After Rebirth, Mrs. He Dotes On Her Husband

Chapter 303 - 303 A Meticulous Man

303 A Meticulous Man

“Don’t move,” He Xun reached out and pressed around the boy’s knee. After pressing it a few times with both hands, he heard bones cracking.

The pain gradually disappeared, and the boy’s pale face regained its color. However, the strange atmosphere between the three of them still did not dissipate.

Chen Wei’er, who was the culprit, cleared her throat. “Why did you come to the mountains to read?”

The boy lowered his head in embarrassment. “I want to take the college entrance examination…”

“Are you going to take the college entrance examination next year? Do you have a study manual then?”

The boy nodded. “Yes, I’m 19 years old and in my third year of high school. But my father fell and hurt his leg while working, so I dropped out of school to take care of him…”

This sentence made Chen Wei’er emotional. The boy was already in his third year of high school. It was really such a pity. “All the best to you then.”

“Yes.” The boy nodded and pushed his hands on the ground to stand up.

He Xun reached out and pulled the boy. This child was resilient. He could still endure for so long even when his bones were dislocated.

The boy thanked He Xun and turned back after taking two steps. “Are you guys here to build a school?” He had heard from the villagers that people from the big cities had donated money to build a school.

“Yes, we came here with the construction team.” Chen Wei’er confirmed it with a nod.

“Oh?” The boy’s eyes lit up. “Can I still go to the school once the building is finished?”

Chen Wei’er fell silent. He Xun didn’t speak when he heard this.

It was already close to October. Once the school was completed, there would only be five months left before the college entrance examination. Time was of the essence for the boy.

“Can your father take care of himself now?” Chen Wei’er asked.

The boy’s eyes dimmed. “Not yet.”

How could he forget that his father could not take care of himself? Even if the school was built, he would not have had time to attend. Just like today, he went to the mountain to pick herbs and find time to read books… No matter how close the school was, who was going to take care of his father for the whole day?

Chen Wei’er frowned and asked, “Is there anyone in your village who is willing to take care of your father? Perhaps there’s something that can give you a salary. Then, you should hurry back to school.”

“We don’t have any money.” The boy shook his head with a bitter smile.

His father broke his leg while working. Because his father didn’t sign the labor contract, the construction site didn’t care about it, and they still owed him two months of salary.

The boy had spent a lot of money on medicine at home, so where would he find the money? What his family lacked the most now was money.

“How about we lend you some?” Chen Wei’er looked at the child who wanted to learn and really couldn’t bear it.

The boy shook his head again. “We don’t even know each other. Why would you lend me money?”

After his father’s accident, the boy couldn’t even borrow money from friends and relatives, so why would a stranger help them?

“You can treat it as me doing charity. I’m willing to sponsor you to finish university,” Chen Wei’er offered.

The boy still shook his head. “Thank you for your kind intentions.” He was taught not to accept freely given food.

“We won’t lend you money for free, ” He Xun said. “After you graduate, you’ll have to work in my company to pay off your debts. Are you willing to do that? This is equivalent to me paying you your salary in advance, and then, you have to work for me! To me, this is extremely worth it. After all, young people are more capable of learning new things than older employees.”

“Really?” The boy grew excited.

He Xun said, “I’m a businessman. I put my interests first. With this deal, I will have an outstanding college student who will work for me in the future. Besides, you have a clear goal, so you’ll develop in a company that is more suitable for you.”

“How can I be sure that you’re telling the truth?” The boy gripped the book in his hand tightly.

Chen Wei’er laughed. The child was quite cautious.

“Once your village chief is treated, you can ask him to be the middleman. Otherwise, we can also go to the police station. They can verify it for you. Do you see a white car at the village entrance? If everything goes well, we’ll be here for the next two days. You can leave your name, and I’ll ask the village chief where you live. I’ll go find you then.”

“I’m Qi Yuanjia.” The boy’s face turned red. After saying goodbye to the couple, he went down the mountain.

Chen Wei’er’s mood instantly improved. It was great that another child in the world could study.

He Xun touched his wife’s head affectionately. “Then let’s continue moving forward.”

“Hubby, you’re the best!” Chen Wei’er hugged He Xun’s arm. Her eyes were filled with admiration.

He Xun was a prominent head of a corporation, but he was meticulous and careful. He was able to detect the psychological changes in the boy. Thereafter, he came up with an explanation that would not hurt the boy’s self-esteem. The boy even deliberated quickly.

Chen Wei’er wanted to learn from He Xun.

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