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Chapter 1841 Overcautious?

Chapter 1841 Overcautious?

?Date- 17 April 2321

Time- 11:11

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, TSR Guild Headquarters, Blood Rock Caves gate dungeon, Seed World, VR Universe

"I did not think it would come back to bite me in the ass," Wyatt muttered, reading the text sent by his calamity daughter gem Cuth Diya.

The reason why Belphegor had ordered Muth Diya to hide in the card world for the foreseeable future was because he believed that there was a threat to Muth Diya's life. How did Wyatt know this? He knew because it was Chaos Dwarf Ezra aka Wyatt who had led Belphegor to think that Muth Diya's life was in danger of assassination. Wyatt had good reason to do that but he did not know that while trying to solve one problem he would be propping up another problem.

As the successor of the 'Hell of Contamination' Cuth Diya can comprehend the same rules and their meanings from different realms without worrying about the rule contamination or bottlenecks by sacrificing souls to the 'Hell of Contamination.' Allowing Cuth Diya to comprehend rules and their meaning anywhere in the myriad realms. Now that Cuth Diya has moved to the Card World along with his father, Devil Merchant Muth Diya plans to help his son continue his practice by acquiring the souls he needs by sacrificing humans.

Until this part, Wyatt was certain but he did not know how Gideon Grim was able to provide the Diya father and son duo a hundred thousand humans to use for sacrifice.

Wyatt wondered if this was the reason why Gideon Grim going around the five regions hypnotizing talented card apprentices. But then he rejected that thought because with the number of Card Demigods at Gideon Grim's command he did not need to scour the five regions hypnotizing people to get Muth Diya a hundred thousand humans for sacrifice, he could easily take over a remote town or city in the five regions and nobody would know.

Wyatt still believed those card apprentice Gideon Grim was hypnotizing were in preparation for the demon invasion. Besides the number of people he had hypnotized in the past few days was large but not near a Hundred thousand.

Thankfully for Wyatt, one of his calamity daughter gems was right at the center of this so he did not have to do guesswork. He decided to contact Cuth Diya and get more details on the situation.

[Cuth Diya,

Send me your coordinates and try to find out how devil merchant Handsome Fox was able to arrange a hundred thousand human sacrifices for you in such a short period.


Demon Merchant

Ezra Foolhar]

Sending the text, Wyatt fell in deep contemplation, as the question here was not how Gideon Grim arranged a hundred thousand human sacrifices for Muth Diya on such short notice but how to stop Muth Diya from forcing Cuth Diya to use a hundred thousand humans as sacrifices.

A hundred thousand human lives was a huge number, but it was nothing compared to human lives lost as Wyatt waged war against the viltronian and his pseudo-viltronian army. Still, Wyatt did not want the deaths of so many people weighing on his consciousness. Wyatt was not being narcissistic, he did not believe that these people were dying because of his actions. It's just that now that he knew these people were dying, he could not stand by and watch as they were used as human sacrifice when he could do something about it.

While Wyatt had yet to think of a way to stop the human sacrifices, Cuth Diya had replied to his text and shared his coordinates in the card world. Wyatt immediately used the detailed map of the five regions he had copied from Field Marshal Heatsend to check the location of the coordinates, only to find that it was located in the far east of the unexplored part of the Way Beyond. Seeing the coordinates of Cuth Diya's location were no help, Wyatt read his text thoroughly, hoping it had the breakthrough he needed.

[Master Ezra,

Devil Merchant Handsome Fox said he had captured a town with a population of more than a hundred thousand for my human sacrifice. He said that the town is not far from here. I will send you the coordinates of the place when we reach there.

Yours Truly

Demon Merchant

Cuth Diya.]

Going through Cuth Diya's text, Wyatt immediately pulled up the five regions map to find the town nearest to the coordinates that Cuth Diya had shared with him earlier. Only to find that for the next thousands of miles, there was no human settlement except for the Card apprentices stationed to guard the Way Beyond border.

"He is lying," Wyatt uttered in bafflement, wondering how cautious was this Gideon Grim. He did not even trust the devil and demon merchants seeking refuge under him.

"Unless he plans to attack one of the outposts at the Way Beyond border, he is definitely lying," Wyatt was certain Gideon Grim was lying. Despite everything he knew about him, Wyatt still could not believe the level of cautiousness that Gideon Grim practiced and wondered how someone could function like that.

Even if Gideon Grim had lied to Cuth Diya it did not matter, as Cuth Diya had said that he would send the coordinates of their location when they reached their destination.

Now the only problem that remained was how to avoid the human sacrifice without raising the suspicion of Muth Diya and Gideon Grim. Wyatt could handle Muth Diya but Gideon Grim and his cautious nature were going to be a problem.

While Wyatt wrecking his mind Cuth Diya finally shared the location of the town Gideon Grim had prepared for the human sacrifice with him. "That was quick," Wyatt blurted while using the coordinates that Cuth Diya shared with him to search the town on the five regions map.

Wyatt soon located the town in the remote corner of the Northern region. The town was the only town in that part of the Northern region, the reason being that the temperature there was very low and the weather was very harsh with constant snow storms. All the water bodies over there were frozen. Mortal could not survive that region without the help of an Iron-grade grimoire and G-rank cards. The only people living there were the locals that have lived in that part for generations.

The only reason a town could exist in such a harsh place was because of the special array formation guarding the town. There used to be half a dozen towns in that part a few decades ago but now it's down to one. Due to the budget cuts, it was becoming harder for the local authorities to keep the special array formations guarding the towns running. So they had to reduce the number of towns from six to one big town. Unfortunately, the last town standing had now caught the eye of Gideon Grim.

"That can't be right," Wyatt double-checked the coordinates, finding the town in the Northern region when Cuth Diya was in the Eastern part of the Way Beyond.

"It seems he has a high-level teleportation card or has a very high mastery over space rule," the more Wyatt learned about Gideon Grim the more difficult of an enemy he was starting to seem.

"A teleportation card is a possibility but he definitely has a very high mastery over space rule," Knowing Gideon Grim, one of his incarnations must be entertaining the Diya father and son duo. If Gideon had a high-level teleportation card he would keep it with him and not share it with his incarnation. Seeing how his incarnation was also able to perform such high-level teleportation, he must have a high mastery of space rule unless he has a space-related origin card. Now what was the chance of a single person having two overpowered origin cards? Well, it could not be ruled out.

Just as Wyatt was gauging Gideon Grim's abilities, Cuth Diya sent him a text that reminded him of the real priority right now. Gathering his wandering thoughts, Wyatt went through the text,

[Master Ezra,

Devil Merchant Handsome Fox used a high-level teleportation ability to bring us to the town that he had prepared for the human sacrifice. Arriving at the town I noticed it was heavily guarded by very powerful figures. Even my father was alerted. As for the town and its people they were all frozen. The humans though frozen are still alive, they seem to be in a forced cryosleep state. Devil Merchant Handsome Fox keeps urging me to start the human sacrifice and finish it soon. I don't know how long I can keep stalling. My father is also getting impatient. What do I do?

Yours Truly,

Demon Merchant

Cuth Diya]

From Cuth Diya's text, Wyatt quickly deduced why Gideon Grim had chosen this town of all the towns in the five regions for human sacrifice. Later he also marveled how thorough Gideon Grim's planning was. Had he not run in with Wyatt the world would never have learned about his existence.

Wyatt wondered if he should just share the coordinates of the town with Field Marshal Heatsend and ask her to send help. But that would put Cuth Diya a risk. Cuth Diya was just a Demon Lord, he would not fare well being pursued by a bunch of Card demigods unless Gideon Grim or his father helped him. However, the other question was if the Field Marshal could send help there on such short notice.

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