Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 2627 - Farewell, Homeland

Chapter 2627 - Farewell, Homeland

After the figure passionately delivered that segment of the message, the Lin Clan council hall fell into a deathly silence in which you could hear a pin drop.

The messenger cleared his throat and said with emotion, "I don't know what the elders think, but I, for one, believe Lin Feng. Following him and Lin Xiaodao, we have the present, the future, purpose, passion, and hotbloodedness! Rather than cowering here and leaving it to fate, we should take a chance, fight for our lives, escape to our own territory, and create a heaven for the Lin Clan!" He had relayed Tianming's words, but they were imbued with his own emotions, unwittingly increasing their persuasive power. He anxiously awaited for the elders to give their answer.

Lin Xiao, Lin Xiong, Lin Changkong, Lin Chongyao... all of them lifted their heads and met each other's eyes, noticing that each other's eyes were bloodshot.

"Good! What a 'no ancestor wants to see their descendants forever living under their protection'! What a 'carve a bloody path forward’! At such a young age, such audacity, such vision, such insight! A youth of a hundred years of age can see through this, yet we, a group of people who lived for thousands of years and guard our ancestors' tombstones every day still couldn't see through it! How disappointed must the ancestors be?" Lin Changkong had already advocated giving up the Infinitum Swordsea and actively participating in the war from the beginning!

Tianming's words, the infinitum-class world, and the Flameyellow Bloodsoul he brought with him gave them hope. Then, his words about leaving their ancestors' protection had broken their mental resistance, allowing them to open their eyes and see where the future of the Lin Clan truly lay!

Of course, the words were the collective opinions of Xiaodao, Wudi, and Tianming, only spoken through Tianming's mouth.

"Relying on others isn’t as good as relying on ourselves!"

After the Sun had advanced to the ether-class, their only major concern left was the Infinitum Swordsea. No matter how difficult it would be to convince the elders, Tianming and the others had given it their greatest effort. Of course, their capital for speaking lay in the ether-class Sun. Without that, Tianming wouldn’t have the capital to persuade the Lin Clan to give up the Infinitum Swordsea.

"Second Patriarch!" Lin Changkong's blood was boiling as he clenched his fists and eagerly looked at Lin Xiao.

"What else is there to discuss? The young have paved the way for us. If we don't help now, it's a sign of being nearsighted and muddled!" Lin Xiong excitedly exclaimed.

"It may be difficult to convince the entire clan, but even if we have to forcibly take them away, our future generations will be grateful for the decision we made today," Lin Chongyao said.

"No need to say more. After listening to Feng'er's words, I feel ashamed. I've decided to support him!"

"I also support him and Lin Xiaodao! An astralguard formation almost as good as Ebonia’s, the foundation of an infinitum-class world, and an infinitum-class ship. As long as we arrive and fill in the last piece of this new sun's territory, who’ll we need to fear in this Infinitum Mundus?"

"The Infinitum Bodhimanda is practically nonexistent now! The ebons and Yi Daiyan have destroyed it. In this chaotic world, if we want to stand tall and straighten our backs, who says we can't establish ourselves as kings first?"

"Escaping to survive is extremely dangerous and complicated... but once we succeed and meet up, in the future, no one will be able to overpower us."

"Yes! Feng'er's concerns are valid. They can give it their all on the Sun, but what if we, the elders, end up being the ones dragging them down after winning, causing us to lose everything? We'd be harming ourselves, the young people, and our future! What reason do we have to not seize this opportunity?" What the new world needed most were people! Experts!

The arrival of an Infinitum Regal Clan, a whole two hundred thousand astral gods and a hundred billion elites, would be enough to make the Sun perfect, like a miniature Infinitum Bodhimanda. Originally, there had been numerous heated discussions in the council hall about whether to stay or go.

But now, even many conservative individuals had changed their minds. Everyone turned their eyes to Lin Xiao, as he was ‘Lin Feng's’ grandfather, but he hadn't expressed his opinion from the start. Now that everyone had made their decision, they only awaited his addition to the consensus.

Lin Xiao breathed out and beckoned everyone toward the ancestral plaques. The bottom-most plaque was that of ‘Ku’. Looking at this tombstone, Lin Xiao's old face twitched before he suddenly smiled.

Together with everyone, they knelt down in front of the plaques, their faces pressed against the ground in the council hall. This was the land that had been passed down for countless generations, as well as the burial ground of countless ancestors.

Lin Xiao's dry lips touched the dust and he spoke only two words: "Farewell, Ku."


The response from the Infinitum Swordsea arrived on the Sun.

That day, Tianming, Xiaodao, and Wudi hadn't done anything else but wait for the reply. To get the answer they wanted, they had discussed the words to send to the council hall several times. Although the three of them appeared to have similar temperaments, there were subtle differences in their personalities.

Xiaodao was a meticulous thinker, but slightly conservative.

Wudi was passionate and straightforward, but a bit impulsive.

Tianming, despite his young age, held the way of an emperor in his heart and was full of ambition.

Meticulous, passionate, and ambitious! The three of them together could be considered a perfect whole. It was precisely because they had come together that they had decisively decided to exterminate the Star Hunters, and subsequently decided to absorb two-thirds of Gladeus to achieve an ether-class Sun. The next significant change would be to link up with the Infinitum Swordsea. If there were still concerns on the side of the Infinitum Swordsea, Tianming would definitely continue to work hard to persuade them!

Fortunately, they very quickly received a response.

"It's done, they agreed!"

The three fellows cheered, as being able to persuade the Lin Clan of the Sword God to give up the Infinitum Swordsea truly delighted them.

Because of their trust in Tianming, the Lin Clan had indeed sacrificed a lot. Lin Xiaodao had also given up Gladeus! Now, even the foundation of the Infinitum Swordsea, which had been passed down for countless generations, had to be abandoned. Even the ebons probably thought that the Lin Clan had gone mad!

"At the very least, none of the thirteen regal clans dare to do this!" Xiaodao exclaimed.

"Awesome, brother! Awesome, my son! Awesome, myself!" Wudi laughed.

"If the Lin Clan can smoothly migrate, we’ll have indeed established a new nation in the Infinitum Bodhimanda." Tianming's gold and black eyes shone. The Tianming Dynasty had risen to a new scale!

"Calm down! Calm down!" Xiaodao lifted his gray hair and took a deep breath, saying, "Their agreement is a great thing. What's important now is to communicate and work out the details. We must seize every opportunity and make sure they don't encounter the ebons' main army!"

"Right," Tianming agreed.

"The enemy's main army is large, and their whereabouts are clear. As long as they leave Ebonia and we make good use of the time difference, there should be a chance to break through. Once the enemy's main army moves out, the remaining forces surrounding the Infinitum Swordsea shouldn’t be too strong," Wudi said.

"Yes!" Even so, it would be essential to seize the opportunity to break through and maintain a distance from the ebons' main army, as well as keep a close eye on the time of the breakout.

"The ebons' main army is coming for us. Only when they’re deeply embroiled on our side will they be unable to break away.... At that time, the Infinitum Swordsea should be the safest."

The three looked at each other, killing intent surging in their eyes.

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