After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World

Chapter 400 - 400 Flattered

400 Flattered

After the production team finished work that day, Mo Rao changed into a simple gown and came to Lin Xia’s party.

Since Lin Xia had “sincerely” invited Mo Rao to her birthday party, Mo Rao would show her respect.

Lin Xia’s birthday party was held in a high-end hotel. When Mo Rao walked into the banquet hall, she saw many popular celebrities.

Lin Xia was surrounded by everyone and was showered with flattery.

Mo Rao prepared a gift for Lin Xia—a pair of limited-edition earrings from a certain brand.

Although she had enmity with Lin Xia previously, Mo Rao had always been magnanimous and was unwilling to let others have a hold on her.

When Lin Xia saw Mo Rao, the corners of her lips curled up. She walked to her side with a smile and said, “I didn’t expect you to really come to my birthday party.”

“Happy birthday.” Mo Rao smiled back and handed the gift in her hand to Lin Xia.

When Lin Xia saw the limited edition earrings, she was surprised and flattered. “You even bought me a gift?!”

“Yes.” As Mo Rao looked at Lin Xia’s surprised expression, she said, “I wonder if you like it.”

“I happened to be planning to buy this pair of earrings recently.” Lin Xia couldn’t wait to put the earrings on.

Looking at Lin Xia’s expression, Mo Rao already believed that Lin Xia really wanted to reconcile with her.

“I still have to receive guests here and might not be able to take care of you. You can go eat something on your own.” Lin Xia acted like a welcoming host and was very polite to Mo Rao. She no longer had her previous arrogance.

Mo Rao didn’t think too much about it. She walked to the dining table alone and took a biscuit. She chewed slowly while observing the people attending the banquet.

As expected of Lin Xia. Almost all the people who came to her birthday party were big shots or socialites.

“Mo Rao, you’re here too?” At this moment, an unfriendly voice sounded.

Mo Rao had already seen Chen Xiang’s figure just now. However, when she thought of her relationship with Chen Xiang, she didn’t greet her.

“Aren’t you on bad terms with Lin Xia? How come you came to her birthday party?” Chen Xiang sized up Mo Rao suspiciously. “Don’t tell me you broke in without permission?”

Mo Rao felt that there was something wrong with Chen Xiang.

She was like a princess who had never left the ivory tower. She hadn’thing but a beautiful face.

“You’ll have to ask Lin Xia. After all, she personally gave me the invitation.” Mo Rao took a sip of the red wine in her glass.

“She’s that kind?” Chen Xiang couldn’t believe it. “Those who offended Lin Xia in the industry have never been forgiven by her. Don’t tell me you were deceived by her?”

Mo Rao sized up Chen Xiang. For a moment, she didn’t know if Chen Xiang’s attitude towards her was good or bad.

Why did Chen Xiang’s words seem to be reminding her?

“I don’t know, but since she’s polite to me, I’ll be polite to her.” Mo Rao was telling the truth and didn’t want to hide anything.

Chen Xiang didn’t say anything else. She only said, “Take care.” Then, she stopped chatting with Mo Rao.

Mo Rao stared at Chen Xiang’s back. She couldn’t understand why Chen Xiang was saying this to her. Could it be that Chen Xiang had a grudge against Lin Xia? Therefore, the enemy of an enemy was a friend?

Or perhaps, Chen Xiang was a straightforward person. In her world, there was no love or hatred. All her emotions were written on her face.

“Miss, do you need more red wine?”

After Mo Rao stayed by the dining table for a while, a servant walked up to her with a plate.

While eating biscuits just now, Mo Rao had long finished the red wine in her glass. She simply picked up a glass of red wine and smiled at the servant to express her gratitude.

Despite the commotion everywhere around her, Mo Rao was in her own world.

She didn’t like such occasions to begin with. Social interactions were unnecessary to her.

But now, she had to do these things that she didn’t like.

Because only then could she do what she liked even better.

Looking at the people drinking, Mo Rao felt like she was looking at a world of brightness and wonder.

Perhaps because the red wine was too strong, Mo Rao felt a little dizzy after drinking a few glasses and wanted to go outside to take a breather.

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