel free to blame me. I won’t blame you,” Su Nuan assured calmly.

The Imperial chefs immediately felt that their Empress was not only beautiful and cute but also kind-hearted. They carried the dishes made by the Empress and headed for the warm room.

When Su Nuan arrived at the warm room with the Imperial chefs, Feng Junyi was already sitting there. He glanced at her and asked, “You said you were going to the Imperial kitchen to take some food. Why were you away for so long?”

She immediately stepped forward and said gently, “Nuan Nuan saw that Big Brother Emperor was too tired, so I personally cooked a few dishes for you.”

Su Nuan brought a plate of fried chicken drumsticks with her fair hands and placed it in front of Feng Junyi. Feng Junyi stared at her small hands, and when he saw a blister, his expression immediately turned extremely cold.

“What happened?”

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