Chapter 1441 Osligia Kingdom's Proposal

Forlan was relieved when he saw the dungeon entrance was shaking. It indicated someone would come out from the dungeon. The four familiar figures came out. The lump in his heart was gone on their return. ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ No(ᴠ)ᴇlFire.nᴇt

Both were about to greet Tang Shaoyang’s return, but they paused as the dungeon entrance slowly disappeared.

“This one is not usable for the training ground. It’s much different and harder than the other Legendary Dungeon. There are three phases in the dungeon….” Tang Shaoyang explained the thing he just fought.

Hemlin and Forlan took a deep breath when they heard the boss monster.

“It’s a weak version of the dragon. You should be able to beat it narrowly…. maybe,” Tang Shaoyang squinted his eyes, scanning the two before adding the last word.

Hemlin and Forlan exchanged glances. This was the first case of Legendary Dungeon with phase. Not something new that every dungeon has a different way to clear it. But this Legendary Dungeon was much harder, might be the hardest Legendary Dungeon.

“That should be my last dungeon for today….” Tang Shaoyang added the two to The Tang Empire’s faction. That way he could communicate with them, “Do what you need to do. I will introduce you guys to my people. Your job will be the same, taking care of the Adventurer Guild. And I need you to set up an Adventurer Guild in my world.”

The reason he wanted to establish an Adventurer Guild was for the people who failed to enter The Tarrior or other divisions.

Different times, different measures. If it was back then when he only had limited people. He accepted everyone who wanted to join The Tarrior. But now he must conduct rigorous selection for Tarrior. The same for TEIS, TEID, Healer Division, and so on.

For the people who failed the selection. They could join the Adventurer Guild. Doing the odd job for Tarriors. With the discovery that they could connect to one another. He would put his Tarrior to secure the resources from another world.

Hemlin and Forlan exchanged glances with a doubt shadowing their expression.

“You don’t have to move permanently to my world. But you have to be ready to come whenever I call you. We will keep all the Adventurer Guilds in Aqura. You just need to establish more branches in my world.”

After that, they parted ways. Tang Shaoyang used teleportation to return to The Osligia Kingdom. Lunea had woken up for quite some time. She was still weak, but she recovered well so traveling should not be an issue for her.

The priests stood by at the entrance of the city. They approached him and guided him to the city. The treatment was totally different than the first time he arrived here. People respected him more out of fear.

But his group received sharp glares from the elf and the knight of the temple because of Phemrel. Demon was loathed and hated. They did not hide those feelings even though Tang Shaoyang was with them. They might think Tang Shaoyang caught the demon to be executed.

Tang Shaoyang shot a glance at Phemrel. The latter was not bothered by the stares. There was no change of expression as she kept her pace behind him.

They entered the Temple complex, and those gazes intensified. Especially when they were just under fire because of the demon.

The demon issue had not yet been completely resolved. The knights and priests suspected each other, thinking their comrades might be the demon. The tension rose, but no one dared to do anything because of Tang Shaoyang.

Tang Shaoyang arrived at the main temple. He furrowed his brow when he saw The Osligia Kingdom’s King and the Head of Dungeon Management.

Manasa and Jaylen had been waiting for him at the temple. It was obvious as their expression brightened at the sight of him.

The two slowly approached him and bowed their heads when they were close enough, “Welcome back, Sir Tang Shaoyang. I know you might be busy with your business, but can you grant us an audience? We will keep it short, but please listen to our proposal.”

He would be an as*hole if he refused them when they were being this respectful, “Alright. You have your short ten minutes.”

King Manasa raised his head with a surprised look. From the way, Sir Tang Shaoyang looked at him. He expected to be rejected. Yet he braced himself to speak and managed to get the audience.

Jaylen had to nudge The King, reminding the latter that they only had so little time to convince Sir Tang Shaoyang to accept them.

“Can we move into a more private room, Sir Tang Shaoyang?” His proposal was too sensitive and important to talk about in public. But if Sir Tang Shaoyang wanted to speak here, then he had no choice.

Tang Shaoyang glanced at The Exalted Priest who just came out from the temple, “Do you have a spare room for us to talk?” He did not really want to go to the castle.

Gracia glanced at King Manasa. The latter had a begging look, asking him to lend him a room. She did not know what they wanted to discuss, but he believed King Manasa was wise enough not to do anything stupid.

“Of course, we have a room for you, Sir Tang Shaoyang. Please follow me.”

*** ***

It was a small room, just like an office room. King Manasa sat across Tang Shaoyang, quite nervous and hesitant.

“Go ahead. What do you want to talk about?” Tang Shaoyang hurried King Manasa. They had been in the room for about twenty seconds, and yet King Manasa had not said a word yet.

King Manasa took a deep breath, closing his eyes for a moment. The moment he opened his eyes, he expressed his willingness to submit, “The Osligia Kingdom is willing to submit under your authority, Your Majesty.”

“The Osligia Kingdom is willing to be your vassal. We will serve and work under your ruling. We believe that’s the only way for us to survive in this world!”

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