Apocalypse Of All Races

Chapter 2676 - 2676: 570-complicated situation (subscribe)6

Chapter 2676: Chapter 570-complicated situation (subscribe)6

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“Damn it! ”

Spirit resentment was extremely furious, but Su Yu quickly charged towards him and said with a smile, “Sir, stop playing around, go and kill them…”

When he charged over, spirit resentment was so angry that he could only flee. F * ck!

As he fled, he gritted his teeth and suddenly charged towards Xia Longwu and the others!

I’ll count you as ruthless, I can’t control you anymore!

It’s too unbearable!

Now, the God and devil no longer trusted him. Since Su Yu couldn’t be killed, then he would go and kill Xia Longwu and the others to prove his innocence. However, he hadn’t arrived yet. The three heavily injured immortals were all on high alert. Their blood essence burst out and their blood essence burned, the three bodies were about to collapse, forcing Xia Longwu and the others to retreat in order to prevent the spirit resentment from joining forces to kill them!

Upon seeing this stance, the other party seemed to be ready to self-destruct. The spirit resentment was flustered and exasperated!


Forget it, I’ll go kill Lan Tian. Only Heaven Curse knows why I’m so miserable.

Then I’ll go kill Lan Tian to prove my innocence!

His speed was too fast. Su Yu couldn’t even catch up to him!

As for Lan Tian, he was also puzzled at this moment. Indeed, he was a little puzzled. He cackled and said, “Heaven Curse, are we still on the same side? It

Can’t be, right?”

Even though he said that, he still quickly fled.

On the same side?

Even if Su Yu, this little madman, chose to join forces with the gods and devils, there was a high chance that he would not choose the Heavenly Abyss tribe. This was the tribe that killed ye Batian. No matter how much Su Yu did not recognize ye Batian, he would not collude with the enemy that killed his grandmaster, right? Of course, Su Yu would not..

But, he could not catch up!

At this moment, Su Yu was also anxious. Was It so great to be invincible?

He ran so fast!

Fortunately, he had also reduced the pressure on the Great Qin King by killing one. Now that he had killed one, there were only 12 invincible experts around the Great Qin King… Well, there were only 12!

Great Qin King, keep it up for a while longer. After I kill the spirit resentment and get some rewards to enter the fourth transformation, I’ll go devour the Invincible Essence Blood and help you kill another invincible expert. l, Su Yu, have done my best!

As Su Yu thought to himself, he quickly shouted, “Lan Tian, come to me. We’re friends, don’t do anything rash! ”

“Alright! ”

Lan Tian quickly fled in his direction. As for the spirit resentment and the heavenly curse, they knew what was going on. They all looked towards the head of the sky division and the previous leader of the undead… F * ck!

That, that was that!

That must be Su Yu)s undead sovereign!

Bastard, the undead sovereign that Su Yu colluded with wasn’t just one or two, but many!


They were going crazy, how could it be?

What did Su Yu promise them to make this undead sovereign cross over thousands of mountains and rivers to look for him?


The two experts were so aggrieved that they wanted to explode. Those who disobeyed orders would die. Those who killed Su Yu and injured Su Yu would be punished by the rules!

What should they do?

The others no longer trusted them because they did not kill Su Yu. Instead, they avoided Su Yu. Even if everyone felt that there was a problem, at this juncture, who would have the heart to figure out the reason?

Everything was based on safety!

No matter how suspicious everyone was, they would still have doubts now.

“You suppress Su Yu. Don’t hurt him. I killed Lan Tian. Everyone will naturally believe that we are fine! ”

Spirit resentment transmitted his voice, and heavenly curse’s expression changed. Very quickly, he gritted his teeth and agreed!

Alright, I’ll try to suppress him!

Su Yu, for the time being, he did not have the ability to kill them. It was fine as long as he did not hurt Su Yu!

At this moment, the scene was extremely strange. Some of the invincible ones could not see through it.

On the five elements race’s side, the invincible one from the five elements race was also extremely puzzled at this moment.

What was going on?

Spirit resentment and heavenly curse were chasing after Lan Tian, and Su Yu was chasing after them. Lan Tian was going around in circles to meet up with

Su Yu. The three parties formed a large circle… They were just playing around!

Did the Heavenly Abyss race really come to an agreement with the human race?

Otherwise, would the two experts be led by Su Yu and Lan Tian?

If they worked together, even if they couldn’t beat Lan Tian to death, one of Lan Tian)s clones would die, and Su Yu would be killed with a few slaps, even though the current Su Yu was also very strong!

At this moment, only he and the Fated Race’s invincible hadn’t made a move.

The Sky division leader and the Phoenix race expert were at least restraining some people.

The five elements race expert.., he transmitted his voice, “Floating earth spirit, you said not to be enemies with the humans, but now… the humans seem to have no choice. If we don’t make a move, once the various races win, that fated race and I will be the first to die. The fated race is mysterious, and I will be the one to die! ”

The Great Qin King couldn’t hold on any longer.

Of the 12 unrivalled experts that surrounded him, a few of them had their three incarnations destroyed. However, the Great Qin King’s three incarnations had also been scattered. At this moment, his unity state had fallen. This was a sign that he was going to die!

Perhaps there was still some time, but who could reverse all of this?

There was… the head of the Heaven Department!

If he helped, he could reverse the situation. As for the rest, it would be difficult for anyone to make a move. However, the head of the Heaven Department was currently facing off against the undead!

Among the five elements experts’heavenly weapons, the floating-earth spirit’s expression fluctuated.

Soon.., the floating-earth spirit quickly said, “Let’s watch for a while longer. If Su Yu is out of ideas, feel free to do so, Elder. If Su Yu manages to finish off the fellow from the Heavenly Abyss tribe… Elder, make your move quickly. No matter what, Go Kill the Invincible Immortal… you must kill him! ”

“Floating-earth spirit, do you really want to leave the lives of you and me to Su Yu to determine?”

Killing the immortals was invincible… Once the humans were defeated, he would definitely die.

Of course, winning was another matter.

“Elder, listen to me. I Won’t harm the Five Elements Race! “Although it’s a little late, don’t take sides too early. Otherwise… we’ll all die. Elder, listen to me. Watch for a while more. Wait for a while more. Unless Su Yu is killed, then don’t worry about anything else. Go kill the Humans! ”

Even though it was a little late, it didn’t matter. Just make a move and show your stance.

No matter how resentful the various clans were, they wouldn’t rashly start a war with the five elements clan.

It didn’t matter whether it was the humans or the various clans. It was the same.

They didn’t ask for the greatest contribution. They only asked for the most crucial moment to take sides!

If Su Yu could finish off the Heavenly Abyss clan, the floating earth spirit felt that this fellow definitely had other tricks up his sleeves. Su Yu couldn’t be seen through common sense.

At that time, the five elements clan would have acted to kill the immortals as a favor. Even if this favor was not as valuable as it was now, it did not matter. They did not seek great merit, but only wanted to make no mistakes!

This patriarch of the Five Elements clan took a deep breath and did not say anything more.

He had made a gamble!

He had to trust the floating-earth spirit once!

The floating-earth spirit was the hope of the five elements clan becoming one. It was the only fellow who could cultivate the five elements technique and regain the glory of the five elements. Therefore, this elder decided to trust him once.

The floating earth spirit was more important to the five elements clan than Zhan Wushuang and Modona!

At this moment, Su Yu had decided the path for the few undefeatable ones..

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