Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 2821 – In the Name of the Sword!

Chapter 2821 – In the Name of the Sword!

The Unfettered One released the sword in his grasp, and then he gazed at her before gradually closing his eyes. An ethereal sword soundlessly appeared within him.

Destiny’s grin grew even more brilliant. She was about to attack when a voice resounded, “You’re mistaken!”

She turned to the side, and she saw Yang Ye walking slowly in her direction.

Actually, Yang Ye’s strength was practically exhausted because Primordial Violet Energy couldn’t heal the injuries inflicted on him.

Destiny turned slowly to face Yang Ye and smiled, “I’m mistaken? About what?”

Yang Ye arrived around 30m before her and replied, “Your thoughts are mistaken.”

Her smile grew even more brilliantly, “Please do tell me more!”

Yang Ye sent Snowy back into the Primordial Pagoda and looked up at her, “The Grand Dao always leaves an opportunity, and I thought you were the one who’d seized that opportunity and transcended the Grand Dao… However, that is wrong, you’re not it. That opportunity belongs to all the living beings of the world and not just a single person. You are just the strongest among them, and you haven’t transcended the Grand Dao. You are still within its scope!”

Destiny’s eyes narrowed slightly as she tightened her grip on Justice.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye continued, “That saying refers to the destiny of all living things, and it refers to the fact that nothing is absolute. It is a variable, it is uncertainty.”

As he spoke, he walked closer to her and continued, “You are the strongest among all things, but you are still within the Dao.”

She suddenly looked up and smiled, “So what?”

Yang Ye cracked a smile, “If you are still within it, then you will die.”

Destiny chuckled, “Why don’t you try?”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he suddenly rose up slowly into the air. Yang Ye stretched out his hands slowly, and then the Sword Domain swept out into the surroundings. His Sword Domain covered the sky, and it didn’t take long for the entire Eternal Border to be within it.

Destiny didn’t attack, but the composed smile on her face had vanished!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s voice resounded through the sky, “The Grand Dao always leaves us an opportunity. Destiny is heartless today and wishes to slaughter all things to attain the Dao, so in the name of the sword, I, Yang Ye, seek help from all things in this world to support my Sword Dao, kill Destiny, create order, and bring peace.”

With the help of his Sword Domain, Yang Ye’s voice was like rumbling thunder that swept into the surroundings, and it didn’t take long for the entire Three Dimensional Universe to hear him.

A moment of silence ensued, and then the Eternal Border, which was within Yang Ye’s Sword Domain’s scope, started to tremble violently.

Countless people throughout the universe fell to their knees. At the same time, voices resounded incessantly throughout the universe, “We are willing to help you…”

At this moment, all the living beings in the Three Dimensional Universe responded to Yang Ye’s call.

The flowers, grass, trees, water, people, demons, sprites… The good, the bad… Practically everything which was a part of the Three Dimensional Universe responded to his call, and it was the same within the Primordial Pagoda.

Even the experts of the Four Dimensional Universe were on their knees.

Meanwhile, Shu Wubian looked up at Yang Ye’s figure in the sky, fell silent for a moment, and then closed her eyes slowly, “I’ll help you!”

Zuo Mu and the others behind her fell silent for a moment, and then they spoke as well…

Yang Ye’s sword started to tremble violently while a wave of invisible sword intent rippled out incessantly from him. Both Destiny and the Unfettered One were pushed back by the force of it.

The Sword Dao of Order has finally been achieved!

Order required the living beings of the world to willingly abide by it. Only then was it true order. All Yang Ye’s comprehensions of the past were acknowledged by the living beings of the world at this moment, and he had truly achieved the Sword Dao of Order!

It wasn’t just the Sword Dao or Order, he had attained the Order Sword Domain as well!

But that wasn’t the end!

Yang Ye suddenly walked slowly in her direction, “I was wrong in the past. What is the Sword Domain? A domain that is a world of its own? No! I took the wrong path from the beginning. A domain is a person, and it is also all things…”

As soon as he finished speaking, his Sword Domain that had enveloped the Eternal Border actually started to expand on its own!

In practically an instant, it had spread throughout the universe, and it was even spreading beyond the Three Dimensional Universe. It was spreading to worlds and places he’d never come into contact with in the past.

In the past, he’d only thought about himself, and so only he was encompassed within it. Thus, his Sword Domain only belonged to him. Yet now, he thought about all living things, and so all living things were his domain as well.

A single thought made a huge difference!

The Sword Dao of All!

The Sword Domain of All!

Destiny suddenly started chuckling, “The Order Sword Domain, the Sword Domain of All! All living things abide by your order, and you represent them… You have not chosen to transcend them, and you have chosen to be one with them instead. Haha! Come! Let me see if the energy of all things can do anything to me!”

As soon as she finished speaking, her figure suddenly turned ethereal.

An instant later, a ray of sword energy arrived before Yang Ye. At this moment, the entire Three Dimensional Universe started trembling!

Countless worlds started to collapse!

It was because her attack wasn’t just aimed at Yang Ye, it was aimed at the entire Three Dimensional Universe!

Destroying the Three Dimensional Universe would destroy Yang Ye’s Sword Dao and Sword Domain!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye swung his sword!

It stabbed against the ray of sword energy!


Destiny’s sword energy exploded into pieces, but she suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye, and Justice stabbed against the tip of his sword.


The universe cracked open. At this moment, countless living beings were affected and lost their lives!

Destiny cracked a smile, “If you use all living things as part of your Dao, I will annihilate them all, and destroy your Dao.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she twisted Justice forward.


In an instant, Yang Ye was blasted over 3km away, and his entire body cracked open while blood seeped out incessantly from the cracks. At the same time, the space throughout the area started to collapse. The entire Three Dimensional Universe was gradually vanishing!

Even though Destiny was still within the Dao, her strength wasn’t.

If she wanted to annihilate the Dao earlier, then now, she wanted to break through it, completely break through it before annihilating it!

As far as she was concerned, the Dao she once broke free from was fake, and that was fine because she could do it again! All she had to do was walk the same path again!

Even if all the living beings of the Three Dimensional Universe were combined together, they couldn’t stop her!

Yang Ye wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth. More and more of his blood was leaving him, and his entire body had actually turned slightly ethereal.

He could be said to have taken the form of all living things and even the Heaven Dao now. So, when she harmed the Three Dimensional Universe and the living beings here, she was actually harming him too!

Destiny walked slowly in Yang Ye’s direction while a faint smile still remained on her face, “You’re right, I’m within the Dao, but so what? As far as I’m concerned, being inside or outside makes no difference.”

As she spoke, Justice shook in her grasp.

Suddenly, a voice resounded, “But it makes a difference to him!”

She stopped and looked at the source of it. It was the Unfettered One.

Destiny grinned, “Sword cultivator, even though you’ve cultivated a single Sword Dao to an extreme that surpasses the ordinary extreme, even if it’s at a level that I too am incapable of achieving, you still can’t stop me.”

The Unfettered One nodded, “Indeed.”

As he spoke, he suddenly gazed at Yang Ye, “I’ll help you!”

Along with this declaration, a wave of powerful sword intent swept out of him and entered Yang Ye’s body. At the same time, a voice resounded in Yang Ye’s mind, “Your thoughts are my thoughts, and your intent is my intent!”


In an instant, a wave of powerful sword intent surged up into the sky from within Yang Ye, and it shot into the depths of outer space!

The Emotionless Sword Dao!

The Sword Dao of Emotion!

When the sword cultivator was willing to become a part of Yang Ye’s Order Sword Dao and Sword Dao of All, Yang Ye’s Sword Domains had practically instantly arrived at his limits.

The Unfettered One’s Sword Dao was at its peak. Since he was willing to abide by Yang Ye’s order and become a part of Yang Ye’s Sword Domain of All, it truly brought Yang Ye’s Sword Domains to a state of perfection! Because the Unfettered One and Destiny were the same type of person. His strength had similarly surpassed the Grand Dao!

The Unfettered One’s acceptance could be described as the best form of acknowledgement for Yang Ye’s Order Sword Domain and Sword Domain of All!

Yang Ye opened his eyes and gazed at Destiny, and an ocean of blood could be seen within them. He took a step forward and said, “A single thought of yours can destroy the world, and today, a single thought of mine will bring life to the Three Dimensional Universe!”

He vanished on the spot.

Destiny cracked a smile, “Good, good, very good! Haha!”

Her figure shook, and then a ray of sword energy rippled out from her.

At this moment, despair filled the hearts of everyone!

Because that attack could obliterate the entire Three Dimensional Universe!

But just a moment later, a wave of energy suppressed the sword energy!

The Sword Domain!

The Order Sword Domain! The Sword Domain of All!

A moment later, Yang Ye’s sword arrived.


A figure was blasted through the sky! It was Destiny!

She was blasted extremely far away!

Yang Ye didn’t follow up with another attack. He stood there with sword in hand while blood seeped out incessantly from his mouth.

Everyone gazed at Destiny’s figure in the distance. At this moment, Justice had shattered in her grasp, and her body was translucent!

Her body was gone!

She’s still alive?

Everyone was stunned.

Meanwhile, Destiny glanced at Yang Ye and cracked a smile, “Amazing! I didn’t keep you alive for nothing, hahaha! Thank you, Yang Ye, you’ve allowed me to understand what has been troubling me all this time. All living beings are the Dao, and all things are the Dao. The Dao always exists, even if I destroy everything. So long as I’m alive, it still exists… Everything here is over, but it’s only just the beginning for me.”

She floated slowly into the air, and her figure grew further and further away. In the end, there was a barrier before her, and as she gazed at the barrier, Destiny, in her soul form, glanced at her hand. There was a thumb-sized steamed bun in her grasp.

She suddenly cracked a smile and laughed like a child, “Big Brother, I’ve overcome my shackles, and I can destroy the Five Dimensional Universe. According to legend, the Five Dimensional Universe can change everything in the world… Even though I know it’s probably not true… Perhaps it is? Even if it isn’t true, I refuse to give up. I will continue searching until the day I die!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a ray of sword energy flashed.

In the sky above Eternal Border.

The Unfettered One looked up and spoke softly, “So… she always had emotions, but those emotions are not for all living beings, and it’s only directed to the people she cares about…” As he spoke, he walked over to Yang Ye, glanced at Yang Ye, and continued, “Don’t forget our agreement.”

The Unfettered One suddenly shot up into the sky. This time, he wasn’t walking, he was flying on his sword! Because he had a new objective in the Sword Dao now!

Once the Unfettered One left, Yang Ye’s figure fell from the sky.

A short while later, he descended onto a huge rock by the Eternal River. As he gazed at the boundless starry sky, Yang Ye spoke softly, “Tian Xiu… Erya… Qi Bitian… Father… Mother… Everyone… I failed to protect all of you. I-I’m sorry… I’m exhausted. So exhausted… so very exhausted…”

He slowly closed his eyes.

Meanwhile, a white little fellow appeared on Yang Ye’s chest. The little fellow was stunned for quite a while when she saw Yang Ye’s eyes closed. In the end, she withdrew two horns, held the horns as she hugged Yang Ye’s neck, and then slowly closed her eyes.

Just like that, day after day, year after year passed.

The young man on the rock didn’t wake up again, and the little fellow lying on his chest never woke up since then as well.

Countless years passed. One day, a soft footstep suddenly appeared by the rock. A moment of silence ensued, and then a voice that was barely louder than a mosquito said, “Big Brother Yang…”

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