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Azimuth: The Elden Throne (New Version)

Azimuth: The Elden Throne (New Version)





Azimuth: The Elden Throne (New Version)

Rating: 9/10 from 50 ratings

Late 21st century, the acclaimed game Company Elden Throne released yet another immersive action MMORPG after a decade of silence.

While the world was getting ready for this new Supermassive MMO, Dale Houston trained his body every day in preparation for its eventual worldwide release.
Not because Dale wanted to get healthy or muscular, but because he saw a glimpse of the secrets hidden by the Megacorporation.
All because of what he found out one year ago... This time, he wasn't here to play the game.
He would find all of the secrets, things he couldn't even imagine...
It wasn't about the game anymore.

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