Apocalypse Of All Races

Chapter 2842 - Chapter 2842: Chapter 601: Qin Zhou’s secret discussion, the storm is about to rise again! (please subscribe)l

Chapter 2842: Chapter 601: Qin Zhou’s secret discussion, the storm is about to rise again! (please subscribe)l

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After bidding farewell to old turtle and waiting for Xing Hong to return, Su Yu and Xing Hong quickly returned to the ancient city of Xing Hong.

This journey was not for nothing, but to lay the foundation for Su Yu)s next steps.

In the ancient city, the Ten Thousand Heavenly Saints continued his small class.

Talk about the rules, talk about the rules.

Only a clear heart can clear the path and know what the core is. After listening to the Ten Thousand Heavenly Saints talk about this, he would be able to gain a general understanding of some things, including why the power of the rules of the Ten Thousand Heavenly Saints was very strong. There was also an explanation, because this person had quite a number of divine texts.., and they must also be very strong!

Divine texts were the rules!

And Su Yu was not idle either.

As he listened to the class, he digested the gains from the previous great battle.

Previously, he had received a large amount of heaven and earth rewards for killing the wisdom king, including killing a few invincible ones. He had not absorbed and digested them, but they were all taken away by his civilized will.

Now that he knew that these were the power of laws, and that cultivating divine runes was also cultivating the power of laws, Su Yu began to put more thought into it.

In the next few days, Su Yu mainly studied these power of laws.

At the same time.

In the outside world.

Some things about Su Yu had also spread in the upper circles. For example, his evil soldiers needed to absorb countless amounts of blood essence and carriers to strengthen.

Su Yu even wanted to start another great war in the myriad realms!

Kill more invincible soldiers to satisfy his wishes!

All of this shocked some people, and it also made many people more determined to kill Su Yu. If this person didn’t die, it would definitely cause a huge disaster!

Ancient city of xinghong.

Wan Tiansheng was preparing to leave.

This was the ninth day he stayed.

City lord’s residence.

Wan Tiansheng didn’t have much to say. He looked at Su Yu and said with a smile, “Then I’ll leave! In this ancient city, every move is monitored by people. It’s not good. The eyes of all the worlds are here.”

Su Yu nodded. “Be careful, Manor Head. If you go out, some people might think that you’re my disguise. You’ll have to test it out. There might even be people who will sneak attack you! ”

“It’s alright. I’ll call you when there’s danger. They won’t dare to ambush me rashly…”

Su Yu didn’t say much, nor did he try to persuade him.

Experts wouldn’t always live under the wings of others. Su Yu had no choice now. He was forced by the heavens to not go out.

Wan tiansheng asked, “There are rumors in the outside world that you need a large amount of blood essence to strengthen the evil weapon. Are you going to sell that now?”

Su Yu smiled, “No, I’m not selling it. I’m selling this!”

He took out the “Record”fragment and Wan Tiansheng was slightly stunned.

Su Yu smiled, “Sell it to duo Bao! Where did it come from? Where did it go? If it doesn’t work, sell it to half-emperor Tian Yuan.”

Wan Tiansheng looked at him and was speechless for a long time.

Su Yu smiled again, “What I want most is the heaven overseeing Marquis. If he wants to buy it, he can!”

“Then… those humans from the heaven-hunting pavilion…”

Su Yu smiled and said, “I’m not going to save them. I’m a cold-blooded person! Compared to those humans, it’s more important for me to increase my strength! ”

The Ten Thousand Heavenly Saints looked at him meaningfully. “Are you really going to sell it?))

Su Yu grinned. “We’ll see!”

In any case, they were not selling the smiley-mouth lotus right now. Otherwise, it would be too obvious if they were to compare the two.

Even if he wanted to sell the smiley face Lotus, he would have no choice but to sell it!

Wan Tiansheng didn’t say anything else. Su Yu had his own ideas. Su Yu wasn’t a young man who hadn’t been beaten up by society. He had killed his way from the human realm to the heavens, from the heavens to the dead soul realm, and back again. He had killed his way back and forth thoroughly!

Compared to his experience, the current Su Yu was no worse than any Old Fox.

“Then you be careful! ”

Wan Tiansheng didn’t say anything else. Soon, he floated up and disappeared.

Su Yu was also floating in the air. When Wan Tiansheng left, Su Yu could feel that some of the fluctuations in the surroundings had also disappeared. At the same time, there were other fluctuations.

At this moment, Su Yu suddenly left the city and punched out into the void!


A loud bang rang out as a sun and moon was blasted into pieces by the punch. A book appeared, covering the Sky and Earth, instantly absorbing the sun and moon.

The book did not stop. It continued to expand.

Pages after pages of the book unfolded. It was as if someone was flipping through a book. In the air, space was torn apart, and Phantoms appeared one after another. In the blink of an eye, six or seven suns and moons were devoured by countless phantoms.

The book continued to fall, and in the blink of an eye, it blotted out the sky and covered the entire ancient city. It continued to fall into the sea, and in the Sea of stars, some of the demons and aquatic races outside the city, regardless of whether they were strong or weak.., were all killed! At this moment, Su Yu was like an evil demon.

A Holy Path Evil Demon!

In the sky above the ancient city, Su Yu’s expression was calm. He had his hands behind his back, and his white clothes were as white as snow.

He watched helplessly as the will of civilization devoured countless lives. Su Yu}s voice was calm, but it reverberated in all directions.

“No life is allowed to appear within a radius of a hundred miles where the sacred city is located! If you want to find me, report to me. Do not approach me at will. The myriad races in the heavens are no exception! ”

In the distance, an expert in the void said angrily, “Su Yu, you massacred wantonly without saying a word. Are you really not afraid of the myriad races killing me together?”

Su Yu’s expression was indifferent, “How many times have all the races killed me?”? What was the point of saying such ridiculous words! If they could kill me, they would have done so long ago! Did you think that Tian Gu and Ji Wu didn’t want to kill me? What a joke! Get lost. If you don’t get lost, when my sacred city descends, I will kill you and sacrifice you to the flag! Then, we will start the Battle of the Heavens! ”

In the distance, that expert was extremely furious. However, he didn’t dare to say anything else and flew away.

Some of the hidden experts in the surroundings also flew further away.

These people were all staring at Su Yu. They were staring at his every move.

They were staring at him to see if he would leave the city or go somewhere..

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