Bored Gamer in Other Worlds

Chapter 876 - 876 90

It was a promise of more to come.

"Words mean nothing, don't you think? Why don't we sign a more permanent binding than mere letters from an alphabet." i was excited to conquer a proud noble woman like this one.

A bitch who was ready to lay down her everything just for a fleeting cause that she deemed necessary at this moment of her life as the most important of all. This was a person who was haunted by her past.

I gently raise my hand and from it blossomed a spherical vortex that encased a drop of liquid from my own essence.

Its color took the shade of red and it was slowly rotating as if it has life within its insignificant isolation.

"I promise in my name, Damon Everhart, that i will help you find and destroy Talon before this day ends." i muttered in a soft voice.

"BOOM!" a hushed explosion shattered the senses of anyone who had souls within them in the immediate vicinity of my cast.

I was unfazed with that tiny amount of rebounded force but the same could not be said for my prey.

She had almost collapsed on the floors if not for the unseen hands that carried her ever smoothly beside my lofty self.

The fragmented leftovers of my yet to be consumed cheap drink evaded the oncoming woman and rested beside the bed away from any obstruction.

Eva was disoriented for a full minute and i had taken advantage of the moment to smell the fragrant aroma of her natural charm. Fresh yet mature enough to plucked and be tasted in full.

I smiled at how seasoned i was at picking cherries.

"A life contract." Eva whispered as she looked not at me but of the blinding crimson radiance that serenaded the atmosphere of the place in an eerie glow.

The sphere hovered over us and at the center of its twirling mass was my true name painted in my own blood. We laid side by side yet our distance could not have been anymore farther apart than right now.

She had her obsession but so did i. We would do well as good business partners indeed.

"So what shall it be, Eva?" i said softly while i waited for her to make a decision that would change her life irrevocably.

* * *

"I, Eva Sasa, will be yours if you help me destroy everyone who were part in the murder of my family, including Talon."

the bitch did not take long to decide and she had stated all too clearly what she wanted to gain out of our deal.

"BOINK!" a second envelope of rampant shock waves stunned our senses and this time, Eva had all withstood it with sheer will power alone.

A drop of her blood has now inscribed a name opposite my own and that concluded a vow that she and i will share until one of us perishes.

"SIZZLE!" a circular mark burned unto the middle of our temples that designated one who was under a life contract like ours.

After a breath, the smell of burning flesh gave testament to the truth of our deeds. It was binding. An eternal agreement that lasted until forever ended.

"How were you able to do that?" the cunt asked with wide eyes as she gazed intently on my forehead. The mark was gone and what was left was only the original vestiges of my ugly looking self.

She tried doing the same through more ingenious means but alas, the eerie symbol that marred her skin kindled over make ups or any covers she tried in the few breaths that followed.

"A mere life contract is child's play for me, bitch." i took my claim and named her appropriately as my own. She took it with grace of course and just looked at me in silence.

Her eyes were scorching for something else. Deep within her irises was a barely concealed madness that had plagued her for many years already.

A childhood scar that had dictated her every movement since the untimely loss had befallen upon her innocent soul of the past.

Very well, time to do my part of the contract and get this pussy its first taste of a big long ride.

"Lucia." i whispered a name in the still airs of the room.

"Here, master." and a voice greeted me back in full reverence.

"Show yourself." i commanded my slave.

And after a breath, the unseen figure of one lovely woman graced Eva's sight for the first time.

Lucia had succeeded brilliantly from a recent chore i gave her and was now getting saddled with yet another duty that was unworthy of her status.

But nevertheless, a slave will always do the work of one. And so i used her like she deserved to be.

My cunt prostrated herself on my side of the bed as she awaited a command that she knew would come later on.

Thus, i did not fail her expectations at all. Else, i waste anymore of my time in this banal boring place.

"Eva wants to meet Talon. Make sure that she does." i said.

"As you wish, master!" Lucia replied promptly.

"Go." i instructed.

"FLASH!" a blade of the wind glided past me and after the unnatural occurrence vanished, i found myself alone once more.

* * *

Since there was nothing here for me so i directly left without wasting any more of my precious time alone in this pathetic room.

I opened my mouth once and the rest of the liquid that tasted piss vanished down my throat and once more, the fact was reaffirmed without a doubt.

It really tasted like ape juice. It soured my mood because i remembered my experiences when i was incarcerated in the past.

The brutish ways of men and what they were capable of doing in order to live for just another day was unimaginable.

I wanted to punish those who brutes again but alas, they were even fakes same as the memory i had of them.

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