Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 3273 - 3273: Second Hong Tianbu?

Chapter 3273 - 3273: Second Hong Tianbu?

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If it were someone else, they would not have been able to capture Hu Yang’s attack frequency so quickly and take advantage of it.

But who was Ling Han?

He was an Invincible Paragon Saint of the Genesis World. How many battles had he experienced? Who in this world could compare to him?

Hu Yang was extremely depressed. Although the power of his strike was violent, when it blasted over, Ling Han moved swift as the wind. He was like a small boat drifting along the waves. No matter how turbulent the waters were, he could move with the waves and fight against the vast sky.

In the end, he did not hold back at all and fully unleashed his strength of nearly

1.5 million kilograms.

So what if he had increased his power by 200,000kg? Ling Han was still extremely calm. He walked on the wind, aloof beyond measure.

Hu Yang gritted his teeth. His opponent was clearly very weak. If they were to clash head-on, Ling Han would definitely not be able to withstand a single blow from him. At the very least, he would suffer a light injury. However, the problem was that Ling Han’s body seemed to be coated with a layer of oil. It was too slippery, and not a single blow could land on it.

If this continued, he would run out of power sooner or later.

Hu Yang was very anxious. He was considering whether he should use his ultimate move or boil his blood and Qi.

Ling Han looked carefree and unrestrained, but his brain was constantly working at high speed. Right now, the force was incredibly complex. If he made even the slightest mistake, he would definitely be thrown into disarray and withdraw from this state of floating like an immortal.

However, this feeling was really good. It was as if everything was under his control and he was above the mortal world.

Hu Yang finally couldn’t take it anymore. He roared loudly. Boom! Blood and Qi rose from his body and turned into a small figure.

He was at the Fifth Change, Condensed Blood Figure.

He exploded, and his mystical power increased by 2.6 times. Coupled with his physical power, his strength reached 3-5 million kg.

Ling Han’s body instantly swayed, and he was no longer able to borrow any strength.

There was no other reason other than the fact that this force was far beyond the limits of what he could control.

Absolute power!

“Hmph, let’s see how he can dodge now!”

“Brother Yang’s explosive power can reach 3-5 million kilograms. Even the first step of the Extreme Bone Tier is only that strong. This is an absolute suppression.”

“Even if one was just brushed by the overflowing force, it’s still extremely terrifying. ‘

The members of the Hu Clan Gang spoke one after another. In their eyes, this was a power that Ling Han was absolutely unable to match.

Ling Han indeed had no way of dodging anymore. Not only was Hu Yang’s attack powerful, but his speed was also fast. The power release could even reach a distance of 9 meters. It was difficult for Ling Han to capture the opponent’s attack trajectory, so it was simply impossible for him to react in advance.

Thus, Ling Han could only meet the attack head-on with one of his own. Otherwise, he would be beaten up, and there was no other possibility.

This was the result of overwhelming power, making all techniques useless.

A strength of 3-5 million kg?


Ling Han was already prepared. He threw out a punch, and met the attack head-on.


Everyone was stunned and couldn’t believe it.

Everyone had a common understanding, and that was that unless one’s strength had the advantage, when encountering a Blood Transformation Tier’s eruption of boiling blood and Qi, one had to avoid a frontal attack.

However, Ling Han was actually facing it head-on?

Was he courting death?

However, thinking about it again, Ling Han didn’t have any other choice. He couldn’t avoid this, so he might as well fight it out head-on. At least he would lose with some backbone.


The attack speed of these two people was extremely fast. Only a moment’s thought flashed through everyone’s mind, and their forces had already collided head-on.

Hu Yang’s strength was like a huge mountain, capable of crushing everything. However, Ling Han’s attack was like a hammer, smashing this mountain here and there, shattering all its stabilizing nodes.

Thus, when this punch struck, the original strength of 3-5 million kg was actually split apart, turning into countless streaks worth hundreds of thousands of kg of strength. Its power instantly decreased sharply, and was no longer able to pose a threat to Ling Han.

After a single blow, Ling Han and Hu Yang both looked as if nothing had happened.

Seeing this scene, everyone felt like they had gone crazy.

This must be a joke, right?

Even Hu Yang himself could not accept it. He had blasted out a force of 3-5 million kilograms. How could it be deflected?

Ling Han’s heart surged. After fighting with Hu Yang for so long, he had long figured out the frequency of Hu Yang’s punches. Just now, he had unleashed another 20 overlapping layers of power, and only then was he able to barely neutralize Hu Yang’s attack.

Moreover, this was only because Hu Yang had not used his power overlap. Otherwise, with his explosive power, how many times would Ling Han be able to persist?

However, the others didn’t know this. They only saw that Hu Yang’s blood was boiling, but he still wasn’t able to suppress Ling Han. In fact, both sides were evenly matched.

This was too awesome and shocking. Could it be that they were really going to personally witness the rise of the second Hong Tianbu?

Hu Yang was also in a daze. He still had stronger moves that he had not used. For example, the overlapping of power or his special martial arts techniques, both of which could increase his battle prowess further.

However, he had no choice but to hesitate. If he were to form a deadly enmity with Ling Han, then when Ling Han advanced into the Blood Transformation Tier and truly became the second Hong Tianbu, what kind of terrifying blow would the Hu Clan Gang suffer?

Back then, everyone had to rely on Hong Tianbu. Such memories were not far away.

Was it worth it?

Therefore, Hu Yang gave up on the idea of continuing to fight and stopped. However, once his blood and Qi started boiling, it could not be stopped. Thus, he had no choice but to let it go to waste.

“Haha, Junior Brother Ling’s strength is really shocking!” Hu Yang easily let things go and immediately laughed loudly. “No discord, no concord. Let’s be friends.

“That would depend on how sincere you are,” Ling Han said calmly.

“Everything can be discussed.” Seeing this, Hu Yang couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

If he could build a good relationship with Ling Han now, then when Ling Han truly became the second Hong Tianbu, the Hu Clan Gang would also be able to leap to become a top faction within the academy.

He babbled on, expressing that he could take care of Ling Han when he was still weak, and provide him with a large amount of cultivation resources.

Ling Han basically only listened, and rarely spoke.

Tuoba Tianhuang was at the side as well and his expression could not help but turn grimmer.

They were both prodigies and had been recruited, but how much worse was his treatment compared to Ling Han’s?

There was no comparison.

He was envious. Back then, he had been the number one genius of Huju City. Even if Ling Han had snatched away this title later on, he was actually not much inferior to Ling Han.

But now?

In Hu Yang’s eyes, one was a tile, and the other was a gold brick. There was no comparison at all.

After trying to persuade him for a long time, Ling Han still did not relent. He neither said that he wanted to join the Hu Clan Gang, nor that he wanted to join forces with Hu Yang.

Hu Yang’s mouth was dry and impatient. “Junior Brother Ling, what request do you have?”

Ling Han cracked a smile, and said, “It’s very simple. If Senior Brother Hu is willing to let Senior Sister Lian beat him up, we can become friends.”

Hu Yang couldn’t help but be stunned. So it turned out that after all this time, you were toying with me!

“Junior Brother Ling, you’re too much!” He snorted heavily.

Meanwhile, Ling Han said leisurely, “Senior Brother Hu, about ten minutes have passed, right?”


Hu Yang almost jumped up..

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