Death... and me

Chapter 2259 Divine Stones Matter

Chapter 2259 Divine Stones Matter

Jikli Clan was a little further away from the border with the Spirit Races Territory compared with Sitiwe City. Nonetheless, it was located in the same country. Not to mention, this was still inside the Central Regions of the Realm of Gods. It's just that compared to the real powers of the Humanoid Races, the Jikli Clan was somewhat negligible. Their Patriarch was only at the Late Stage of the Elemental Space Realm, the same as the twins.

One of the teleport formations in the Jikli Clan flashed with silver light as well. Following that, Rean, Kentucky, and Viviane stepped out. The servants there quickly approached and were surprised to see who had appeared. "Ah! Lady Viviane! You are back!"

Vivane understood the reason for their surprise but didn't touch the topic. "My father probably ordered you to warn him as soon as I appeared, right? That's good since I also want to meet him. Is he present at the clan at the moment, or is he still in the Mortal Realm?"

Rean and Kentucky's eyes couldn't help but change a little after hearing that. 'Mortal Realm?'

One of the servants quickly answered. "He just came back around a month ago. He shouldn't be going back for at least a year now. Lady Viviane should be able to tell better than us where to find him."

Viviane nodded and looked at Rean and Kentucky. "Sir Yean, Tuck, come with me. I will introduce you to my father."

Rean shook his head, though. "There is no need. We only came so that we could go to those villages at your clan territories' borders. The people I mentioned to you live in my pocket dimensional realm, so as soon as I settle them down, I'm leaving."

"You have a Pocket Dimensional Realm? Wouldn't it have been better if you had just put me in your Dimensional Realm before paying for the teleport out of the Demon Beasts Territory?" Viviane was surprised to hear that. Rean and Kentucky were suppressing their Realms to look like to were around the Void Tempering Realm, after all.

Rean smiled in response. "Would you be willing to be at the mercy of someone you have never met before? Or could it be that you didn't know you would be completely under the control of the Pocket Dimensional Realm owner if you entered it?"

Viviane sighed. "That was an idiotic question, sorry." She quickly changed the topic there. "However, come see my father with me. I'm sure he will compensate you well."

Rean shook his head again and asked something else. "Where are the regions you said I could use to release everyone?"

Seeing that Rean had no intention of going with her, Viviane could only give up in the end. She then pointed in a direction before saying, "Go southeast from here. Around 25000 kilometers of distance, you will see a grassland opening after leaving the forest. We have quite a few mortal villages and low-level cultivators there. And since it is beside a forest with similar-level Demon Beasts, it should just match your requirements."

Rean nodded and immediately took flight with Kentucky. The two then passed by a protection formation after receiving Viviane's permission, leaving the clan's main area. Viviane, on the other hand, narrowed her eyes. 'There should still be time.'

She passed by several other formations, entering the restricted area of the clan after just a few minutes. Finally, she arrived at a quite large building but didn't enter straight away. Instead, she bowed at the door and spoke. "Father, I have returned."

The door of the building slowly opened a moment later. "Enter."

Viviane seemed nervous as she headed in the direction of a room at the back of the building. Finally, she opened another door before seeing her father sitting behind a desk, using Rean communication Badges as well as recording several Jade Slips with information from the Mortal Realm.

Eagon ignored her for a few minutes, but Viviane stayed quiet without disturbing him. Finally, Eagon put the last Jade Slip aside and looked at her. "Sigh... So, are you done with your small adventure? Have you already awakened from your dreams?"

Viviane's expression darkened a little in response. "What adventure? I was 100% serious! If you and Mom weren't so against my relationship with William, would I have had to flee?"

Eagon didn't seem convinced. "Is that so? Then how come you are already back? Let me guess, he abandoned you?"

"No... we were attacked by a bunch of Demon Beasts after entering their territory without authorization. We ended up separating in the end, so I don't know what happened to him after. I came back to ask for help to find him," Viviane explained.

Eagon couldn't help but find the situation funny. "So, you ignored our clan's orders and eloped with that nobody. After fleeing and ALSO spending several Rank Seven Divine Stones to teleport to the Demon Beasts Territory, stones that were not yours, by the way, you came back to ask for help. What makes you think I would spend a single Divine Stone to help this crush of yours? I might as well tell you this. After taking the Divine Stones away, the clan elders want nothing more than to heavily punish you. Rank Seven Divine Stones are pretty rare, after all."

Viviane gritted her teeth. She knew that she would be held accountable for the Divine Stones. However, she had a plan. "I know that I have to answer for the Divine Stones, and I did bring enough of them back to make up for their numbers and probably even more."

One of Eagon's brown raised a little, showing that those words picked his interest. "You? Got more Rank Seven Divine Stones than you took away? Very well, if you truly have them, bring them out. You took a total of 55 Rank Seven Divine Stones. I want to see at least a hundred. If you show me that much, I can at least convince the elders not to punish you. Perhaps even sending a tracking team might not be impossible for that boyfriend of yours."

Viviane nodded. "Understood. However, they aren't with me." Rean and Kentucky's faces appeared in her mind right after.

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