Death... and me

Chapter 2545 Tasty

Chapter 2545 Tasty

Sure enough, the Universe Foundation Fragment had a complete vision of the city. When Rean brought out the first Mirror Cube and put it into the device, it immediately ignored its fight against Lotar and changed targets. That's why it was here now.


The Fragment's beast charged out of the ground, still forcing its way. Suddenly, it opened its mouth, and a sphere of white light energy appeared, seeming to be charging with even more Light Element. The Fragment knew that Light Element was the beast against the Shadow Ferals, so it didn't hold back on it. Not to mention, it is a Universe Foundation Fragment, so its Light Element was as pure as it can get.

"Do you think I will let you do it again?!"


Lotar hit the beast's head while it charged that sphere, forcing the beast's mouth to close for a moment. The sphere then exploded in its mouth, blasting part of its head. Seeing that, Lotar sighed in relief and prepared for the next attack.

However, as soon as the explosion of energy dissipated, Lotar noticed that another sphere of white light energy was already charged.


"Fuck!" Lotar couldn't do anything before the sphere became a ray of light that flashed in Iolanda and Rean's group direction. Lotar got used to fighting this beast during the past tens of minutes, which made him forget a crucial point. This beast wasn't really a beast, but a form that the Fragment took after absorbing a lot of energy. Who said it needed its head to launch that attack?

Seeing the attack, the Space-Time Shadow Ferals immediately jumped in front of Iolanda, releasing all the power of their cultivation. Dark Red Flames covered their front as they burnt their own bloodlines to increase that power. Finally, the four of them jumped inside the flames before their bodies ignited.

*Boom, boom, boom, boom!*

Four Space-Time Shadow Ferals exploded their own bodies, creating a counterforce that smashed against the Fragment Beast's Light Attack. Usually, those Shadow Ferals wouldn't be a match against it, but by exploding their own bodies and all their cultivation, they created just enough power to resist that attack.

Four Angel Beast Cores shot into the distance like bullets, being impacted by the enormous explosion; they were all cracked, seeming on the verge of breaking down. This suicide attack was even more dangerous than those used against Rean and Kentucky down in the Chasm. The Light Element of the Beast got inside their bodies and even cores, so it was several times riskier.

Iolanda saw that and immediately tried to catch the cores. However, Rean held her shoulder before saying. "Take Kentucky's blood and put it into the device. I'll catch them."

Iolanda was taken aback for a moment but nodded, so she went to Kentucky's side and began to shape Kentucky's blood into two spheres. Rean did as he said and quickly caught the Shadow Ferals Cores. As long as the Cores didn't break, the Shadow Feral Queen or Lotar could revive these guys with their race's special ability. It's just that they once again would have to cultivate from scratch... or it was supposed to be like that. Yet, with the cracks on their cores, it was hard to tell if they were fine or not.

*Boom, boom, boom, boom...*

The fight between Lotar and the Fragmetn continued while the Fragment made its way to them. It saw how the Space-Time Shadow Ferals exploded to get a one-time chance to defend against the attack. This time, the same couldn't be repeated anymore. There were a lot more Shadow Beasts around the building, but even if they all committed suicide, it wouldn't be strong enough to stop another one of those attacks due to their much lower cultivations.

Yet, they all seemed to not care. They flew in between Iolanda and the Fragment Beast in the distance, ready to truly die to protect their queen. Iolanda saw that and didn't feel the least bit happy. "All of you, stand down. Who told you to sacrifice for me? Be ready to return to the Chasm instead!"

None of the Shadwo Ferals listened, though. Iolanda was just too important for their race. "Queen, you should return to the Chasm instead! Let us stay and try out our luck. As long as you remain, our race can continue."

Iolanda continued to shape Kentucky's blood and shook her head. "What kind of bullshit queen am I if I run away like this? Just stop it and leave. If I die, another Queen will emerge within our race due to our race's abilities. There is no need to worry about me."

Once again, the Shadow Ferals didn't move, keeping the wall of Shadow Ferals between Iolanda and the Fragment in the distance. It was obvious they didn't like that idea either.


Suddenly, Lotar failed to stop another one of the Light Rays coming from the Fragment's beast. It grew in front of the Shadow Ferals, and it would definitely kill them all, as their cores wouldn't be able to resist it.

"No!" Iolanda shouted with blood eyes.

Yet, Rean's voice echoed in her ear. "I told you to focus on shaping Kentucky's blood and put it into the device, didn't I? Just do that and leave the rest to me."


Rean appeared right in front of that Divinity Realm level attack, putting himself in front of all the Shadow Beasts who were intending to commit suicide for the queen.

The Shadow Beasts and Iolanda felt that Rean was crazy. Regardless of how strong he was, he couldn't possibly stop a Divinity Realm attack being more than an entire Realm below.

Yet, Rean just smiled and put his Dark Star Sword away. Following that, he stretched his hands and laughed. "Hahahaha! Come to Papa!"

The Ray of Light hit his hands... and no disintegration or explosion followed. Instead, Rean's body seemed to become a vortex that absorbed the entire power of the Fragment's Light Attack. In the next moment, the attack disappeared.


"Quite tasty..."

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