Apocalypse Of All Races

Chapter 2940 - Chapter 2940: Chapter 618 1 Love Floating Earth (Wan Geng subscribe)2

Chapter 2940: Chapter 618 1 Love Floating Earth (Wan Geng subscribe)2

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Bai Feng said excitedly, “Blue sky is like this. Blue Sky discovered his own dao while he was constantly transforming himself! “Therefore, he quickly became stronger, and I . . I feel that the Dao 1 discovered is not inferior to his! ”

“However, my dao might not be complete yet. I feel that there is still something missing! ”

Bai Feng continued, “Furthermore, is it based on a divine text or my divine text battle technique? Of course, with the divine text battle technique as the foundation, it will definitely be stronger, but it will be more difficult! ” Bai Feng continued to speak, but Su Yu did not say anything.

As for Wu Lan, she nodded, however, she quickly shook her head and said, “Teacher Bai, I think you are mistaken! What kind of divine text is the foundation… Let’s put it this way. A natural divine text may be a rule, and the divine text you learn and comprehend may be countless divine texts that are a rule! “If you don’t have natural divine texts, then use divine texts to fuse with the Dao. If you have natural divine texts, then use a natural divine text to fuse with the Dao!”

Bai feng nodded and said, “Very reasonable! ”

As he spoke.., bai Feng stroked his chin and said, “The so-called innate divine text, I somewhat understand what it is. It is a law fragment scattered between heaven and earth. Coincidentally, if you have an epiphany, you will naturally attract the other party and give birth to a divine text. This is an innate divine text!

“And the divine text you comprehend from reading is actually a law comprehended by a certain expert. He understands a little and teaches it to you before you comprehend it. This way, the law between you and that expert will definitely overlap! ”

Su Yu was dumbstruck.

It was true. At that moment, he suddenly felt as if he had comprehended something.

Innate divine prose and comprehension of divine prose… so that was the difference between the two!

Innate divine prose was naturally scattered law fragments. Therefore, no one would necessarily be able to comprehend it. If you comprehended it, you

would definitely be very powerful, and it would be easier for you to become powerful. That was because no one would compete with you for this dao!

As for the divine runes you comprehended, you might be able to become very powerful now. In the future, you might have some conflicts with the person who comprehended them… of course, this was all after the DAOMERGE.

Before the DAOMERGE, there probably wouldn’t be any conflicts!

For example, Su Yu’s “Tribulation”was a natural divine rune. There might not be anyone who would compete with him for this dao, but there would definitely be someone in his “Tranquility”, the Great Zhou King!

Su Yu might be able to fuse with the Dao, but once the great Zhou King stepped into that step and became a great dao level cultivator, Su Yu would not be able to rely on this divine text to step into the Great Dao level.

Bai Feng’s words had sorted out many things for Su Yu!

As for Bai Feng, he continued, “l understand…”

What do you understand?

In the past, Su Yu was the one who understood. Today, Bai Feng had always understood. What do you understand?

Bai Feng rubbed his chin and said, “Actually, it’s simple. There might not be a conflict between innate divine runes and self-comprehended divine runes! “For example, Su Yu, this kid, he has innate divine runes and also self-comprehended divine runes… 1 think that there’s no conflict! “For example, when innate divine runes reach the Great Dao level, he either has to fight with others for control of the laws of the divine runes, or he has to give up. He might as well shatter the divine runes, break the laws, and strengthen his own innate divine runes laws! “In this way, weakening the other person’s Dao and strengthening his own Dao is actually a good thing! ”

As he spoke, he said excitedly, “Eh, ancient experts, is this how it was during the great battle? “l Shattered Your Dao and merged it into my dao. Your Dao became smaller and smaller, and my dao became bigger and bigger. In the end… I destroyed your dao. You’re finished, I’m strong! “Devouring each Other?

At this moment, Su Yu did not want to speak anymore!

He felt that his teacher might really have guessed correctly.

Was this how the Battle of the ancient powerhouses was like?

Shi Guang… Why did Shi Guang kill so many people to create the time book?

To protect civilization?


Shi Guang must be depriving the dao of others to strengthen his own dao!

That’s right!

That must be it. The book of time was indeed a vicious weapon. This weapon

would devour other people’s Small Dao and gradually strip away the Great Dao of some powerhouses. In the end, Shi Guang might even kill the Master of that Dao and kill off the Great Dao as well!


At that moment, Su Yu knew why Shi Guang was being beaten up by everyone. This was an extremely vicious fellow! Her purpose of collecting corpses was to think of ways to weaken others, strengthen herself, and finally kill off a great dao-level powerhouse!

Some Great Dao experts might not even know that they might have been killed by her!

Beside him.., bai Feng was still rambling on, “Good disciple, good disciple. Research the primordial spirit aperture for us. The moment we learn how to convert Yuan Qi and willpower… that would be amazing! “1 was even prepared to give up on my physical body and find a core divine art to cultivate…”

Su Yu smiled bitterly. “Primordial spirit aperture… ancient times called the heavenly gate aperture! It requires 720 apertures to be opened! Even if you guys learn it, it’s useless…”

Bai Feng said speechlessly, “You can copy it! Who said that you have to open the heavenly gate? For example, if your conversion rate is 100% , we can only convert it to 30% when we create the machine, but it doesn’t matter. We only need a conversion rate of 30% to be enough! ”

Su Yu thought for a moment, nodded, and said, “I’m actually curious about one thing. The Heaven’s Gate is constantly absorbing energy. Does this energy exist in the Heaven’s Gate? When will the heaven’s Gate be able to be fully used?”

“When it’s opened! “

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