After Being Forced to Marry a Tyrant of the Enemy Nation

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: It Was So Sweet to be Called “Mother”

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Su Nuan widened her eyes in disbelief.

However, she understood that the Empress Dowager was showing concern for her.

Upon receiving favor, Su Nuan immediately nodded obediently and said sweetly, “Thank you, Mother. Mother is the best!”

The Empress Dowager was delighted.

When the little girl called her “Mother,” it sounded sweet to the soul.

It seemed like she had not misjudged her back then. The soft little bun had grown up well, and she did not disappoint her.

She was honest and sincere when she was young and is the same now.

The Empress Dowager was very happy and said excitedly to the nanny next to her, “Nanny Zhao, go to my jewelry box and pick out some ornaments for the Empress..”

Su Nuan’s big eyes shone brightly when she heard this.

The Empress Dowager’s gifts are incredible. The book mentioned that she was extremely extravagant.

The Empress Dowager’s bed was made of warm jade, and the lights in her room were made of luminous pearls the size of ping pong balls.

Hence, the ornaments must have been priceless.

Nanny Zhao picked out a few white jade hairpins that suited the young Empress. The Empress Dowager nodded in approval before the nanny handed them to Su Nuan.

Looking at the exquisite accessories, Su Nuan was overjoyed.

She quickly thanked the Empress Dowager, “Thank you, Mother. I will definitely wear the accessories you gave me when I come to serve you tea next time.”

Su Nuan glanced at the luminous pearls curiously. There were several luminous pearls, instead of lanterns, on the table.

It left her speechless. The Shang Nation had a central location, with vast territory and abundant resources. In contrast, Yun Nation was considered barbaric.

The Empress Dowager couldn’t help but feel pity.

She had been to Yun Nation and had personally witnessed her Feng Junyi becoming a hostage back then.

She remembered that Yun Nation was located in a remote area and was cold all year round. When the cold wind blew, it felt as if one could freeze to death.

It was a miracle that such a cute little princess could be raised in such a harsh environment.

The Empress Dowager noticed the Empress staring at the luminous pearls in her chambers. With a wave of her hand, she said, “Pick one for the Empress to play with.”

The luminous pearls?

I can play with them?

Su Nuan became even more excited. However, she knew that she couldn’t casually accept such a valuable item.

She hurriedly said, “Thank you for the reward, Mother. But the luminous pearl is too precious. I cannot receive this.”

“Of course she can’t receive it.”

Commandery Princess Shuanghua had heard that the Emperor had killed the only palace maid the Empress brought from Yun Nation. She was elated and was about to come to the Empress Dowager’s chambers when she heard this.

My aunt wanted to gift her a luminous pearl? No way.

Commandery Princess Shuanghua walked in. She held the hems of her dress and said unhappily, “She came from a barbaric place so she wouldn’t know what the luminous pearls are used for. Just letting her look at them is enough.”

She squeezed next to the Empress Dowager and wrapped her arms around the Empress Dowager’s arm. “Aunt, the luminous pearls are so precious. How can you give them away so casually?”

She glared at Su Nuan as she spoke.

Su Nuan simply stood obediently and did not retort. She knew that she had the advantage.

Commandery Princess Shuanghua had barged into the Empress Dowager’s chambers instead of having someone inform the Empress Dowager of her arrival. And now, she was declaring that Su Nuan came from a barbaric place. Su Nuan’s obedience could be starkly contrasted with the Commandery Princess’s harassment.

Su Nuan peaked and saw that even Nanny Zhao frowned, let alone the Empress Dowager.

As expected, the more well-behaved she appeared, the more it emphasized the unruly behavior of the Commandery Princess.

The Empress Dowager responded coldly, “Nonsense! What do you mean by giving them away casually? She’s the Empress. Do not be rude when you see her in the future. Don’t make a fool of yourself.”

Commandery Princess Shuanghua’s face turned sour instantly.

She gritted her teeth and glared at Su Nuan.

Su Nuan wore an innocent look on her face, which made her hate her even more.

A few moments later, Su Nuan said, “Mother, Nuan Nuan is no longer a child. There is no need for me to play with the luminous pearls. I heard that they shine at night. I would rather Mother keep them to light up your chambers. If I want to see the luminous pearls, I will just take a walk and visit Mother in your chambers.”

The Empress Dowager found Su Nuan adorable.

She almost had a nosebleed from the cuteness when Su Nuan explained that she was no longer a child.

Her tiny mouth pouted, but she seemed very serious. The Empress Dowager could not help but laugh.

“Alright, alright, alright. The Empress is considerate. I’ll leave it in my chambers for now. If you want to see it, you may come anytime.”

She turned to Commandery Princess Shuanghua and added, “Commandery Princess, the Empress may be younger than you, but she is more sensible. You must learn from her in the future.”

I don’t want to learn anything from this idiot!

Commandery Princess Shuanghua was furious, but she knew that her aunt was fond of the fool. If she continued to argue, her aunt would only hate her even more. Hence, she bowed hastily and agreed.

The Empress Dowager rewarded Su Nuan with a few more plates of pastries before dismissing her.

She did not care what the Empress Dowager and the Commandery Princess were talking about. She could guess easily anyway.

As she looked at the pastries in the food boxes that her palace maids held, she recalled what Feng Junyi told her.

Only children like sweet things.

She liked sweet things, but she preferred junk food like chips.

She had been uneasy the entire week and did not dare touch the junk food in the supermarket. However, she was craving it. She missed the days when she could eat junk food like crazy.

It was true that eating too much junk food was not good, but the tastiness and happiness she felt after eating it were more important.

I have been suppressing my cravings for so long. I should satisfy it.

Upon returning to her chambers, she dismissed all the palace maids, including Zhen Zhu, and asked them to wait outside.

She climbed onto the bed and closed her eyes.

She entered the special magical room she found the hand puppets in by thinking about it.

There were all kinds of rice, flour, and oil in the supermarket, but she didn’t need them at all, so she headed straight for the junk food section.

The feeling of being alone in the supermarket was awesome.

Su Nuan exited the space with a bag of chips in her left hand and a bottle of soda in her right.

After confirming that it was safe, she opened the bag of chips and poured the chips onto a plate before stuffing them into her mouth.

She also poured the soda into a bowl.

She then returned to the supermarket through her thoughts and threw the empty bag of potato chips and bottle into the rubbish bin.

Everything was perfect.

She knew that Feng Junyi was unpredictable. However, with such a perfect set-up, Su Nuan wouldn’t be afraid even if he suddenly appeared.

With that, a strange sound began emerging from the empty chamber.

Crack! Crack!

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp! Belch —

Feng Junyi had returned from the morning audience and was walking to the door of his chambers when he heard a strange sound coming from inside.

Is there… a rat in the palace?

He gripped the sword at his hip tightly and stepped into the bedroom, only to see Su Nuan sitting with her legs crossed. She was holding something in her hand and stuffing it into her mouth. The cracking sounds came from her direction.

So this is the rat.

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