All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot

Chapter 1251 - 1251 Shengshi Technology Colludes With G Country?

1251 Shengshi Technology Colludes With G Country?

“Alright, but don’t blame us if you dare to lie to us.”

The manager sneered in his heart. He had indeed lied to them.

However, he did not have to worry about them finding out. After all, he believed that Qin Sheng would protect him well.

This was also China’s territory, and they couldn’t allow a G Country citizen to be presumptuous here.

The executive smiled and extended his hand. “Mr. Lin, we have a pleasant cooperation.”


The next morning, the senior manager gave Lin Yuanren the documents that he had prepared early in the morning.

The 3 billion yuan was also transferred into his card.

“I hope you can keep it a secret. Don’t let Shengshi Technology know that I leaked it.”

After Lin Yuanren agreed, he couldn’t wait to take a photo of the information and send it to Francois.

After receiving it, Francois handed it over to Major.

Major arranged for everyone in the Science and Technology Department to conduct overnight research.

The information inside was recorded very clearly.

Therefore, their research went smoothly.

In less than a week, they first developed the all-intelligence technology. They used the code given by Shengshi Technology to create a very intelligent virtual character.

Francois boasted on the internet, [Thank you, Shengshi Technology, for sending us the all-intelligence technology. We have developed the all-intelligence technology based on the information you gave us. Next, there is the 5D technology and holographic virtual technology. We will continue to study it. I think we will be able to develop it in less than two weeks.]

When his words spread to the country, the netizens exploded.

Some of them were loyal fans of Shengshi Technology.

However, they did not speak up for Shengshi Technology anymore.

After all, if Shengshi Technology hadn’t given the technology to G Country, would they have created the all-intelligent technology?

[This is indeed all-intelligent technology. Shengshi Technology actually sold the technology to G Country. Shengshi Technology, I was wrong about you.]

[Hehe, so Shengshi Technology is just a bootlicker. Have they forgotten whose money they’re earning?]

[I have a pair of holographic glasses here. Who wants them? They’re sold for 30,000 yuan. No matter how much I like Shengshi Technology’s games, I won’t use their games anymore.]

[Heh, Shengshi Technology, since you’re sucking up to G Country like this, then scram to G Country. China doesn’t welcome you.]


Francois’ words had completely angered everyone, and they all pointed their fingers at Shengshi Technology.

Many people began to sell holographic virtual reality glasses.

There were also a lot of people who uninstalled the all-intelligence mobile games and holographic virtual reality online game.

Shengshi Technology earned more than 100 million yuan every day from game top-ups, but it had fallen to 40 million yuan. This could be said to be an avalanche.

Many gaming companies were laughing at Shengshi Technology.

Shengshi Technology acted as if nothing had happened and stayed out of this matter.

Hong Yuan saw that Shengshi Technology’s game users had decreased by so much, and there were no other games in the company that needed to be developed, so he simply gave some employees a break.

The head of China’s computer science department called to ask. He was very worried. “General Manager Hong, you really sold the technology to G Country.”

“Yes.” Hong Yuan nodded. He took a sip of tea and smiled faintly. “But we didn’t sell it. They bribed the company’s employees.”

The head of the computer department frowned and asked, “Bribe?”

“Yes, but our boss is prepared.”

“Oh?” The head of the computer department was relieved. He was also interested. “What preparation?”

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