Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

chapter 20

Taesan closed his eyes while sitting down.

The reason he decided not to go outside for a month was to calm the heartbeat after connecting with the spirit.

Meanwhile, Taesan visited the brothel and connected the heartbeat with the magical spell.

However, it just revived the function through spiritual power. It didn’t cure the disconnected heartbeat.

That’s why when the doctor diagnosed, he was confused.

The heartbeat connected through the spirit functioned a bit differently than an actual heartbeat. Actually, the effect was stronger than the real heartbeat.

The problem was endurance and Taesan was trying to solve that issue.

He needed to spend about a month to cure the connected heartbeat.

During the process, the soul-spirit used to connect the heartbeat would disappear.

However, as a result, he can get a strong heartbeat, a strong one not comparable to normal people’s.

Of course, he could get only a part this time.

However, there was still a lot of time. If he continued to visit the brothel and collected the spirit power, he would get a perfect body one day.

Taesan spent all his time on curing heartbeats other than mealtime.

He even didn’t sleep.

‘For sure… the quality of spirit has changed.’

When Taesan was Cheonma, the spirit power through the magical spell was extremely violent and destructive.

It was waving inside the body as if it was going to destroy everything in this world.

Taesan could destroy most of the enemies by letting the energy out.

However, it was extremely difficult to let out.

If you didn’t have the controlling ability up until the limit, you couldn’t even dare to do so.

That controlling power was the magical spell.

So, it was extremely difficult to use the magical spell.

However, enlightenment with death reformed the magical spell.

The spirit power with a new magical spell was very solid and persistent.

However, this didn’t mean that it was easier to control it.

In fact, it was more difficult in some aspects.

However, Taesan was the owner of the magical spell. It wasn’t the proper way, but his experience and ability had stayed the same.

Taesan easily controlled the magical spell to slowly connect the heartbeat.

He didn’t rush.

It didn’t matter if it took days for him to connect one. What was important was how well and how solidly he cured it.

Taesan’s cure went smoothly.

Gyeongwan was on his way to the Golden Wall clan office.

His body seemed to be aching. But it was only the feeling and his body was better than ever.

The doctor was indeed a doctor from God.

Gyeongwan thought of the doctor boasting about himself as one of the top 5 doctors in the world.

He certainly deserved the credit.

It was strange that there were other doctors other than the doctor from God.

Who were those five doctors? Were they human?

The question of whether they were human or not naturally applied to Taesan.

The doctor said Taesan’s condition was serious, and he was doubtful about whether he was still alive.

All heartbeats were disconnected. Even people who had symptoms were considered geniuses who could change the world. How much could Taesan impact the world?

‘The reason he was hiding until now is that he thought it was impossible to cure?’

Taesan could be distinguished by before and after going to the brothel.

In the past, Taesan was a person who was cynical with insecurity as well as anger and despair.

However, he became a totally different person afterwards.


Strange yet natural.

Lately, it was definitely observable on how humans desired life.


Thinking of training made Gyeongwan sigh. Also, it gave him goosebumps with a hateful feeling.

While thinking like that, Gyeongwan arrived at Owner Byeok’s office.

The door was opened wide and Gyeongwan could see Owner Byeok checking few documents while sitting at a large table.

It looked like a picture.

‘Still, my prince looks better……’

Owner Byeok was way older than Taesan. He wasn’t sure about the exact age, but it was at least 20 years apart.

Owner Byeok’s son, Hyeok, was one year younger than Taesan. This was also not verified. Actually, Gyeongwan wasn’t interested.

Now, things had changed.

Owner Byeok, who was sitting on a chair, looked quite impressive. He had an ideal look for his age.

Perhaps, such an appearance did wonders for him when he worked for the clan.

He definitely looked older than Taesan who improved his body.

When Taesan got older, he would look better.

Gyeongwan thought like that and entered the office.

Owner Byeok now realized that and put his documents down before he looked at Gyeongwan while slowly lifting his head up.

“It has been a while. I should visit you often but I have had too much work lately and I couldn’t pay attention.”

“It’s fine. You are taking good care of us. There is no problem in staying here and I’m very satisfied with life here.”

“That’s good.”

Owner Byeok went to a separate table after standing up. Then, he offered a seat to Gyeongwan.

Two people sat across the table and stayed silent while looking at each other.

Owner Byeok spoke first.

“You seem…. Not too well. Have you been worrying about something lately?”

Gyeongwan moved his head.

“No. It’s due to intensive training. I’m fine, so don’t worry.”

“Ah….. I see. That’s good. You are really working hard.”

Gyeongwan gave a bitter laugh.

It was true that he works hard. But it hadn’t been a while.

Actually, Gyeongwan thought he was living his life while training intensively.

Meanwhile, due to the doctor’s help, he realized how comfortable he was with training.

“By the way, why did you call me?”

Even at this moment, Yoo was working hard to train herself.

Also, such a gap would make differences and that gap will return as pain.

So, he wanted to get to the main point.

“First, I want to thank you.”

“Thank me?”

“I heard you are taking good care of Taesan. I don’t know if Taesan showed gratitude, but even if he didn’t please don’t mind. He doesn’t really know about things as he was sick since he was little.”

Gyeongwan looked at Owner Byeok with confused eyes.

Not knowing well? Who? Taesan?

Owner Byeok slightly lowered his head. Gyeongwan woke up and saw that and commented, “Please don’t say that. I’m the one who is getting help. No matter what happens, I’m never leaving Taesan. Even if you kick me out, I will stay with him.”

Owner Byeok laughed.

“I sincerely thank you for your generosity.”

Gyeongwan thought of saying that was not it, but he didn’t. He knew it wouldn’t work even if he said it. Then that would be a waste of time.

“Also, perhaps… how is the doctor?”

“He is an….outstanding doctor. A really surprising doctor.”

This was certain. Gyeongwan was experiencing it with his body.

“Ah, is that so? That’s good.”

This time, Owner Byeok looked happy.

“I somehow did an investigation, but I wasn’t sure so I was worried. That’s why I’m checking every person who observed the case.”

Gyeongwan moved his head.

“There is no need for you to check. I think he is… number one in the world other than the doctors for healing and poison.”

“Is that so?”

Owner Byeok’s eyes became big. Actually, he knew some of it due to the rumors and information, but he wasn’t sure.

However, as Gyeongwan was so sure that it was worth inviting the doctor.

“Then… can the doctor heal Taesan’s symptoms?”

Gyeongwan couldn’t reply immediately.

Strictly speaking, the symptom was cured by Taesan. He would surely heal himself.

Observing Taesan’s words and actions, there was confidence that he could heal for sure.

Then he will recover.

If Taesan was sure, then who could dare to argue about it?

“I think he will be cured for sure.”

Gyeongwan’s comment made Owner Byeok nod his head.

Gyeongwan seemed confused when he saw Owner Byeok with tears in his eyes.

“That’s….really good. In case the doctor gives up, I was trying to look for other doctors. However, it’s really difficult to find a doctor who is better than the doctor from God. I was quite worried before, but now I’m relieved.”

Owner Byeok was genuine.

Gyeongwan cautiously spoke.

“The boss really… appreciates your brother.”

“Of course. He is my brother.”

Owner Byeok closed his eyes and continued, “I still remember when he was born. He was really…. small and it was amazing to see the small baby moving around…..”

Owner Byeok controlled his face and continued to speak.

“Taesan is like my child. When a child is sick, the parent is hurt as well. That’s why I will do what I can for him.”

Gyeongwan looked at Owner Byeon with an impressed look.

“Anyway… I heard things going around with Taesan.”


Gyeongwan answered shortly. Owner Byeon would be well informed of what happened instead of Gyeongwan.

“Speaking of which, I want more guards around Taesan. That’s why I want your permission and I want to ask for suggestions.”

Gyeongwan was a warrior under the Golden Wall clan, but he was just cooperating so it was better to get permission.

At least that’s what Owner Byeok thought and he had been doing so.

Also, if he was treated like this, Gyeongwan wouldn’t refuse either.

However, this time it was a bit different than Owner Byeok’s prediction.

“First, it is essential to hear Taesan’s opinion.”

That comment made Owner Byeok’s eyes shine.

“Warrior Cheon is….really Taesan’s man.”

“I told you from the beginning. I will never leave Taesan.”

Owner Byeok politely put his head down.

“Please work hard for my brother.”

Gyeongwan also put his head down in confusion.

Owner Byeok put his head up and said with a bitter face, “Please check on Taesan’s condition. It’s a bit awkward for me to meet with him……”

“I understand.”

In the past, it was hard to understand, but now he did.

If Owner Byeok tried to meet Taesan, his wife or children wouldn’t support it.

“I will tell Taesan. Also, if he refuses the guardian, please don’t worry too much.”

Owner Byeok gave a bitter laugh and nodded his head.

“I understand.”

It is possible. Taesan wouldn’t be happy with Owner Byeok.

Brothers who did not communicate wouldn’t have such a good relationship.

Gyeongwan calmly told Owner Byeok, “Taesan is a greater person than you think. If he needs no protection, he really doesn’t need it and it will be obstructing him. Also, no other people will be affiliated.”

Owner Byeok looked at Gyeongwan in surprise.

Gyeongwan knew Owner Byeok was only thinking of martial arts.

However, after having a conversation with him, Owner Byeok realized that he had changed from the past.

It was unknown if such a change was due to Taesan or due to timing.

However, the conversation made Owner Byeok change his thoughts about Taesan.

Meanwhile, he didn’t move a single step out of the room once the general cure was completed.

He ate inside the room and washed inside the room.

As he invested all of his time, he spent all his spirit energy in 15 days.

Taesan headed to tourney hall as soon as he left the room.

From there, an energy wave was constantly pushing in.

“Let’s see if they are training well.”

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