Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

chapter 2

Cheonma at the brothel…

Gyeongwan Cheon was a useful military man even in Cheonma or Taesan Byeok’s standard.

‘Is it called the Black Dragon Group?’

Gyeongwan Cheon is a single military man who is not a leader, vice-leader nor an associate.

If he had such strength, how strong was the Black Dragon Group?

In Taesan Byeok’s perspective, if Gyeongwan Cheon had this much strength, he could fight against associates in well-known families which he has fought before.

Due to the irregular heartbeat, it was not possible to train one’s spirit or use them and also the senses were numb. But, through the Magical Spell of increasing Spirit, the sign on the Spirit wouldn’t fade away easily.

Even that was enough to uncover Gyeongwan Cheon’s strength.

‘Did you say the Golden Wall Clan? They must be strong.’

Also, Taesan Byeok was the clan owner’s younger brother, but he wasn’t a key personnel.

If one had to line up the important people in the clan, Taesan Byeok was barely 70th in rank.

Also, Taesan Byeok and his brother Taesu Byeok had an awkward relationship.

Taesu Byeok’s wife and wife’s family found Taesan Byeok annoying.

If a soldier were to guard Taesan Byeok, the force owned by the Golden Wall Clan had to be beyond imagination.

Anyway, it was not bad.

“Let’s go.”

As soon as Taesan Byeok spoke, Gyeongwan Cheon took the lead.

He already heard where they would be heading today.

Gyeongwan Cheon walked with big steps without showing his feelings on his face.

Taesan Byeok followed slowly while looking at Gyeongwan Cheon.

And Soso looked at the two people with pity and concern.

Gyeongwan Cheon led Taesan Byeok to the brothel.

It was one of the top 3 brothels in Muhan, but it was the one that was not owned by the Golden Wall clan.

That was one of the requirements from Taesan Byeok from the beginning so Gyeongwan Cheon faithfully followed the order.

As they entered the brothel, ladies came out.

Since they were informed in advance, their eyes were shining.

At least the reputation of the Golden Wall clan in Muhan was beyond any of the other famous households.

“Prince, I will wait here.”



“It’s outside the brothel. Why are you waiting here?”

“That’s… If something happens…..”

“So you are saying if something happens, you have the confidence to come to me before it is over?”

Gyeongwan Cheon didn’t reply. Actually, no one dared to challenge the Golden Wall Clan in Muhan, but he wasn’t sure about such a question.

“That’s why just follow me. Honestly, I want to enjoy it together but that’s not possible so you can enjoy it in the next room.”

“I can’t do that,” Gyeongwan Cheon said emotionlessly.

“What is it that you can’t do? Coming to the next room? Enjoying? Or taking my orders?”

Gyeongwan Cheon’s facial expression became firm and soft again.

It was the first time he failed to keep his facial expression like a poker face.

Taesan Byeok gently tapped Gyeongwan Cheon’s shoulder.

“It would be best if you can enjoy yourself while protecting me… if not just stay close to me.”

Taesan Byeok left such a comment and went inside.

It didn’t matter if Gyeongwan Cheon would follow him or not

Gyeongwan Cheon stared at Taesan Byeok’s back for a while without any emotion.

A table full of drinks and food was set inside a huge and glamorous room.

Also, ten ladies came up and sat near Taesan Byeok.

“Now, let’s enjoy.”

Honestly, living as Cheonma, it was rare to visit brothels.

There was no point in visiting brothels.

Based on his memory, the last time he visited a brothel was already 20 years ago.

That’s why in Taesan Byeok’s perspective, today’s experience was very fun and exciting.

Taesan Byeok asked a lady who was sitting next to him, “What is the guardian doing who came with me?”

“He is blocking the path while standing in front of the stairs located on the same floor.”

“He has no flexibility,” Taesan Byeok commented and held the glass while laughing.

Not bad. Gyeongwan Cheon’s attitude was similar to a royal guardian when I was living as Cheonma.

They didn’t have any flexibility and they just thought about their lord.

As thinking of the past, Taesan Byeok put his glass down although he was putting the glass close to his lips.

It’s not time to drink. There is no guarantee in health while drinking with this health condition.

It’s a miracle to walk normally like this.

It’s a miracle made with money.

Taesan Byeok could feel the strength of the special medicine inside the body.

Although it was not well known, the amount of special medicine inside this body could upgrade all royal guard members.

Taesan Byeok looked around the ladies. He smiled.

‘They are suitable.’

It was his first time trying so 10 ladies were sufficient.

‘Prince, why aren’t you eating? Shall I get another bottle of alcohol?”

Taesan Byeok shook his head.

“You ladies can drink. I don’t feel well so I can’t drink right now.”

I can’t drink now, but when my body feels better, I will get wasted.

When I think about it, it’s a new opportunity.

When I had Cheonma’s body, I never got drunk.

There was a violent force which was uncontrollable inside the body and the alcohol evaporated before even going inside the body.

“What shall we do since you are not drinking? Should we play some musical instrument or dance?”

Taesan Byeok crossed his head again.

The purpose of coming to the brothel was to see things around him from a different perspective that were unrelated to the Golden Wall clan.

“Rather, let’s have a chat. Do you know who I am?”

“You are the second prince from the Golden Wall clan.”

“Second prince… That’s what people call me from the outside.”

“If that made you uncomfortable…..”

“Don’t worry. I don’t care how others call me. It’s better to be called the second prince from the Golden Wall clan rather than a bloody murderer.”

“Hahaha! You are good at joking. I thought you were only handsome.”

Taesan Byeok frowned.

The thing he couldn’t stand currently about his new body was his face.

“Not handsome at all.”

That comment made the ladies laugh and look at each other.

“Look at their faces. They are desperate to sit next to you.”

“A man’s face should look manly.”

“Gosh? You look manly enough. It still makes me want to protect you. Ain’t no woman who wouldn’t fall in love with you after seeing your face.”

The lady was complimenting him, but Taesan Byeok didn’t like it. Such a comment was denying his past.

“Stop talking about lame outer appearances and let’s talk about something else.”

The lady laughed and nodded, “What should we talk about? Ladies in here are not only pretty but are smart too so you will feel worth talking to.”

There were 10 smart ladies from this brothel.

“Yeah? That’s something I look forward to. Now, should we talk about statuses in this Martial World?”

The ladies’ eyes were shining.

“You are interested in the Martial World.”

“You don’t need to worry about Muhan as the Golden Wall Clan has full control… The Marital World Union is a hot topic. Should we start from there?”

“The Marital World Union sounds fine. So, what are they doing lately?”

The ladies gave an ambiguous look.

“Although nobody is listening to us, if you say it freely like that you may get into trouble.”

Taesan Byeok laughed. Who dares to put me into trouble?

‘Well… I should be careful with this body.’

I don’t want to make any hassle.

“Anyway, let’s talk. What is the Martial World Union doing?”

“It’s a mess. They planned to fight with Magyo but Magyo hid himself.”

“What? Magyo hid himself?”

Taesan Byeok looked at ladies as he heard some nonsense.

“As Magyo surrounded himself with absolute technique so he is completely isolated from this world. It’s a special technique.”

“Special technique?”

“Ah! I think that’s right. It was something like that. What I heard is you can’t deactivate the technique without a special key.”

“That’s true. Yes, there is such a technique.”

Taesan Byeok nodded his head as he understood what was going on.

It was a special technique which required a special activation condition.

Once activated, it was almost impossible to trespass.

It was that perfect that it could completely separate the inner and outer walls.

The activation condition was Lord’s death.

The key to deactivate was also the Lord.

So, until there is a new Lord, it is impossible to deactivate the special technique.

Also, the proof of Lord is Special Magic increasing the Soul.

‘Then… until I go there, nobody can deactivate the special technique.’

There were 5 Lord candidates, but they were killed before Taesan Byeok died.

There was nothing stopping Taesan Byeok. It’s because they were killed as they attacked Taesan Byeok first.

“What’s next?”

“I don’t know that. Just… enhance surveillance?

“They must be fighting among themselves in the near future.”

The lady didn’t respond to that. But her eyes and face showed that she thought the same.

Taesan Byeok looked at the lady with surprise.

He thought the insight and information were quite impressive.

‘A lady who works in Muhan should know that much.’

Taesan Byeok looked at the lady with mysterious eyes and asked, “Good. Now you talk about me.”


“Tell me everything you know about the second prince of the Golden Wall Clan.”

The ladies were nervous.

Taesan Byeok laughed as he observed them becoming anxious.

“I promise you won’t get into trouble for saying anything here. You can even curse me. You can criticize me for being ugly.”

Somehow, there seems to be genuineness in the last word.

Surely, the ladies couldn’t speak out as they would be responsible for what they said given that he could change his mind.

“Each person will tell me one thing. You must tell me starting from you.”

Taesan Byeok looked at the lady closest to him.

The lady gave a hesitant facial expression. Afterwards, she gave up and opened her mouth.


This’ll work to make each lady say one thing about me.

The ladies had to talk about Taesan Byeok so they were pressured and came up with rumors about him.

This information was not obtainable from Soso.

Of course, I don’t consider all information to be true.

I will organize the thoughts in my head and distinguish the ones that seem reasonable after comparing them with the information I have now.

The most absurd information I obtained was that Taesan Byeok only had 1,000 gold, and a small place with some items.

That was the only amount Taesan Byeok could get if he declared independence anytime.

This was set by the father to prevent turmoil when Taesan Byeok’s older brother Taesu Byeok inherited the clan.

When the father gave such a word, Taesan Byeok’s body was weak and no one made a rebuttal.

It was same even now.

This rumor was well known in Muhan that everyone knew about it.

Only Taesan Byeok just found out.

Of course, the body owner probably knew about it.

Anyway, Taesan Byeok who obtained new information looked at the lady next to him.

“Let’s take a nap.”

Taesan Byeok looked around other ladies and continued to speak.

“It’s too much for me to handle all of you… I think I just need you.”

As Taesan Byeok spoke, he gave small gold pieces to other ladies.

The ladies were smiling after receiving gold pieces and nodded before they left the room.

As two people were inside the room, Taesan Byeok looked at the lady next to him with expectations.

Then they moved to the bed.

“Now shall we enjoy?”

Taesan Byeok put his palm on the lady’s head.

The lady looked at Taesan Byeok with mysterious eyes.

Taesan Byeok laughed and took the spirit from the lady.

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