Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 2819 – I’m Your Sister!

Chapter 2819 – I’m Your Sister!

Destiny’s voice was very calm, and it was like she was speaking about something insignificant!

The mysterious expert suddenly chuckled, “Look below you!”

Destiny looked down. At this moment, the formation beneath her feet had turned blood red.


After those demons fell, their blood had actually been fully absorbed by the formation!

She grinned, “Sacrificing the blood of evil beasts to a formation. You’ve surprised me quite a bit.”

The mysterious expert walked slowly to her and gradually raised his right hand. A moment later, the formation beneath her feet shook, and the blood started to wriggle like lava!

At the center of the formation, Destiny just stood there with a smile on her face.

She was always so calm and composed!

Sword cultivators cultivated the heart, and her heart was deep as a well. It was very difficult to cause any fluctuations in her heart.

When the heart was calm, the Sword Dao was stable!

The blood below her feet started flowing faster and faster. A moment later, threads of blood started stretching toward her like needles.

She tapped her finger forward, and a ray of sword energy shot through the air and pierced through the threads of blood. However, the blood remained completely unharmed!

Destiny was quite surprised by this. She sized up the formation again, and then she chuckled, “I see. The source of your formation isn’t here, it’s outside this universe… No wonder it was able to disregard my sword energy!”

The mysterious expert said, “Then do you know where its source is?”

She glanced at the mysterious expert and smiled, “I underestimated you a little. I didn’t expect you to have been there! And you even set up a formation there!”

The mysterious expert didn’t say a word. He just raised his hands slowly instead. In an instant, countless threads of blood instantly extended toward her from within the formation. The threads of blood contained the powerful energy of the evil beasts, and it could be said that when enhanced by the formation, every single thread of blood could easily annihilate a peak Destiny Transcendence Realm expert.

At this moment, there was a boundless supply of blood threads in the formation.

Destiny smiled in silence and just stood there with no intention to dodge. She just allowed the threads of blood to envelop her.

At this moment, the threads of blood had completely blocked her figure from view.

However, the mysterious expert was gradually clenching his fists.

Would she lose that easily?

He naturally refused to believe that!

Sure enough, a ray of sword energy suddenly flashed out from the blood threads, and then the blood threads started to retreat in layers. Destiny was still in there, and there were three strands of sword energy floating around her. It was these strands of sword energy that kept the blood threads away. Any blood threads that approached her would be obliterated!

The mysterious expert crossed his arms before his chest and lowered his head slightly, “That sword energy… The Dao of Annihilation… Amazing!”

She tapped her finger forward, and a strand of sword energy vanished on the spot. It soundlessly appeared at a certain world in the distance, and then it entered the clouds of that world.


The sky collapsed into bits, and the formation beneath Destiny collapsed along with it.

She walked slowly toward the mysterious expert, “Heaven Dao, after so many years, you’re still playing these lousy tricks. You really haven’t accomplished much!”

The mysterious expert replied softly, “Then allow me to show you something that isn’t lousy.”

His figure suddenly turned ethereal.


An explosion resounded from afar, and then countless watched with astonishment as Destiny retreated repeatedly. She retreated around 300m!

“Does he stand a chance?” The flames of hope that had been extinguished in countless started to show signs of being reignited!

Destiny shot a glance forward. The mysterious expert was gone, and there was no sign of him here.


Suddenly, a wave of powerful energy appeared before her.

Destiny was pushed back repeatedly once more!

Countless looked up with stunned expressions on their faces!

Because only Destiny could be seen in the sky, and the mysterious expert was gone!


Meanwhile, Destiny retreated repeatedly once more… A short while later, she stopped, and a smile still remained on her face, “Transforming into the world. You are the world, and the world is you. Interesting. Unfortunately, it’s still a lousy trick!”

She suddenly waved her sword.


The sky instantly turned ethereal before this swing. At the same time, a ray of sword energy entered the space ahead.

A moment of silence ensued, and then the sky collapsed inch by inch. At the same time, a ray of sword energy surged madly through the pitch black reaches of space.

It was utterly pitch black!

The sky above Eternal Border seemed like it was covered by a black cloth!


Suddenly, an explosion resounded from the pitch black expanse of space, and then a figure appeared before Destiny.

It was the mysterious expert!

Destiny waved her right hand gently, and the sky returned to normal. The shattered space had been instantly repaired!

The mysterious expert’s voice resounded before her, “Y-You have transcended the Grand Dao of this universe.”

She shook her head, “Allow me to correct you, I accomplished that a thousand years ago. Now, I want to annihilate the Dao. You transformed into the world and wished to use the entire Three Dimensional Universe’s strength against me. Unfortunately, you do not know that the Three Dimensional Universe is something I can destroy with a snap of my fingers.”

As soon as she finished speaking, her figure floated forward.

Suddenly, the Mysterious Expert pressed his palms together, and a faint wave of flames were ignited from within him and rippled outward!

Ignition of the body and soul!

However, Destiny suddenly stopped as if she’d been frozen on the spot!


A moment later, a ray of sword energy flashed past the mysterious expert’s throat, and then his head shot up into the air while accompanied by a fountain of blood!

Meanwhile, Destiny still remained standing on the same spot!

He’s dead?

Everyone stared blankly at the head falling from the sky!

As the head descended, phenomena like heavy rain in sunny skies and rives slowing to a crawl started to appear throughout the sky, or it should be said that it was appearing throughout the universe.

The Heaven Dao!

The Heaven Dao wasn’t human, it was born of the entire Three Dimensional Universe. To a certain extent, it was from the same source as Snowy and the others.

Destiny glanced at the bloody head, “The Heaven Dao exists no more in this universe.”

She looked down, and the living beings of the Three Dimensional Universe entered her field of vision.

Destiny chuckled, “Yang Ye, do you know how amazing it is to watch as countless lives vanish before your eyes? Of course, I’m not fond of killing, but I’m fond of the process, the process of countless lives being lost. Watching that process allows me to comprehend many things!”

As she spoke, she looked up into the sky, and Yang Ye was standing there.

Yang Ye had placed the corpses of the woman in white and woman in black into the Primordial Pagoda.

Destiny smiled, “Don’t be sad, life always comes to an end. When you see through the essence of life, your Fate Sword Dao will grow even stronger. But if you fail to comprehend the fate of all living things, your Fate Sword Dao will always remain a minor Dao. Unfortunately, you won’t have the chance to accomplish that.”

She tapped her finger forward, and a ray of sword energy shot at Yang Ye.

When it arrived before him, Yang Ye’s sword shot forward.

It was still the Fate Sword Dao!

However, it was a little different!

Destiny’s sword energy was forced to a stop, but it didn’t disperse!

Destiny gazed at Yang Ye and was quite surprised, “Interesting. There’s something else in your Fate Sword Dao. Hmm, it’s rage, and regret… Looks like it’s because of those other two forms of me. Unfortunately, that bit of change doesn’t make a difference…”

Suddenly, Yang Ye stomped his right foot down.


Destiny’s sword energy shattered!

A moment later, Yang Ye appeared before her and swung his sword!

Destiny waved her hand, and a wave of sword energy rippled forth.


Yang Ye was blasted away.

She gazed at Yang Ye’s figure that was 3km away now, “In the beginning, I thought quite highly of you. Unfortunately, you chose to preserve your emotions and to protect. Of course, that isn’t wrong, the only mistake is that they are things I wish to destroy. Today, everything will come to an end.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she tapped her finger forward, and Justice shot forward like a bolt of lightning!

In an instant, Yang Ye’s aura reached his peak! This time, he truly sensed death, and he knew that he would die if that attack struck him!

That was how that attack felt to him!

Yang Ye held his sword tight. Even if only death awaited, he intended to swing his sword before that happened.

Right when Yang Ye was about to swing his sword, a hand suddenly stopped Justice.

A woman appeared before Yang Ye.

Qi Bitian!

It was Qi Bitian!

There were some golden scales on Qi Bitian’s palm, and it was those scales which had stopped Justice!

Qi Bitian shook her right hand slightly, and Justice shot back to Destiny.

At the same time, Tian Xiu appeared by Yang Ye’s side.

Destiny glanced at Qi Bitian, “Half human and half demon… Your demon form is the Ancient Azure Phoenix, an auspicious beast that is extinct now.”

Qi Bitian cracked a smile, “You have quite the eye!”

Destiny suddenly waved her sword.

Qi Bitian’s pupils constricted. She soared up into the air and slapped her palm down.


Qi Bitian was blasted far away, and her entire right arm vanished!

She lost an arm from a single attack!

Destiny walked slowly in their direction.

Tian Xiu’s eyes narrowed slightly. She walked over to Yang Ye, but Yang Ye suddenly grabbed her by the arm and spoke in a trembling tone, “Tian Xiu… Leave, alright?”

Tian Xiu closed her eyes slowly, “What are you talking about?! I’m your sister!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Tian Xiu suddenly opened her eyes, and then she pressed her palms together. She transformed into a burning ray of dark light that shot at Destiny!

Destiny suddenly stopped walking, and then she was in front of Yang Ye.

Tian Xiu seemed as if she’d been frozen 300m behind Destiny. A moment of silence ensued, and then her forehead suddenly split open. A strand of blood rolled down her face.

A short while later, her figure crashed to the ground!

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