Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Choosing Cultivation Method

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Clang! Clang! Clang!

A heavy bell chime sounded. This was the same signal as when they set off. It meant that they had arrived at their destination.

His body leaned forward slightly, and he could clearly sense that the flying ship was slowing down.

Soon, the corridor outside became noisy. After all, they were still a group of children, so they were very enthusiastic about fresh things.

It was not until the flying ship descended to a certain height that the locked cabin doors opened. The new disciples swarmed onto the deck and screamed.

It had to be said that the scenery in this world was far more magnificent than the Earth in his previous life.

The wind in front of them was still strong, and when they looked at the enormous gorge that was enveloped by golden light, a silent shock struck the hearts of all the disciples.

That was the Scripture Storage Valley.

The airship slowly landed on a flat spaceport. After the entire ship shook slightly, it announced that their journey to seek immortality had officially started.

“All outer disciples, come to me to collect your disciple uniform and outer sect identity token!”

“Each disciple will take two sets of clothes of the same size. If there are any lost or damaged items, you will have to purchase new ones yourself.”

Unlike the elegant white robes of inner sect disciples, outer sect disciples’ uniforms were more practical.

The inner wear was a gray garment and the outer wear was a navy blue robe. It was resistant to dirt and tearing.

Touching the fabric, it was smooth and supple. It was obviously several grades better than the clothes worn by the officials in the mortal world.

Any item that leaked out from the cultivation world would be a rare treasure in the mortal world.

“Our Scripture Storage Valley was established in the year 2134 of the Nine Provinces Calendar, and it has been 255 years since then. We had 11 founders, but there are only seven left who are still protecting our sect…”

After receiving the items, everyone continued to follow the group. Elder Weng Sanqi slowly narrated the history and culture of the Scripture Storage Valley as he walked.

255 years was enough time for several dynasties to complete the cycle of prosperity and decline.

However, for the cultivation world, this was a bit too short. More than half of the original founders of the Scripture Storage Valley still remained.

The entrance to Scripture Storage Valley was the mouth of this golden rock canyon.

From the entrance of the valley, it looked like a desolate and rugged landscape. However, under Elder Weng Sanqi’s lead, they seemed to have passed through a layer of mist and the world before their eyes suddenly opened up.

The space within the valley was extremely large. It was at least ten times larger than what one could see from outside the valley. Moreover, there was not the slightest bit of desolation. There were flowers, plants, fish, and insects. People were living everywhere.

“This is the outer area of the sect. You’ll be spending a long period of your life and cultivation here. If you want to truly join the inner sect, you’ll have to work hard to cultivate in the future.”

“This is Elder Lu, your outer sect elder. He will be in charge of everything in the future.”

“Greetings, Elder Lu!”

Everyone bowed to Elder Lu, but he only nodded and did not say anything. He put on a sour face and looked like he had a bad temper.

“Next, all of you will follow Elder Lu to distribute the rooms. Change into your outer sect clothes and gather here. Remember, I will only wait for half an hour!”

After saying that, Elder Lu of the outer sect walked towards a direction without saying a word. Although his body was hunched, his speed was not slow at all. The disciples could only barely keep up with him after running.

“The places in the sect are all very dangerous. If you don’t want to die tragically, don’t step into places you are not familiar with!”

Elder Lu brought them to a rather cold and empty dormitory district. It seemed that the new outer sect disciples were not arranged to be together with the previous disciples.

“The rooms from 1 to 752 are all empty. The keys are all on the door. You can decide on your own.”

After saying that, Elder Lu acted as if he had completed a task. He ignored the new disciples and turned to leave.

Only then did the new disciples react. They hurriedly went to choose a dormitory to occupy a good spot.

One look at these seven hundred dormitories and one could tell that there were good and bad ones.

The worst one was probably a leaky straw hut, built in a dark, damp corner with insects crawling and rats biting.

On the other hand, it could be a small two-story building. Not only were all the facilities complete, but there would also be a large courtyard in front and behind the house.

At this time, the advantage of teamwork was revealed.

Qi Tianya, who had a top-grade spiritual root, directly entered the inner sect. Thus, among all the new outer sect disciples, Jiang Li’s team was undoubtedly the number one.

In addition to him and Yan Hong, there were 14 medium-grade and high-grade spiritual root disciples here. Ordinary people did not dare to offend them.

Even if they wanted to offend them, with Jiang Li, an internal martial artist, holding the fort, what could a group of thirteen or fourteen-year-old children do?

Without spending much effort, they managed to obtain the best dorms. Even the 19 low-grade spiritual root disciples that followed Jiang Li and the others were taken care of and assigned to decent rooms.

The group did not dare to waste any time. After changing their clothes quickly, the group of hundreds of people looked no different from the outer sect disciples they had seen previously.

Not daring to let the elders wait any longer, the majority of the disciples returned to their previous location twenty minutes later.

The rest of the people were also anxious as they watched. They ran out of the dormitory and gathered while tying their belts.

However, no matter where or when, there were always some people who liked to not be punctual.

Half an hour had passed, and almost all of the disciples had already stood in front of Elder Weng Sanqi. However, two minutes later, two youths were still chatting and laughing as they walked over.

Seeing that everyone was looking at them, they quickly ran forward and prepared to blend into the crowd.

“Seems like there’s always people who don’t like to follow the rules.”

Weng Sanqi put down the wine jug and casually swept his right sleeve, causing two jet black rays of light to shoot out and instantly enter their knees.

With two screams, the two youths fell to the ground. They hugged their knees and cried.

“My leg! Ahhh! My leg is broken!”

[Name: Bone-Piercing Nail]

[Type: Dharma Artifact]

[Grade: Low-Grade Yellow-Rank]

[Note: A hidden weapon that can be tempered with poison.]

Jiang Li threw an appraisal skill at it. He did not know whether he should mourn for them or scold them that they deserved it.

When a mortal was struck by an artifact, even if it was the lowest low-grade yellow-rank, their legs could absolutely be declared crippled.

“Hmph! Everyone, follow me. I don’t want this to happen again!”

No matter how good Weng Sanqi’s temper was, he was still an elder. Even inner sect disciples could not disrespect him, let alone two useless outer sect disciples.

After saying that, he did not care if the two fellows who were rolling on the ground could keep up with him. He led everyone towards the door again.

“I’m going to take you to the Scripture Storage Pavilion to select your own Qi Refinement cultivation method. If you don’t work hard enough, this might be your last chance to enter the inner sect. Remember, do not look or talk casually when inside!”

The first day he entered the sect, he had the chance to enter the sect’s sacred Scripture Storage Pavilion. This made Jiang Li involuntarily feel a little excited.

After all, it was not as if he had not read thousands of cultivation novels in his previous life. Every time the main character went to the Scripture Storage Pavilion, the treasure vault, or even the garbage dump, there would definitely be good stuff hidden in places like this.

After coughing twice and controlling his emotions, Jiang Li and the others had already stood in front of a metal door.

The metal gate was completely embedded in the cliff wall. The entire Scripture Storage Pavilion was actually dug out after emptying the stone wall.

“The first level of the Scripture Storage Pavilion is full of Qi Refinement cultivation methods. You don’t have to look at the skill technique section. The basic cultivation methods are all on the bookshelf on the right side of the first level.”

“Each bookshelf has a classification of the attribute of the cultivation method. Everyone only has half an hour. After choosing, I will register it here!”

“Remember! Only choose a cultivation method that corresponds to your own attribute. There will be no second chance!”

After he finished speaking, the metal door slowly opened. The dim space inside also automatically lit up, illuminating the huge space inside.

“Let’s go in.” Jiang Li and Yan Hong talked to each other before entering the first floor.

Following the instructions, they arrived at the Cultivation Method Area on the right. Dozens of large bookshelves were placed there, and hundreds of people entered in batches. It did not seem crowded at all.

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth were the most common types of spiritual roots of the five elements. Naturally, the cultivation methods that were discovered were also the most common. Almost 70% of the bookshelf’s cultivation methods were of the five elements.

Yan Hong decisively joined in the selection of the water attribute cultivation method while Jiang Li continued forward. He began to search for books suitable for dual-attribute spiritual roots according to the notes on the bookshelf.

Fire-Earth, Water-Wood, Metal-Fire, Yin-Water… Yin-Wood dual-attribute cultivation methods!

He had finally found it!

Jiang Li heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he still had a chance to choose.

He glanced at the bookshelf. There were only three manuals. They were folded weakly, forming a sharp contrast with the five elements cultivation manuals that were filled to the brim.

“Coffin Burial Art”, “Ghost Wood Art”, “Deadwood Extraction Method”.

Why did it sound like… they’re all so dark and evil?

As a cultured person, shouldn’t he be looking at more positive things?

Helpless, Jiang Li could only pick up the three books and read their introductions.

In reality, he could only see the introduction. The rest of the content was sealed by the Scripture Storage Pavilion’s array formation and could not be forcefully opened.

The introduction of the cultivation method mainly described the characteristics of the cultivation method and the achievements of the cultivators who had cultivated it.

After carefully comparing the three cultivation methods, he discovered that only the “Deadwood Extraction Method” had annotations that it was an ancient cultivation method. Unfortunately, the cultivation method was incomplete and only contained the part for the Qi Refinement realm.

It was naturally impossible for Jiang Li to choose a cultivation method that could only be used in the Qi Refinement realm. However, he was also very interested in the word “ancient”.

Previously, he had heard that the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak originated from the ancient Shu Mountain Sword Sect. The Scripture Storage Valley had also started because of an ancient ruin.

But what exactly happened in the ancient times? After all, the world was always developing according to common sense. There was no reason for things created now to be worse than before.

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