All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot

Chapter 1096 - 1096 Can't Divorce

1096 Can’t Divorce

Father Lin was silent. He was still hesitating.

Old Master Lin shook his head in disappointment.

Lin Chengye was too worried and indecisive. He usually couldn’t control Wu Wanrong and wouldn’t be ruthless, which was why Lin Haocheng had suffered so many grievances since he was young.

Mother Lin had just returned from the hotel when she heard Old Master Lin’s words.

She was stunned and then rushed in. “No, you can’t get a divorce.”

In a moment of agitation, Mother Lin blurted out without thinking, “You old hag, you’re always meddling in my affairs with Chengye. You’re always thinking about getting us to divorce. What are you up to?”

“Wu Wanrong.” Father Lin stood up. He was so angry that his entire body was trembling. He slapped Mother Lin’s face.

He hit Wu Wanrong not only because of Mother Lin’s scolding of Old Master Lin, but also because of Wu Wanrong’s favoritism in the hotel today and her insistence on pushing the matter to Lin Haocheng.

He rarely spoke. He had been holding back, and his face was very dark.

At this moment, he exploded.

Mother Lin’s face immediately turned to the side.

She was stunned. She didn’t expect Father Lin to hit her.

After a long while, she turned her face around. Her face was red and swollen. “Lin Chengye, you hit me?”

“Wu Wanrong, can’t you be more sensible? I can bear with your usual antics, but what are you doing today?”

Mother Lin felt wronged. “I just wanted to help the Wu family. What did I do wrong?”

Father Lin was so angry that he laughed at Mother Lin unreasonable behavior. “Then go and help him. What does it have to do with Haocheng?”

Old Master Lin closed his eyes, not wanting to see them argue.

“Lin Chengye, make your choice,” he said directly. “No matter what, I will not allow an outsider to stay in the Lin family and bully my grandson and granddaughter.”

Father Lin fell silent again.

When Mother Lin saw Father Lin’s expression, a glimmer of hope appeared in her eyes. If Lin Chengye did not agree to the divorce, this old man could not do anything to her.

The corners of her lips curled up in a smug smile.

At this time, Fu Hanchuan came in from outside with a document.

“Uncle, perhaps you can take a look at this.”

After Fu Hanchuan handed the document to Father Lin, he sat down beside Qin Sheng and smiled. “Don’t worry, Sheng Sheng. This matter will be resolved.”

Mother Lin’s heart was filled with a very bad feeling. Her eyes were fixed on the document.

Father Lin flipped open the document.

On it were some of the things that Mother Lin had done to Lin Haocheng.

Father Lin’s face darkened. He threw the documents on the table. “Wu Wanrong, I thought you were only bad to Haocheng in the past few years! But you’ve been like this since he was young!!”

Father Lin was so furious that he was almost drowned in remorse. This time, he did not hesitate anymore. “Let’s get a divorce!”

Mother Lin snatched the document over and flipped through it. Only then did she truly realize the seriousness of the matter.

She was completely flustered. “Chengye, I know I was wrong. Don’t divorce me. I will treat Haocheng well in the future and fulfill my responsibility as a mother. Chengye, I was just deceived and thought that Haocheng really did those things.”

“You didn’t find out the truth, but you went to blame your son. Wu Wanrong, you’re really capable!”

Father Lin closed his eyes. He did not hesitate any longer. “Let’s get a divorce tomorrow.”

Father Lin’s tone was very firm, and Mother Lin fell to the ground completely.

When he looked at Lin Haocheng, Father Lin’s tone was very guilty. “Haocheng, Dad is sorry. I didn’t discover these problems early.”

Lin Haocheng didn’t respond to him.

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