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Chapter 663 - Agent

Chapter 663 – Agent

Yuhua Entertainment. 

"Su Xin-jie!" the employees greeted with a smile as Su Xin passed by them after she went out of the elevator. 

Su Xin turned and nodded at them as she returned a smile to them. Then, she resumed walking towards her destination. 

"Ah! My heart!" a female employee exclaimed as she clutched her chest while they all watched Su Xin disappeared. "Our goddess is very beautiful! Especially that smile!" she said and blushed. 

"I was too stunned when I saw her that I missed to speak to greet her…" her friend said and sighed. 

"Oh, my god! The goddess is like an elegant queen today!" the male employees said as they all entered the elevator that Su Xin just vacated, so they can still smell the scent of an expensive perfume that was left in the elevator. 

"I wonder where is Su Xin-jie going to day…? She won't be seeing the boss?" they asked, referring to the CEO of the Yuhua Entertainment, Mo Yang. 

"Well, relatives can also not see each other, right?" one of the employees said. 

Then, they started to chatter again as the elevator descended. Meanwhile, Su Xin, the topic of their chatter, is walking towards the HR department. 

The door of the manager's office opened and two people came out. One of them is a young man while the other one is a slightly older woman. "Su Xin-jie." The woman greeted and bowed. 

The young man's cheeks flushed when he saw Su Xin but he also immediately bowed, hiding his face. "H – hello, senior." He greeted. 

Su Xin nodded. 

The woman stood upright as she faced Su Xin. "This is a new actor signed by the company, Bai Zheng." She said as she introduced the newcomer artist. "The company is planning for him to enter the crew of the 'Youths and Dreams' crew where you are about to film. The company is expecting for you to look after him." she explained. 

The nearby employees looked at the woman and Su Xin. They can smell the gunpowder in the air while the young man looked naïve since he can't see it, and is even secretly looking at Su Xin with heart-shaped eyes. 

This woman is none other than Su Xin's former agent, Xu Xiyan. It was said that Xu Xiyan is a control freak and she wanted to control Su Xin, too, but Su Xin fought against her tyranny so they parted. Fortunately, Su Xin has a godly talent in acting and she became famous, so she was assigned to a new agent now. Meanwhile, Xu Xiyan fell from an S-class agent. 

"Such a handsome junior. Of course, I will take care of him." Su Xin answered and smiled. 

"Oh, my god! Su Xin-jie is really kind to not be angry with Xu Xiyan's tone used on her!" the employees whispered. 

But, Xu Xiyan has already gotten used to this. "Good." She said. Ignoring them all, she left with Bai Zheng who looked back to Su Xin and smiled before following behind Xu Xiyan. 

Su Xin glanced at the employees and nodded at them before she entered the manager's office. 

"Oh! Su Xin! You came!" the manager's eyes widened in surprise and he immediately rose from his seat. "What brought you here?" he asked. 

Su Xin smiled and closed the door. 

The manager's brows raised. "You ran into Xu Xiyan, right?" he said and grimaced. 

"It's fine." Su Xin smiled faintly as she sat on the chair. "At least I managed to meet a handsome junior, and got a head's up of looking after him in the set." She said. 

The manager looked at Su Xin. He understood her words so he avoided her gaze. "It is really a pity that he would be in Xu Xiyan's hands." He said. 

Su Xin's brows raised in surprised. So, that handsome junior's agent can't be changed. she thought and narrowed her eyes, but in order to give the manager a face, she decided to not care about Xu Xiyan anymore. "Anyway, I came here to ask… did you sign another two actors?" she asked. 

"Huh? What two actors?" the manager was puzzled. 

Su Xin's brows knitted. "You haven't?" she asked. "I saw two men walking out of the company earlier. They look handsome, especially the taller one. They also have a good temperament, so I thought…" she explained. Then, she frowned. If they are not newly-signed actors, then, who are they? Models? She thought and looked at the manager. 

But, seeing the manager's blank gaze, she knows that he doesn't know who are these two people that she is talking about. Su Xin sighed in disappointment. Then, after a while, she left. 

S City Police Station. 

"Achoo!" Jiang Xinduo suddenly sneezed and he rubbed his itchy nose. 

"What? Caught a cold?" Gu Xingfeng asked as they got out of the car. 

"I don't think so. I don't feel out of sorts, and my body has always been healthy." Jiang Xinduo said. "Maybe someone is talking about me…" he muttered. 

"Shall I calculate it for you?" Gu Xingfeng asked. 

Jiang Xinduo was surprised. "Boss, can you?!" he asked. 

"Of course not." Gu Xingfeng answered. 

Jiang Xinduo's shoulders fell. 

"But, I know that you must know who is it." Gu Xingfeng said and entered the doors. 

Jiang Xinduo didn't speak. He recalled that Su Xin glanced at them two earlier. "That woman is suspicious, boss." He said while following behind Gu Xingfeng. 

"Chief! Vice-chief! You're back!" the officers greeted with a smile when the two finally returned. 

"En." Gu Xingfeng nodded at them before he walked towards his office. He is still wearing casual clothes like Jiang Xinduo. 

"Should I investigate her, boss?" Jiang Xinduo asked. "After all, she is also in the circle and is also an artist of Yuhua Entertainment." He said. 

"En. You do it." Gu Xingfeng said and entered his office. 

"Yes!" Jiang Xinduo nodded and saluted before he went to his office. But, just as he was about to leave, his phone suddenly rang. "Eh? Xiao Song?" he muttered. 

Gu Xingfeng paused when he heard Jiang Xinduo's tone. "Something wrong?" he asked. "What is the case they are currently working on? It seems to be of a missing person?" he said when he recalled. 

Jiang Xinduo looked at him. "Yes." he answered. "I met xiao Song and xiao Xie when they returned to the station to rest while waiting for the result of their recent investigation. Then, I found out that – " he lowered his voice. " – their case is also connected to supernatural." He said. 

Gu Xingfeng's eyes widened in surprise. 

"Boss, do you know that xiao Song's uncle is actually a fortune-teller? An authentic one?" Jiang Xinduo asked. "And he is definitely an expert!" he said and told Gu Xingfeng the phone call before of uncle Song. 

Gu Xingfeng's brows raised, feeling interested. 

"Then, boss…" Jiang Xinduo's expression now turned serious. "After I accidentally dropped my folder containing Li Fengxin's files, xiao Song and xiao Xie helped me picked them up. Who would have expected – " he took a deep breath. " – they recognized Li Fengxin!" he told him. 

Gu Xingfeng's eyes narrowed sharply. "What did they say?" he asked. 

"They said that Li Fengxin and the girl that they are looking for have the same face." Jiang Xinduo answered and rubbed his exposed arms when he felt goosebumps appeared on his skin. "Don't you think that all of these are so coincidental?" he asked. 

Gu Xingfeng nodded in agreement. "Indeed, it is." He answered. "But, as far as I can remember… Li Fengxin should be…" he looked at Jiang Xinduo. 

"Yes. An orphan." Jiang Xinduo heaved a sigh. "This information is also authentic, so Li Fengxin can't be the one that xiao Song and xiao Xie are looking for." He said and looked at his phone before he answered the call. 

"Vice-chief! It's me, xiao Xie. My phone's battery was dead so I borrowed Song Mingfan's phone." Xiao Xie spoke. 

"Good. How is your investigation going?" Jiang Xinduo asked while Gu Xingfeng stood on the side to listen after Jiang Xinduo pressed on the loudspeaker button. 

Gu Xingfeng knows the ability of Song Mingfan and Xiao Xie. 

"We already checked this Li Fengxin." Xiao Xie immediately said. "Albeit that she really look similar with the girl that we are looking for, Li Fengxin's face is natural and has never undergone with a knife (plastic sugery)." He said. 

Jiang Xinduo fell silent while Gu Xingfeng's expression turned serious as he recalled the speculations of Song Mingfan and Xiao Xie that Jiang Xinduo told him just now. 

"Furthermore, she has a different blood type with the girl that we are looking for." Xiao Xie continued. "We already authenticated Li Fengxin's information from the Yuhua Entertainment. So, she can't be the person that Song Mingfan and I are looking for." He frowned as he looked at the information about Li Fengxin in his hands.. "But…" he muttered as his brows knitted. 

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