Becoming The Villain’s Family

Chapter 153

Chapter 153

How can ordinary people use divine power? Priest Nikola was shocked and became as hard as a stone.

‘I’ve never seen such pure golden eyes in my life.’

But up until now, she had bright pink eyes with a hint of red. The eye color changed in an instant.

‘Come to think of it, she wore a necklace a while ago.’

A relic that can contain divine power.

He had never heard of such a thing. From the beginning, it was illegal in Garcia to produce it. Because it was blasphemy.

‘But aside from that.’

The Grand Princess’ eyes hinted at something even more shocking.

It was the existence that gave the divine power. Does it mean that there is someone in Valentine who can hold that level of divine power?

‘There was an apprentice sent from Garcia to Valentine. No way…….’

He doubted that. It was absurd to be able to put such a tremendous divine power into an object.

‘Almost, the potential was enough to go beyond the Holy Father’s place…….’

He did not carry on his profane thoughts, but he was startled by that.

How could such great talent exist on Valentine? It shouldn’t have happened.

‘They said they sent half a penny worth of an apprentice who manifested divine power late…… !’

Where do they see him as half a penny?

‘The divine power that manifests late is unstable, so there is a possibility of a rampaging explosion?’

If the apprentice has that level of potential, even if he went into a rampage, they’ll have to get their hold on him somehow! Or, at least kill him before he manifested his divine power!

‘This is a big deal.’

Priest Nikola was bound by the Black Falcon and sweating profusely.

There should be no such disappointment. Someone with such potential was cooperating with Valentine enough to give divine power to a relic.

‘I must report this to the Holy Father immediately.’

That was then.

– You’d better take that priest.

Aria suddenly pointed at him and sent a message. Then Vincent murmured and said, ‘indeed’ ‘

“Let’s take him as bait. We don’t know what’s inside, so throw him in.”

At that, Cloud nodded his head in response.

“He could be used as a shield for arrowheads. He looks useful.”

Hearing their conversation, the priest’s face was quickly drained of blood.

They were two people who were always arguing, but strangely harmonized well in this regard.

Winter also added a word.

“From the priest’s reaction, it looks like there’s something. His complexion has darkened.”

“It, it’s not like that!”

“Ah, as expected. I’m sure of it, because he’s rolling his eyes hard.”

“Oh, as expected of Sister-in-law.”

“As expected of Little Madam.”

The burdensome gazes of Vincent, Cloud, and Winter turned to Aria.

‘He was in charge of this place, so I was going to take him.’

She thought it would be best to keep him near and watch him so he wouldn’t do anything stupid, so she just said that.

However, Aria was somehow bothered, so she decided not to explain them one by one.

“On the surface, it looks like an ordinary hideout.”

Vincent muttered.

The wall behind the bookshelf turned, and a long passageway continued inside. And at the end of the passage, a comfortable looking room appeared.

There was a fireplace, a sofa in front of it, and a rug on the floor.

“Is this the end?”

Cloud looked around with a blank look. There was no such thing as a passage to another room or another place.

“Yes, yes. It seems that you misunderstood because it was a secret structure, but in fact it’s just a general hiding place…”

“Stop it. It’s ugly.”

Vincent said pathetic.

“There is no way a place that is blocked by pouring divine power into it is only a hiding place.”

Indeed. That’s why the imperial security forces didn’t catch on about this place when they searched.

Aria thought so and fumbled at the wall.

There were still faint groans and screams and murmurs trembling with anxiety from somewhere.

She couldn’t imagine how far away it was if someone was imprisoned inside, as it could only be faintly heard even by Aria.

‘It’s hard to guess exactly, but the Siren’s Song will never reach it.’

Aria stared at Priest Nikola for a moment.

The priest’s shoulders trembled as he received Aria’s gaze straight ahead. He sensed an unknown chill and inadvertently stepped back.

‘As the three said, it might be faster to use this. Brainwashing with a song…….’

It was when Aria was thinking bitter thoughts with an unconcerned face.

“There are letters here.”

Lloyd pulled out a sword adorned on the wall. There were letters engraved in colorful handwriting on it.

– Oh, I heard it from here.

Aria sent a message with a serious face.

And she added an explanation to the companions who looked at her with puzzlement.

– I can hear cries and screams from this sword.

“The sword makes a sound?”

It was when Cloud still did not understand the meaning and asked back.

“Pay a sacrifice…”

Winter immediately read the ancient characters engraved on the sword.

It was a letter from the time before Fineta became an empire and it was divided into dozens of kingdoms.

“Hmm, I thought you could read that much.”

Vincent, who had a sense of competition, glanced at Winter from the side.

“Isn’t that the script of the Kingdom of Nita? It’s an ancient language that is relatively easy to learn because the language system is similar to the Imperial language.”

“Yes, it was a kingdom that laid the foundation for the magic that prevails to this day.”

“When you say ancient artifact, it sounds grandiose, but in the end, the essence is most likely just an artifact.”

“Rather, it’s bound to be inferior in performance to modern artifacts.”

“Yes, the functionality will be simple.”

Vincent and Winter looked into the sword and exchanged information.

Priest Nikola was so shocked that his eyes popped out and he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

‘Those are absolutely crazy people!’

How many types of ancient languages were there in the world and yet they could interpret and analyze them at once.

It went beyond the scope of admirable genius. It was the devil’s talent.

What the hell happened to Valentine, that there are only monsters who can’t understand common sense!

“Hmm, I guess we’ll have to make a sacrifice as written here…”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Priest Nikola at the same time. He wanted to stop crying.

“Well, just a drop of blood.”

And in the end, he had no choice but to confess.

What was he supposed to do anyway?

If he holds on without speaking, those devils will pierce him with the sword and offer him as a sacrifice.

Then, without hesitation, Lloyd cut off his finger with a sword. Drops of bright red blood seeped over the pure white blade.

At the same time, the sword began to emit a pure white light.

‘…… We’re moving!’

Aria, who felt the wave of magic pulsing from the sword, quickly grabbed his hand. It was because she had an intuition that if she didn’t, Lloyd would move alone.

And Winter hurriedly grabbed Aria’s hand.

Vincent grabbed Lloyd’s opposite hand, and Cloud grabbed Vincent’s.


And Cloud reflexively grabbed Priest Nikola by the neck.

Lloyd’s eyebrows soared high into the sky. His murderous gaze flooded exactly at Winter, who was holding Aria’s hand.

“What are these leeches…”

Before Lloyd’s words could be continued, they moved to another place.

“Big Brother, Big, Big Sister won’t wake up.”

Lucy wiped the tears with her sleeve and sniffled.

Her older sister Judy, who had been complaining of pain for several days, was dangling down without moving.

“Stay away.”

But Matthew spoke coldly and pulled Lucy away from the dead Judy. And he held his breath as close to the wall as possible.


Lucy burst into tears.

“Big sister is dead, Big Brother. Big Sister is dead!”

Matthew gripped Lucy tighter and clenched his teeth as she groaned and twisted her body.

“Hey, can’t you stay still? Don’t be such a baby!”

And he cried out harshly, showing his struggles as well.

“Can’t you remember how Johnny, who was with you before, was dragged out?”


Surprised by those words, Lucy stopped crying and hiccuped. Suddenly she stopped struggling and hardened.

The child still remembered the events of that day clearly. Every night, just like a nightmare.

‘At that time, I miraculously survived because it coincided with the examination time…….’

Matthew swallowed his saliva. It was already after one examination.

If something like that happened again then they would never survive.


But his ominous premonition was exactly right.

After her death, as Judy’s body was cooling down, it began to tremble and she began to make bizarre sounds.

‘It came back to life!’

The priests who come to check them out once a day called the children in this state a failure who did not receive God’s grace.

Simply put, it means a failure among failures that did not even become a chimera. Without consciousness or soul, it was just an eyesore of a moving corpse and ate nearby creatures.

“Big, Big Brother.”

Lucy groaned in fear. Matthew hastily covered the child’s mouth.

However, the corpse, who had already felt the breath of life, got up and came to them.

‘…… shit!’

He doesn’t know if he had the strength to fight back, but now he was in such a mess that he could barely breathe. From the days when Count Chateau was alive, he was experimented with for many years.

The boy hugged the child tighter and closed his eyes tightly.

At that moment,

“Since the lovely are sleeping, Go, sleep thou with them.”

A heavenly voice could be heard in his ears.

He didn’t even believe it existed,

When he reached his limit, he prayed for salvation, and the voice of God, who he cursed every day, resounded as if reaching out to them.

“Thus kindly I scatter, Thy leaves o’er the bed, Where thy mates of the garden, Lie scentless and dead.”

Matthew slowly lifted his eyelids.

A corpse’s hand was right in front of him.

No, it was Judy’s hand.

‘My little sister’s hand…….’

The trembling hand quickly lost its strength and fell.

The body, which had rushed at them with a terrifying force, fell to the floor like a doll with cut strings.

“Ju, Judy…”

Knowing it was suicidal, Matthew still reached out his hand unknowingly.

And he swept the hair that got tangled in blood.

A comfortable smile was drawn on the face full of traces of experimentation.

It was like she was being greeted by angels at the moment of death.

As if she was saved by God.

Really, it was absurd though.


Thick tears ran down the boy’s cheeks. He embraced his little sister in his arms.

“When friendships decay, And from love’s shining circle, The gems drop away!”

The voice was slowly getting closer.

He realized that singing was echoing in the hallway. He raised his head.

The doorknob clicked a few times.

But when it doesn’t open,


It was soon smashed and forcibly opened.

The cloud of dust lifted, and there stood a terrifyingly handsome man, all black from head to toe.

And behind him,

“Are you okay?”

The angel who appeared with her head peeking in, asked.

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