Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

chapter 16

“It’s confusing.”

Master Byeok strongly agreed and nodded to junior Byeok’s comment.

“Normally, no one would dare to move and bring the corpse.”

“Yes, that’s why it is well known to people.”

“It’s to the extent where the case cannot be quickly concluded. This is related to the Golden Wall Clan’s reputation.”

Master Byeok moved his head while saying such a comment.

Actually, he wanted to deal with it quietly.

Then, he intended to only get the benefit. One was taking over the brothel.

However, he couldn’t do that anymore.

Also, the fact had spread everywhere.

Would people adore you if you don’t fight back after getting beaten up? Never. They will think of you as a loser.

Also, once you are considered a loser, you will have a harsh life.

That was why when such things happened, you should let everyone know that you are not a loser.

“Did you look at the corpse?”

“Yes. Found some clues… but it wasn’t enough to identify him.”

“I see.”

“I heard about the battle story… He is stubborn. He tried to exchange his life with Taesan’s.”

“How about the vice leader of the Red Dragon group?”

“They met in a situation where he couldn’t deny him. However… not sure.”

“Not sure?”

Master Byeok looked at Junior Byeok with a curious look.

“It was a request where he had no choice. He doesn’t know who requested him.”

“A request……….”

“It cost a lot of money to reorganize the organization after the Red Dragon group leader’s death.”

“Is that it?”

“No, I’m trying to chase the traits of those who requested the Red Dragon group. But… it will take some time.”

Master Byeok nodded his head as if he understood.


“Yes. Please tell me.”

“Gyeongwan just visited me.”

“Gyeongwan did? For what? Is he saying he can’t guard Taesan anymore?”

Junior Byeok thought there was a high possibility.

Who on earth would want to take care of the second prince who visited the brothel every day instead of taking care of the Clan’s master?

The problem was that Gyeongwan and the Golden Wall clan didn’t have a master-servant type relationship.

There was nothing strange for Gyeongwan to leave the Golden Wall clan immediately.

“Don’t worry about such things. It seems like he is really into it.”

“Sorry? Into it? Is this for real?”

Junior Byeok looked at Master Byeok as if he couldn’t understand.

“We perhaps abandoned Taesan for too long. He seems to be healthier lately.”

“He released so much energy and he turned healthier? Isn’t he just releasing his last bit of energy?”

“Let’s wait and see. What’s important is what Gyeongwan said.”

Junior Byeok realized the topic had changed and focused on his dad.

“It seems that the brothel is suspicious.”

“Sorry? Brothel?”

“Yes. He traced a guy who raided it and it seems like someone from the brothel is affiliated with this case.”

“Is this accurate information?”

Master Byeok shook his head.

“I don’t know either. It seems like Gyeongwan didn’t see it with his eyes. Perhaps, he is quite confident about the information so it’s something you do need to keep in mind.”

“Brothel, brothel…..”

Junior Byeok rolled his eyes while repeating the word brothel.

The brothel was like a disguised intelligence agent. Also, their skill was quite good.

Of course, it was less than the Golden Wall Clans’.

As Junior Byeok finished organizing his thoughts, he looked at his dad.

“Perhaps what’s behind the brothel is… Cheon?”

“Or the Jong family?”

As Master Byeok added the comment, Junior Byeok’s eyes turned sharp.

The Jong family was excluded from the beginning.

The picture drawn by Junior Byeok was that somebody was intending to collide with the Golden Wall Clan and the Jong family.

Also, the Jong family sent someone to the party hall.

That was why it was assumed that the Jong family wouldn’t do something too obvious like this.

However, in other words, nobody would accuse them even if they did such things.

“Well… this is going to be a pain in the neck.”

As Junior Byeok spoke, he showed a thick smile.

“My Prince, your meal is ready.”

Danyoung spoke politely.

Taesan nodded and stood up to head to the restaurant located in a separate room.

Soso switched locations to stay here, and she had to prepare the meal.

Of course, she didn’t cook the meal — she just carried the food made by chefs in the Golden Wall residence.

However, it wasn’t easy to move long distances.

Until recently, that was the hardest task. It was hard to carry the food but what was worse was meeting the people on the way.

As she was working under Taesan, no one explicitly bothered her but they would give inappropriate looks or subtly harass her.

However, there was no need.

Now, Black One, Two, and Three were going to be in charge of this.

When those three people were passing by, no one dared to make eye contact. They were avoiding eye contact and they left the place as if they made eye contact coincidentally.

Danyoung didn’t say anything explicitly but she seemed a bit brighter lately.

Taesan slowly ate at a restaurant after following Danyoung.

Everyone considered as Taesan’s staff was gathered.

Servants who were maids including Soso and Danyoung, including Black One, Two and Three as well as Gyeongwan and Yoo were there as well.

From Taesan’s order, they ate together.

However, Soso didn’t eat with them because she gave an excuse saying she needed to serve Taesan while he was eating.

It was very obvious as to why she wanted to serve Taesan but no one talked about it.

“By the way, My Prince. The doctor will arrive today.”


Honestly, Taesan had never heard of a doctor from God.

So, he thought about a mediocre doctor.

When you think about it, a doctor can cost 100 gold. The Golden Wall Clan would never waste 100 gold.

Taesan looked at people eating their meals. Then he laughed.

They were focused on Taesan and Soso’s conversation.

“Has anyone heard of the doctor from God?”

That comment made them surprised or confused and made them look at Taesan.

“You don’t know about…. the doctor from God?”

“I’ve never heard of it. I’ve heard of the poison doctor, the generous doctor, and the acupuncture doctor.”

Of course, there were others like the blood doctor and magic doctor. They were in-house doctors so didn’t use nicknames.

They looked at Taesan while appearing confused.

The three people mentioned by Taesan weren’t people you could meet at any time.

They were known to have advanced skills.

The poison doctor was known to have all the knowledge of poison and medicine.

It was a mysterious person who was known to cure disconnected heartbeats with poison and medicine.

How about the generous doctor?

He was known to become God through medical service.

The acupuncture doctor was a God for curing diseases with acupuncture.

They were beyond the ordinary world.

However, the doctor from God was more familiar.

It was only well known for 10 years but he managed to cure numerous people.

He also experienced curing disconnected heartbeats.

That’s why nobody understood how Taesan didn’t know him.

Actually, he was a sick patient so he must be more sensitive about the information on doctors.

“He has numerous experiences in fixing disconnected heartbeats. That’s why he will cure you.”

Soso spoke with confidence.

Taesan seemed like he didn’t care.

Anyway, he will cure his own sickness. It will take some time.

He didn’t plan on allowing an unknown doctor to cure his body.

“My symptoms will be cured when I visit brothels.”

“No way. You are not having sex.”

Sex made Black 1, 2, and 3 to become surprised and they looked at Taesan.

“I hope you guys aren’t misunderstanding. He doesn’t do such things.”

Danyoung firmly spoke up for him.

Three people just looked at Danyoung and nodded their heads.

Recently, Danyoung seems brighter and prettier and it was sufficient to attract three guys.

When you think about it, it was evidence that Danyoung was alive.

If he had sex, Danyoung wouldn’t survive with her energy.

Meanwhile, that applies to all the ladies who slept with Taesan.

“No, I never doubted it. How can I dare to view my prince in such a way? It’s just… I asked because my prince has been looking healthier recently.”

Black One spoke to Danyoung as if he was giving an excuse and looked at Taesan with a smile.

“My Prince, please check my loyalty. I only have you. It’s not because if I act like this, you will set me free, but recently you did become awesome. I am falling for you.”

“Shut up, that’s gross.”

“Yes, I will zip my mouth.”

Black One spoke and closed his mouth with his two hands.

Then, he looked at Taesan and ate the food.

Taesan’s scolding made Black One quiet but the other people were empathetic with what he said.

Recently, Taesan’s condition really improved.

Actually, it wasn’t a problem of condition.

Taesan was a quite good-looking man.

Lately, his face mixed well with his weakness so it made the ladies take care of him.

That’s why when you look at Taesan, you’d want to gently hug him.

However, it had changed recently.

A subtle sexiness appeared while looking at Taesan.

It wasn’t feminine. He seemed more manly than before and was a little wild.

It was a charming point where just looking for a short time would make someone look back.

That was why just looking at it would make one want to hug him.

The people who felt it most often were people who wanted to eat meals with him.

Of course, the men in here, Black One, Two, Three, and Gyeongwan thought Taesan just looks a bit healthier.

However, for the ladies, even Yoo who had something with Gyeongwan would have such a feeling and would be surprised.

“So exactly when is the doctor from God visiting?”

Taesan’s question woke everyone up.

Soso responded quickly.

“He will be here soon. Actually, he arrived in Muhan yesterday.”

“Arrived yesterday? Is he at the Golden Wall residence?”

“No. He got a separate place to stay and spent the night there.”


“He is like that.”

“Is he like that?”

Taesan looked at other people.

It seemed like they didn’t mind. Perhaps the doctor from God did that.

“I heard he investigates and scrutinizes the environment around the patient.”

Taesan laughed.


Taesan knew a doctor with similar behavior.

He twisted his lips.

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