Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 1345 - how did my little aunt find out that something was wrong with us?

Chapter 1345: how did my little aunt find out that something was wrong with us?

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pei yao was also very worried. she raised her hand and patted chi jiao’s shoulder before comforting her, ” ” we can’t underestimate this matter. i think you’d better discuss it with mr. quan after you get back. ”

“ai, one thing after another, it’s really worrying.” chi jiao heaved a long sigh of relief with a resentful expression, and an unconcealable fatigue rose in her eyes.

seeing chi jiao like this, pei yao’s heart also ached. she raised her hand and patted chi jiao’s shoulder. ” you’ve worked hard during this period of time. you should prepare well for the next two days and wait for the exam to be over before 117. ”

“she qi is still very quiet, we can ignore it for now. however, on tong yan’s side, he should be making his move in these two days.” chi jiao said, worried.

“i was just about to talk to you about this matter. our people have already discovered tong yan’s tracks. he has been active near the pet hospital for the past few days, and our people are waiting for him to make a move.” pei yao said.


“is it the pet hospital where big orange and the others are staying?” chi jiao asked.

pei yao nodded, and an unconcealable look of disdain rose in her eyes. ” ” he’s really disgusting. he doesn’t dare to come and take revenge on us, but he’s still thinking about small animals! ”

“it’s hard to change a person’s nature, tong yan is a coward. however, his ability is so strong, why hasn’t he made a move yet?” chi jiao asked in confusion.

pei yao laughed evilly and said, ” it’s strange. i don’t know why. his ability has weakened a lot. ” our people estimate that his current strength is less than a third of his previous strength, so he’s not that difficult to deal with. even if you don’t make a move, we can still deal with him.”

chi jiao was relieved,”then i’m relieved.” sister pei yao, i’ll leave tong yan’s matter to you. in the next few days, i’ll be in charge of protecting xu ye. when the exam comes, i’ll bring him back.”

pei yao agreed.

chi jiao didn’t delay. after discussing with pei yao, she left the office and went to the room where xu ye was.

xu ye was in the room practicing combat with beitang lie. the two men were sweating and panting.

“it’s so early in the morning, boss.” beitang lie stopped when he saw chi jiao coming over. he raised his hand to wipe his sweat and said with a smile, ” boss, you and xu ye have a good chat. i’m going to the lounge to take a shower. ”

” after you go out, tell the brothers who are guarding xu ye to go home and rest. i will be in charge of xu ye’s safety for a while. ” after chi jiao sent beitang lie off, she looked at xu ye again. ” i have two pieces of news to tell you, one good and one bad. which one do you want to hear first? ”

“hehe, didn’t i already hear the good news? you said that you will be in charge of my safety for the next few days!” xu ye laughed so hard that he couldn’t close his mouth.

for xu ye, chi jiao being able to personally take charge of his safety was simply great news!

chi jiao’s lips curved up as well, the smile on her face fleeting.”that’s right. the good news is that i’ll be in charge of your safety for the next few days. you’ve finally left this place immediately and come home with me. however, the bad news is that aunt lu xian has already sensed that we are hiding something from her. in the next few days that you will be staying at my house, you have to be careful and try your best to dispel her suspicions.”

xu ye’s expression changed and he said,”that’s really bad news.” how did my little auntie find out that something was wrong with us? i felt that i acted quite naturally before and didn’t give myself away.”

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