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Chapter 1736 - 1736 Strike Me, Strike Me, Strike Me! (2)

1736 Strike Me, Strike Me, Strike Me! (2)

“Where did this person come from? How can he have three such strange subordinates at once?”

The three of them got curious about Wang Teng’s identity. They guessed that Wang Teng might have some extraordinary background outside the Seventh Stellar Academy. He wasn’t an ordinary person.

A suspected universe behemoth cub!

A universe stage presence!

A Lightning Spirit!

Either one of them was exceptional.

Even universe-stage martial warriors like them would be lucky if they could get one of the three, much less all three at once.

“Shall we help them? The three of them can’t hold on much longer,” one of them asked using voice transmission.


“Of course. This person’s identity isn’t simple and his potential is extraordinary. If we intervene now, it would be a timely assistance.”

The other two immediately decided to help without any hesitation.

“Let’s go.”

The three of them stopped hiding and charged out from the chaotic currents. They executed their attacks and hurled them at the Chaotic Beasts around them.

Elizabeth was stunned. She was surprised when she saw the people who came. Huh? Are they here to… help us?

“Don’t worry, we’re not enemies!” One of them shouted.

Elizabeth was skeptical at first, but with the addition of their assistance, the pressure on them immediately lessened. She sighed in relief.


The Chaotic Beasts roared and attacked the crowd frantically.

The battle got more and more intense.

Until a certain moment, Wang Teng’s aura suddenly erupted, instantly surpassing several times its previous level.


An explosion occurred within Wang Teng’s body. The whirlpool above his head gradually sunk into him. A terrifying aura suddenly burst forth from him.

“Is it happening?” Elizabeth was overjoyed.

“Master is about to achieve a breakthrough.” Little White was elated too. It let out a caw.

“He achieved a breakthrough!”

“This aura… is so powerful!”

“It looks like this student’s potential is truly frightening. He’s only at the heaven stage but he already possesses such a formidable aura. He must be extremely powerful.”

“However, it’s a little late for him to advance from the cosmos stage to the heaven stage. Most of the previous students had already made their breakthroughs. Could it be that he was building up his foundation?”

The three martial warriors were stunned again. They observed Wang Teng’s breakthrough and discussed it in secret.

These people assumed that Wang Teng had advanced from the cosmos stage to the heaven stage. They never considered any other possibilities.

At the moment of Wang Teng’s breakthrough, a token suddenly flew up from his body, radiating a brilliant light.

“That’s… the access token!”

“Oh my, his time is up!”

“What a coincidence!”

This was the token given to him by the guide after Wang Teng entered the Chaotic Uncharted.

In addition to allowing students to move around the transit island, this token also served another purpose, which was to locate the students’ whereabouts. Once the time limit was up, it could prompt them to leave the Chaotic Uncharted immediately.

The token glowed brightly and a crack appeared in the air above it. A venerable voice then echoed from within the crack.

“Student Wang Teng, your time is up. Please leave immediately… Huh? A breakthrough?”

The voice behind the dimensional rift paused for a moment. Then, the person cleared his throat and spoke in a softer tone.

“Cough… never mind, you can finish the breakthrough first.”

The three universe-stage martial warriors were stunned.

Was that the Guardian Elder speaking?

When did he become so kind and soft?

They had been in the Seventh Stellar Academy for many years but had never seen him so amiable.

While it was understandable that the Guardian Elder wouldn’t force any student to leave the Chaotic Uncharted immediately during such a critical breakthrough moment like this.

This level of friendliness was unprecedented.

No further sound came from the dimensional rift so they were unable to confirm if it was the stern Guardian Elder they knew.

The three universe-stage martial warriors were filled with curiosity.

At this moment, Wang Teng, who was sitting cross-legged on the small celestial body, suddenly opened his eyes. He seemed to have completed his transformation.

A dazzling light burst forth from his eyes!

Brilliant starlight!

His deep and profound black eyes seemed to contain boundless starry skies. It looked divine.

“Finally… a breakthrough!” Wang Teng stood up and felt the changes inside his body. He smiled uncontrollably.

“Master!” Little White couldn’t help but call out.

Wang Teng snapped back to attention and immediately looked around. He noticed that Little White and Elizabeth were both seriously injured. A cold glint flashed in his eyes.

These Chaotic Beasts were so troublesome!

But, before he could do anything…


A terrifying clap of thunder was heard without any warning.

Wang Teng’s expression froze. He slowly raised his head.

Another huge pitch-black crack appeared above his head again. Silver-white lightning flashed in the crack.

The crack resembled a massive vertical eye.

The lightning within it emanated a majestic and terrifying aura.

The boundless pressure poured down like a torrent.

“Huh?” A surprised exclamation came from behind the dimensional rift situated above the token.

The Chaotic Beasts around them seemed frightened. They cried in alarm and hurriedly fled in panic towards the distance.

They gave up attacking voluntarily.

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