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Chapter 636 - Two People's Bankai, the Last Blow!

Chapter 636 - Two People's Bankai, the Last Blow!

It was always unexpected.

No, it would always be outside the framework.

Even Orochimaru has some doubts. Sosuke Aizen used his own Bankai to break through the shackles step by step. Was he able to hide it from Uehara Naraku…

Orochimaru’s heart became a little strange. Now that Sosuke Aizen had exposed himself here without care, this guy wouldn’t regard him as the last behind-the-scenes mastermind, right?

A little interesting…

The white snake slowly lowered its head and looked down at Sosuke Aizen with a sinister smile, “How interesting… You actually told me your Bankai at this time. Do you feel that you are certain to win?”

“It seems that there is no need to continue fighting…”

Sosuke Aizen looked up at the terrifying white snake and spread out his palm, “After escaping two fatal blows, your reiatsu is already extremely weak… I don’t think that you still have the possibility of fighting back in this situation.”

Sosuke Aizen stared at the white snake Orochimaru, his eyes slightly dark, “Moreover, I also do not wish to kill Mr. Orochimaru… After all, I really hope to obtain Mr. Orochimaru’s help. We have a common enemy.”

A common enemy…

Soul Society, Seireitei, Gotei 13.

Zero Division, Soul King Palace, Uehara Clan.

Whether it was the power that Soul Society displayed outside or the power that had always been hidden, they could not easily solve it at this time.

Sosuke Aizen looked at the white snake’s somewhat eased expression and calmly continued, “Mr. Orochimaru should be clear… The real power of the Uehara clan today is those Death Servants. Is my power enough?”

This was something that Sosuke Aizen had analyzed himself.

In fact, this was not considered an analysis because the Uehara clan had never concealed their structure. The 13 Death Servants were not respectful enough to Uehara Naraku, the new family head, which proves that they still have a huge influence…

Or should he say…

Their control over the Uehara clan was enormous.

Moreover, from the fact that Orochimaru had already created hundreds of Arrancar and still had to hide in the Forest of Menos. He even needed to find Shinigami, who had the power to overturn Soul Society. This meant that Orochimaru still did not have the confidence to win…

If they continued to fight at this time, it will only damage their strength in vain, because some losses would need some powerful existence to recuperate for a hundred years…

This would be a waste of time.

What Sosuke Aizen wanted was not an Orochimaru who needed to recuperate, but a combat strength that could be used at any time!

“It’s not enough…”

The white snake slowly fell to the ground and returned to Orochimaru’s appearance. A mocking smile flashed on his lips, “If it’s just this level, it’s still a bit lacking to face the top four seats of the 13 Death Servants…”

“I am very curious…”

Sosuke Aizen held Kyouka Suigetsu in his hand and placed this Zanpakuto on the ground. He said in a low voice, “If I… add this sword, is it enough?”

In Bankai form…

This Zanpakuto was enough to make Sosuke Aizen’s reiatsu break through the limit!


Orochimaru’s expression became a little strange.

Why did these words sound strange?

If Sosuke Aizen was willing to pick up Kyouka Suigetsu and get rid of his distaste for Kyouka Suigetsu’s Bankai, his strength will indeed have to be calculated again…

This kind of Sosuke Aizen…

It seems that he does have the qualifications to confront the top four seats of the 13 Death Servants.

Wait a minute…

There was a huge problem…

Orochimaru and Uehara Clan were never mortal enemies. He was just another spy that Uehara Naraku wanted to plant beside Sosuke Aizen.

When he thought of this, Orochimaru felt even stranger. He slowly shook his head and his voice gradually became low, “As for whether you can defeat those guys or not, let me try…”

No matter how much Sosuke Aizen said…

In the end, Orochimaru still needed to use his own strength to test out Sosuke Aizen’s trump card. This was also the mission that Uehara Naraku had given him.

Just the Bankai information…

This was not enough to be given to Uehara Naraku!

Orochimaru lowered his head and looked at Sosuke Aizen. His body grew bigger and bigger, and the corners of his mouth slowly curved into a cold smile, “Hehehehe… Aizen, I have to admit that you already have the qualifications to cooperate with me. We can only work together to defeat the enemies we need to face in the future. But before that… let’s divide the priority here first! “

“Go ahead.”

Sosuke Aizen slowly closed his eyes and clenched Kyouka Suigetsu in his hand. He slowly nodded and said, “I just want to avoid unnecessary losses… Since Mr. Orochimaru still has other methods, then… please do as you please.”

“Hehehehe… you are really a confident little brat…”

Orochimaru’s body grew larger and larger. His lower body gradually turned into a snake body. His body gradually underwent a strange change, and his voice suddenly became gloomy!

This was his final form!

It was also a sign that Orochimaru was about to enter Bankai!

Kusanagi no Tsurugi!


Orochimaru’s body finally turned into a huge monster. Only his head was still constantly floating, like a strange snake swallowing its snake head, hissing in his own Bankai chant, “Kusanagi no Tsurugi’s true form…”

Until the end of the chant…

Orochimaru’s body suddenly completely changed!

A huge strange snake appeared in front of everyone. Eight huge snake heads swayed in the air and roared the same name at the same time!

That was their name!

Yamato no Orochi!

In this state, Orochimaru could be said to be in Bankai’s form, or it could be called the second stage of his Resurrección form, which was also his final form!

Compared to the Yamata no Orochi in the past…

The current Yamata no Orochi suddenly changed its appearance!

No, it should be said that on the original Eight Branches Technique, there was an additional white bone armor made of reiatsu. These white bones were like scales that densely grew on the Yamata no Orochi’s body, making its body look extremely hard!

If one looked carefully…

One would find that the white bone scales on this Yamata no Orochi’s body, each bone had a hollow appearance!

Rather than calling it a Yamata no Orochi…

Rather, it is a monster transformed by Orochimaru’s fusion of spirit particles and chakra, which was similar to how senjutsu chakra was created!

Hollow soul…

Shinigami’s spirit particles…

Ninja’s chakra…

For thousands of years, in order to restore his soul and make himself stronger in this world, it was simply impossible to calculate how many hollow souls he had devoured…

Now, it had finally become such a terrifying monster!

A group of huge heads looked down at the small Sosuke Aizen on the ground. Each snake head suddenly opened its mouth toward Sosuke Aizen. The spirit particle and chakra within the body of the entire Yamata no Orochi rapidly gathered around the mouth of the eight snake heads!


Sosuke Aizen looked at the Yamata no Orochi in front of him. A hint of surprise flashed in his eyes. He reached out and grabbed the hilt of Kyouka Suigetsu and couldn’t help but mutter in a low voice, “No, that’s not right. Compared to the energy gathered by Cero, it’s even more powerful…”

Just as Sosuke Aizen was thinking, the Yamato no Orochi had already completed its technique. Every snake head has a strange energy bomb in its mouth!

Colorful energy bombs!

It made people feel a bewitching beauty!

In the distance.

When Nelliel saw this scene, her expression suddenly became extremely serious, and she loudly ordered her subordinates to gather together, “Hurry up and get close to me!”

After finishing speaking, a pitch-black ball appeared in Niluelu’s hands, and her face was full of solemnity and seriousness, “Hurry up! If you come late, I can’t guarantee that you can survive!”

A group of Arrancar and Menos fled to the side of Nelliel in a sorry state!

Although they did not know how strong this move of Orochimaru was…

But if Nelliel, who was considered the eldest sister was like this, then they will definitely not be able to resist the aftermath of that move!

According to their guesses, Orochimaru should be using Cero, but his Cero differed from theirs…

And among these Arrancar…

Without a doubt, Grimmjow was the one who moved the fastest toward Nelliel!

As one of the Menos who followed Orochimaru first, Grimmjow was very clear about Orochimaru’s strength and had helped Orochimaru hunt Menos before…

That energy…

It was not something he could resist at the moment!

When all of Arrancar and Menos had gathered together, Nelliel shattered the pitch-black ball in her hand. Her figure and the group of Arrancar and Menos disappeared from the spot at the same time!

That was an artifact that Orochimaru had bestowed upon her…

It could allow them to enter a different dimension for a short period of time.

“Caja Negación?”

Ulquiorra looked at the group of disappearing Arrancar and Menos. He also took out a small black cube from his pocket and disappeared together with Tosen Kaname.

This battle…

It was no longer something they could watch!

The entire battlefield was left with only an eight-headed snake, who were about to spit out an energy bomb, and Sosuke Aizen. The others had all used their own methods and disappeared without a trace!

“It does look a little scary…”

Sosuke Aizen slowly clenched the Kyouka Suigetsu in his hand and whispered, “I hate seeing you very much… But at this time, it seems that only you can be my partner…”

The next moment…

A drop of water appeared on the Kyouka Suigetsu in Sosuke Aizen’s hand!

This Zanpakuto, who could be said to be at the top in Soul Society, slowly dripped a drop of water and fell to the ground!

When the drop of water fell to the ground, it slowly turned into a weird lake surface-like mirror reflecting the shadow of another Sosuke Aizen…

“Come to the surface… Suigetsu Kyozo!”

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