Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 13 – Bao’er’s Shock

Chapter 13 – Bao’er’s Shock

“A Labor Disciple defeated an Outer Court Disciple. Did all of you see that? Hahaha!”

“Yes, Yang Ye can be said to have brought pride to us Labor Disciples. In the future, would anyone dare say that we Labor Disciples are lowly? Haha!!”

“An Outer Court Disciple! At that time, I’d already said that Yang Ye is extraordinary, and one day he would definitely soar up like a true dragon within an abyss. All of you believe me now, right?”

“You idiot! Did you even speak like that at that time?”

On this day, all the disciples on Labor Peak were discussing Yang Ye, and numerous Labor Disciples didn’t even do their work.

Seven Refinement Peak was the place where Outer Court Disciples cultivated, and it had seen training grounds called the Gold Armor Formation, Woodsman Alley, Thousand Layers of Water, Lava Cave, Gravity Cavern, Cold Wind Ridge, and Thunder God Gorge. However, the Seven Refinement Peak wasn’t free to use. If one desired to train on Seven Refinement Peak, then besides those that were ranked at the top 10 on the Outer Court Rankings, others had no choice but to utilize Contribution Points of the sect to exchange for time to cultivate there.

On the other hand, Contribution Points could only be obtained by heading to the Grand Myriad Mountains to hunt Darkbeasts or by accepting and completing some assignments of the sect. The difficulty of the sect’s assignments was extremely great, and ordinary Outer Court Disciples would utterly not dare accept them. Only those Outer Court Disciples with extraordinary natural talent and formidable strengths would dare accept the assignments of the sect.

Amongst over 1,000 Outer Court Disciples, only less than 50 were able to enter Seven Refinement Peak, and these 50 were the strongest group of experts amongst the Outer Court Disciples.

“Big Brother Qingyu, that Yang Ye has become a Profounder, and he even defeated Duan Jun who’s at the eighth rank of the Mortal Realm while at the sixth rank himself!” At this moment at the Woodsman Alley, an Outer Court Disciple spoke in a low voice to a white robed man that stood before him.

The white robed man was precisely Liu Qingyu that was ranked at the 29th position on the Outer Court Rankings. He was reputed to be the most dazzling genius of Southpeace City, and he was already a First Heaven Realm expert at the age of 17.

When he heard that Outer Court Disciple, Liu Qingyu frowned and said, “That piece of trash is already a Profounder?”

When he headed to the Sword Sect that day, his father had told him to deal with Yang Ye if he had the chance. However, when he arrived at the Sword Sect, he noticed that Yang Ye wasn’t an Outer Court Disciple any longer and was a Labor Disciple instead. Moreover, Yang Ye was eve the number one piece of trash in history. So, he didn’t make a move to deal with Yang Ye because Yang Ye wasn’t worthy of him making a move. Yet now, he’d never expected that Yang Ye was already a Profounder.

“Yes, but he seems to not be an Outer Court Disciple yet. Should we deal with him?”

Liu Qingyu pondered deeply for a moment, and then he shook his head while a cold glow flashed in his eyes as he said, “Come, let’s go meet this piece of trash that has already become a Profounder!”

Cool Breeze Gorge.

“Little Laborer, this Spatial Ring is for you. There are some Energy Stones within it.” At the side of the pool, Bao’er smiled as she passed the Spatial Ring she’d extorted from Feng Yu just now.

As he looked at this Spatial Ring, Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched, and he pondered deeply for a moment before he shook his head and said, “Bao’er this ring is too precious, I can’t accept it!” If he said he wasn’t tempted by a spatial treasure like the Spatial Ring, then it would obviously be a lie. However, Yang Ye had his own limits when doing things.

“Little Laborer, what’re you saying. Bao’er will be unhappy!” Bao’er rolled her eyes at Yang Ye and said, “It’s only a Spatial Ring, and it isn’t something great. Moreover, it would have been impossible for Bao’er to win so many things without you. If you refuse it again, then Bao’er will toss it away!”

A strand of warmth flowed in Yang Ye’s heart when he heard this, and he stopped refusing and received the ring in Bao’er’s hand. Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something, and he hurriedly withdrew that Strength Talisman he’d crafted and passed it to Bao’er before he said, “Bao’er, this is a Strength Talisman I crafted. It’s a high-grade talisman. You can have it!”

“Mmm!” When she saw Yang Ye accept the ring, Bao’er smiled and nodded. Suddenly, her eyes opened wide, and she said, “You, you, you said you’ve already crafted a Strength Talisman, and it’s even a high-grade talisman?”

“Yes!” Yang ye nodded.

“You, you, you wouldn’t be lying to me, right!?” Bao’er glanced suspiciously at Yang Ye and said, “Little Laborer, Bao’er really hates if others lie to Bao’er!”

Yang Ye rolled his eyes and said, “Wouldn’t you know if I’m lying or not once you take a look!?”

Bao’er took the Strength Talisman in Yang Ye’s hand, and when she saw the lifelike light golden flame on it, Bao’er was instantly stunned. She was stunned for quite a long time before she muttered. “How could this be possible? It’s really a high-grade talisman it’s really a high-grade talisman. How could this be possible?”

When he noticed Bao’er seem as if she’d lost her soul, Yang Ye said in a light voice, “What is it? Is it good, or not?”

Bao’er raised her head to look at Yang Ye, and she suppressed the excitement in her heart and said, “You, you said that you crafted this talisman within half a month of time?”

“Yes!” Yang Ye nodded and said, “I failed quite a few times before this, and I wasted quite a bit of the materials you gave me!” When he spoke up to here, Yang Ye was slightly embarrassed.

Bao’er glanced at Yang Ye with a strange expression, and she said in her heart, Grandpa is such a liar! Bao’er spent three months of time to craft a talisman, and it was only a mid-grade talisman. Yet Grandpa actually said Bao’er is a genius. He definitely tricked me! Hmph! Once you return, I’ll pull off your entire beard!

“What’s wrong? Am I too stupid?” Yang Ye asked when he saw Bao’er remain silent.

Bao’er’s expression grew stranger when she heard this. After a short while, her expression returned to normal, and she looked at Yang Ye and nodded before she said, “You only crafted a single talisman in half a month of time. In terms of natural talent, it’s pretty ordinary. Hmmm, a little bit inferior to Bao’er!” As soon as she finished speaking, her small face turned red for no reason.

However, Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief instead when he heard Bao’er, and he said, “That’s good. Right, Bao’er, I’m not really familiar with the talismans of the other attributes. How about you teach me?”

“About that!” Bao’er feigned a troubled expression, and when she saw Yang Ye’s anxious expression, she hurriedly said, “I can if you agree to a condition!”

“What condition?” Yang Ye was slightly excited. If he was able to become a Talisman Master, then it would be greatly beneficial to his strength and future.

“I’ll represent my grandfather to take you as his disciple, and you have to agree to be my grandfather’s disciple. Yes, in other words, my junior brother. What do you think?” Bao’er looked at Yang Ye while her lively eyes flickered with a strange glow.

“Be your junior brother?” Yang Ye was stunned.

“What? Are you unwilling?” Bao’er spoke with slight displeasure.

Yang Ye hurriedly shook his head and said, “No, the accomplished are superior. I’m naturally willing to be Bao’er’s junior brother. But, but Bao’er, is your grandfather willing to take me as his disciple? At that time, if he’s unwilling, then I….” Yes, he was still slightly worried. After all, every single Talisman Master was extremely formidable. If Bao’er’s grandfather didn’t think highly of him at that time, then how embarrassing would it be for him?

When she heard this, the displeasure on Bao’er’s face was completely wiped away, and she said with a smile, “There’s no need to care about him. It’s fine so long as I’m willing. Alright, now, you’re Bao’er’s junior brother. Yes, Senior Sister will take good care of you. It’s slightly late now, so I’ll come to look for you when I have the time. Study the talismans of the other elements first in the next few days. I’ll test you in all of these assignments when I come see you next, understand?”

Yang Ye didn’t dare shake his head, and he immediately nodded.

When she saw Yang Ye nod, Bao’er nodded with satisfaction and said, “It’s getting late, I’m leaving first, and I’ll be taking this Strength Talisman back to study, mmm, I mean inspect, inspect. There’s no need to give it to me.” As soon as she finished speaking, Bao’er ran out of Cool Breeze Gorge. At the instant she turned away from Yang Ye, her solemn little face immediately bloomed into a smile while she said in her heart, I’ve found a treasure! Hahaha! This treasure was noticed by Bao’er, and he has even become Bao’er’s junior brother. Hehe!!

Yang Ye kept having the feeling that something was slightly off. Bao’er was around the age of Little Yao, and both of them were slightly naughty and intelligent, so he felt that she’d definitely concealed something from him.

Forget it. In any case, she definitely has no ill intent towards me! Yang Ye smiled as he shook his head, and he stopped thinking about Bao’er’s strange actions. He placed his gaze onto the Spatial Ring Bao’er gave him, and as he looked at it, he felt slightly excited. Because this was a Spatial Ring, and even the Governor of Southpeace City might not possess one!

After playing with it for a while, Yang Ye immersed his Spiritual Energy into the ring, and his heart suddenly jerked when he saw the space within the ring. The space within this ring seemed to be a bit too large. It was around more than 70 meters in both height and length, and it wasn’t just that, there was a large amount of Energy Stones within the ring. Moreover, the pile of Energy Stones at least amounted to a total of over 100,000!

When he recalled what Bao’er said earlier, the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. Earlier, Bao’er had said that she’d placed some Energy Stones within it, and he thought that it was only a few hundred, yet never had he imagined that it would actually be over 100,000!

This favor I owe her is really huge! As he looked at those Energy Stones, Yang Ye shook his head and smiled. This time, he could be considered to have understood what being wealthy meant.

After he placed the ring on his finger, Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and withdrew the high-grade Yellow Rank Dark Iron Sword that Elder Feng Yu had given him. The Dark Iron Sword was 1.6m in length, 2 fingers in breadth, and its entire blade emanated a piercingly cold glow that was extremely sharp. A casual swing of the sword instantly emanated a light howl as it sliced through the air.

What a sword! As he looked at the sword in his hand, a wisp of happiness flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes, and he said in a low voice, I originally intended to head to the Sword Pavilion to choose a sword after I became an Outer Court Disciple, but I never expected that Feng Yu would actually give me a sword, and it’s even a high-grade Yellow Rank sword. Now, I finally don’t have to utilize a tree branch to train in the sword.The Outer Court Exam held once every two years in the Sword Sect will be held in another 28 days. With my current strength, it ought to not be difficult for me to become an Outer Court Disciple. However, if I want to be ranked in the top 10, then my strength is definitely slightly insufficient, and I must improve my strength. As he looked at the sword in his hand, Yang Ye muttered lightly.

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