Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

chapter 42

“Sir, are you really going to organize the staff like this?”

Chun Kyung-wan asked with a serious expression.

It was understandable since there were nine women standing around this carriage now.

All of them were servants who said they had to serve Byeoktaesan.

“Of course I can’t take all of them. Still, I have to be comfortable, so I want to take three of them at least.”

Hearing the word three, the nine of them twinkled their eyes and looked at Byeoktaesan.

Soso, who had been serving Byeoktaesan for a long time, was also in the group.

Soso’s expression was very determined.

As the number of women who came to serve Byeoktaesan increased one by one, she had a sense of crisis as if she were losing her place for some reason.

So she didn’t want to miss this chance.

Somehow, she was thinking of going back to where she was by getting noticed by Byeoktaesan.

So she looked at Byeoktaesan with all her might.

Byeoktaesan’s finger moved slowly and pointed at a person.

It was Dan-young. Dan-young, with a soft smile, walked lightly and stood behind Byeoktaesan.

Soso bit her lips. She couldn’t help but admit it if it was Dan-young. It wasn’t just because of her looks but she was so meticulous that she will be able to take care of Byeoktaesan well throughout the journey.

Byeoktaesan’s finger moved again.

This time, it was a woman named Chaewol.

She was the most recent woman who visited Byeoktaesan, and she had to admit it for similar reasons as Dan-young.

Soso looked at Byeoktaesan with her throbbing heart.

But Byeoktaesan’s finger was moving away from her.

There was a sad feeling in her eyes.

Finally, the place where Byeoktaesan’s finger was facing was a carriage.

“Soso, get in the carriage.”

Soso, who had been dumbfounded not knowing what had happened at the moment, understood what Byeoktaesan said and screamed in joy.

“Oh! Thank you, my lord! Thank you! I will work really hard! Thank you!”

Soso bowed her back to all directions and said hello.

If anyone had seen her, they would have thought she received a great award.

Byeoktaesan smiled as he saw her and headed for the carriage.

The unselected servants politely bowed toward Byeoktaesan with regretful expressions.

Byeoktaesan glanced at them and climbed into the carriage.

Then, the Il Chim Gui and Chunchu Shin-ui rode in a carriage along Byeoktaesan.

The rest of them had to walk or be on horseback.

They were going to leave like that, but the face of Chunchu Shin-ui popped out of the carriage.

“What are you doing? You guys should also ride.”

The people who were outside were Cheon Gyeong-wan and Yu Seo-yeon, and the escorting three servants.

They opened their eyes and looked at him.

“Get on quickly. The carriage is quite spacious and comfortable, so it is alright.”

Everyone hesitated, but when he urged them, they got into the carriage one by one.

And finally, the man Gyeong-wan Cheon and the doctor ChunChu shin-ui pointed at the perch with glances.

Chun Kyung-wan nodded and sat down on the perch. And soon the carriage started.

* * *

The inside of the carriage was really spacious and comfortable.

However, there were too many people. Of course, the most comfortable person in the carriage was Byeoktaesan.

Byeoktaesan alone occupied one side. The carriage had a door on one side, and the other three sides were designed to allow people to sit.

The rest of the people sat around there, and although the number was quite large, it was worth sitting.

Of course, it wasn’t very comfortable.

Byeoktaesan sat cross-legged and closed his eyes.

He was trying to organize the lessons he learned from his experiences with Il Chim Gui.

It wasn’t something that would end in a day or two, so he needed to organize it whenever he had the chance. As Byeoktaesan was doing this, a heavy silence laid in the carriage.No one opened their mouth.

It wouldn’t be good if they did and Byeoktaesan said it was annoying and disturbing.

All of a sudden, they were adjusting their lives and thoughts to Byeoktaesan.

In the meantime, there were people who stay stand quiet. It was the Chunchu shin-ui.

After twisting his body several times, he finally spoke carefully.

“Isn’t it necessary to roughly point out the schedule? I think it would be better to decide where to stay today? No, are we going to keep moving only by carriage? In fact, isn’t it much more comfortable to use the waterway in Uichang?”

“It is said that the wagon is better because the pirates are on the rise these days.”

When Yoo Seo-yeon answered, Chunchu shin-ui’s head tilted and looked inside the carriage.

“I don’t think we have to pay too much attention to pirates?”

Even if only Il Chim Gui went out, he alone could handle them easily.

No, it didn’t even have to be Il Chim Gui.

With just Cheon Gyeong-wan and Yoo Seo-yeon, even if they come in groups, they will turn into fish bait.

Besides, even the three servants riding together weren’t weak.

Of course, it hasn’t been a while since they started practicing martial arts, but the learned martial arts were so excellent that it was enough to handle one or two.

‘And… … .’

Chunchu shin-ui’s gaze came back to Byeoktaesan.

They wouldn’t know how surprised he was seeing Byeoktaesan fighting the Il Chim Gui.

Honestly, he knew he was strong, but he didn’t know it was that much.

Of course, after fighting like that, he seemed to suffer from the aftereffects.

Anyway, there was even Byeoktaesan, who beat Il Chim Gui with one hit.

This is what comprised the party, so why would they be afraid of pirates? Rather, he thought it is the pirates that should be scared.

‘By the way, what is wrong with him?’

Chunchu-shin-ui glanced at Il Chim Gui sitting a little further away.

Il Chim Gui glanced at Byeoktaesan with an uneasy gaze.

When he saw that, he was like a foolish kid being harassed by a local brother.

Chun Chu Shin-ui looked at the people in the carriage one by one while thinking of it.

The three servants’ eyes hardly blinked with their eyes fixed on Byeoktaesan.

‘It’s the same even being outdoors huh.’

Byeoktaesan’s servants were famous for living only for Byeoktaesan.

Even now, they were constantly looking into Byeoktaesan in case he was uncomfortable.

Soso was the most normal of the sorts, but today, it seemed that even Soso wasn’t normal.

Yoo Seo-yeon sat still with an expression that made it hard for him to know what she was thinking.

However, to Chunchu Shin-ui it was clearly visible. The obsession in her eyes.

Yoo Seo-yeon was the scariest person these days.

‘Anyway, has she used that poison yet?’

When Yoo Seo-yeon asked for poison, he was a little reluctant, but he passed the appropriate amount.

It wasn’t that much of a dangerous poison, but Yoo Seo-yeon’s expression, who asked for poison at the time, was a bit scary.

Anyway, he passed it like that, but he was curious about how she was going to use it.

Even though he didn’t know what he was waiting for, it will be quite worth seeing regardless.

“Oh, but I heard that there are people going to Homu ryun from the Yeon household, wasn’t there?

Chun Chu Shin-ui asked while looking at Yoo Seo-yeon.

Yoo Seo-yeon nodded.

“Our lady has decided to go.”

“The lady? You mean lady Yeon Ha rin?”


Chunchu shin-ui’s head tilted.

“Aren’t you originally her bodyguard? You don’t have to be there?”

“It’s fine. And… My mission is here.”

Yoo Seo-yeon said that and looked at Byeoktaesan.

And she turned her gaze and checked the beautiful servants of Byeoktaesan one by one.

Her mission was to protect Byeoktaesan. But now that mission was meaningless.

Now her task was to identify women approaching Byeoktaesan.

Of course, it wasn’t that Yeon Ha-rin asked to do that.

It was just a task on her own.

Yeon Ha-rin was just worried about Byeoktaesan.

“The Yeon household would have other competent bodyguards to send with her.”

He said as if he couldn’t understand.

“I’m sure they did. But even if you put all of those bodyguards together, I don’t think they would be better than you alone?

“There is no way. The Yeon family is more powerful than you think.”

Also, Yeon Ha-rin was not weak by no means.

Chun Chu Shin-ui looked at Yoo Seo-yeon quietly.

‘It seems that she is not aware of the extent of her skill.’

Recently, Yoo Seo-yeon has grown stronger at a terrifying pace. It was thanks to Cheon Gyeong-wan.

However, it was natural in some way that he could not properly measure her skills, as the only target that could compare her skills to was Cheon Gyeong-wan.

“And you know for sure there are people who are accompanying lady Yeon Ha Rin?”

Yoo Seo-yeon looked at him with cool eyes.

“To accompany you mean… … .”

“Did you know that a lot of customers recently visited the Yeon household?”

“I did not know.”

“You seem to haven’t heard about that. Seomun household, Gu yang household, and the Chu household all sent people. Maybe… I heard they all sent their third sons, but I’m not sure.”

“Those are prominent families.”

“They are very strong families indeed.”

This time, the gaze of Chunchu shin-ui’s eyes turned to Byeoktaesan.

It was because he knew that Yeon Ha-rin was the beloved woman of Byeoktaesan.

“It looked like they were trying pretty hard… … .”

Yoo Seo-yeon’s eyebrows wriggled.

“I heard that they will be going by boat. Several strong households are gathered, so most of the pirates will run away just by looking at the flag.”

Yoo Seo-yeon reflexively turned her head and looked at Byeoktaesan.

Byeoktaesan still sat with his eyes closed.

“It’s useless to look at me like that. We will move as planned.”

At Byeoktaesan’s words, Yoo Seo-yeon bowed her head with a bleak expression. Feeling shaken, she couldn’t even think about how he knew what she was seeing with his eyes closed.

Their plan was to travel by carriage to the vicinity of Jingzhou and then to Uichang by boat.

“Still, we are faster.”

At Byeoktaesan’s words, Yoo Seo-yeon raised her head and looked at him.

But Byeoktaesan said nothing more.

Of course, he didn’t even open his eyes.

The wagon was running steadily at a fairly fast pace.

* * *

“What was so wrong with my son that she refused?”

Chae Mi-ryeong couldn’t hide her anger and glared at Byeok Chun Il.

However, not even Byeok Chun Il knew entirely.

It wasn’t another person, but it was the Il Chim Gui that chose to do that.

Il Chim Gui was a person who acted as he pleased. He couldn’t predict what he would do if he bothered him.

Honestly, it was very difficult to ask him to take Byeok Jaehyuk to Homu ryun this time.

Honestly, even if it wasn’t to the point where he had to be ready to die, but he was prepared to have some places broken.

Fortunately, he refused.

“I think he developed an interest in the second’s disease. He said he would stick by him until he fixes it, so there was nothing I could say.”

“Think carefully.”

Chae Mi-ryeong said calmly, trying to calm her mind.

“What will happen if Byeoktaesan’s disease is healed?”

Byeok chun Il only smiled bitterly and couldn’t answer.

Wouldn’t it depend on Byeoktaesan’s will as to what would happen?

If Byeoktaesan does not think much, Byeokjaehyuk will inherit the Gold Wall Merchants, otherwise, a fierce power battle will arise.

There was already a talks about Byeoktaesan from people who held authority in the Gold Wall Merchants.

“I’ve been asking you to take care of it well, but let alone taking care of it, I heard the disease is getting better.”

“I think it has left my hand now.”

Byeokchun Il bowed his head slightly and said so. It actually was. Byeoktaesan’s matter has now left his hand. However, Chae Mi-ryeong shook her head firmly.

“No. That’s not true. Did you think you could give up that easily? Did you think I would just let that go?”

Chae Mi-ryeong smiled.

And Byeokchun Il’s expression hardened.

“There is something I’ve been working on in my own way, but I think you need to finish it for me.

“If you say the thing you were working on… … .”

“I wish he got sick and just died, but what can I do now that he’s just healthy again? I just have to get rid of him personally.”

Byeok Chun-Il’s expression became serious.

Chae Mi-ryeong looked at him and said calmly.

“You don’t need to make that kind of expression. I have no intention of acting rashly either. Did you know that soon we are going to be starting a new business?


Recently, various works were underway to tighten the neck of Cheon Geum ryeon. One of them was the new transportation project.

It was a direct action against the Blue Dragon transportation, one of Cheongeumryeon’s biggest funds.

They prepared quite a while and made a lot of investments.

There were many people who wanted to be a part of it somehow because everyone was convinced of its success.

“Put Byeoktaesan there.”

“Huh? Do you really mean that?”


Byeokchun Il looked at Chae Mi-ryeong blankly.

Honestly, he thought she was going to put Byeokjaehyuk there.

Currently, the condition of the Blue Dragon Transportation is so poor that it will be more difficult for them to withstand if there were competition nearby.

There are many opportunities to get compared to the effort they put in, so he couldn’t understand that she gave the opportunity to Byeoktaesan.

“It won’t succeed.”


“Find out more about it on your own if you want.”

Byeokchun Il’s expression hardened.

“Wouldn’t it be appropriate to show that level of ability to be the next Josuh gak ju?”

Byeokchun-Il was somewhat scared of Chae Mi-ryeong’s brightly smiling face.

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