Demon’s Diary

Chapter 10 – Lei Zhen

Chapter 10 – Lei Zhen

“Yes, Spirit Master. I am Mu Ming Zhu from the Mu Clan in Guan Lin. This is my Verification Sill.” Mu Ming Zhu quickly took out a black metal sill and held it out with both of her hands.

“Oh! You are a clansmen of Sister Mu! Anyhow, I am not a Spirit Master, I am only a Spirit Apostle. A Spirit Master would not show his face to mortals that have not even awakened their Spiritual Sea.” The man’s cold expression loosened as he said this and waved his hand a little.


The metal plate that the girl in purple held shot into the air before firmly landing in the man’s hands.

The escort then formed a one-handed sign, and with black light floating on his finger, pointed at the sill.

With a popping noise, the metal plate slightly shook before it expelled a misty white light mirror.

Within the light mirror, another girl in purple appeared. Besides the difference in clothing, her facial demeanor was very similar. Perhaps the one in the light mirror was slightly younger.

“Yes, this is you without a doubt. You can go stand over there.” The man glanced over to the side and nodded his head.

When Mu Ming Zhu heard this, she happily agreed and headed over to the middle of the platform in a pleased manner.

“I… I am Gao Chong. It’s a pleasure to meet the emissary!” The tall young man also took out a similar metal sill from his chest and, nervously, held it up high.

“Gao Chong… You are one of the three Loose Practitioners in this Awakening Ceremony. Not bad, maybe you will become a fellow disciple. Let me see your Verification Sill.” Amazingly, the man in black squeezed out a smile and spoke in a very polite tone.

With the same hand, he cast the spell again.

Naturally, Gao Chong passed without any problems.

“Bai Clan’s Bai Chong Tian. Please inspect my Verification Sill.” Liu Ming took a deep breath and lifted up the item in his hands.

Even though he was very nervous on the inside, no abnormalities could be seen from the outside.

This time, the man casually swept his eyes over Liu Ming before quietly taking the sill.

The same white light came out of the sill and another “Bai Chong Tian” came out in a lifelike manner.

Liu Ming glanced at the white light and his heart skipped.

The “Bai Chong Tian” in the white light looked almost eighty to ninety percent similar to him. Though, at the time, he was wearing a white shirt and had an arrogant look. This and a few other points were a little different from Liu Ming.


The man inspected the “Bai Chong Tian” in the image a few times and looked down at Liu Ming. His face showing an expression of surprise.

Liu Ming’s heart sank and the bronze bracelet on his arm started to shake a little. However, he remained still.

“Hmm. In this one year, you have changed quite a bit. Looks like you have made quite a bit of preparation for the Awakening Ceremony. That previous impetuous aura seems to have completely disappeared.” The man slowly said.

Liu Ming heard this and let loose a sigh of relief in his heart. He quickly bowed and replied, “I know that my talent is mediocre, so I could only work hard in order to gain a slight chance in the awakening.”

“Haha. Awakening the Spiritual Sea is not something that hard work can help you through. Whatever, telling you this stuff now is useless. Later on you will naturally know more about this. Find a place to sit down, we will be going to the next location.” The man lightly chuckled but did not say much else beside telling him to sit.

The other youths heard this and sat down cross-legged.

Seeing this, Liu Ming and the other two also found a place to sit down on the platform.

It was unknown if it was due to them being escorted from the same place, but the trio did not separate to sit with other people.

Though the trio looked at each other, nobody said a thing.

At this time, the man in the air flipped his hand and took out a white disk. With a flash, it flew into the air and disappeared into the clouds.

The next moment, the surrounding statues let out a buzzing sound before starting to emit soft lights. Then, with a loud noise, the platform started to move toward a direction with large inertia.

Many young men and women, who did not sit tightly, fell over.

The girl in purple, who was in front of Liu Ming, was also unprepared and her delicate body twisted and started to fall. Luckily, the tall, young man to her side had good reflexes and quickly grabbed onto the girl’s arm and steadily pulled her back.

“Thank you brother Gao!” Mu Ming Zhu steadily sat down again and with a flush spoke to the tall young man.

“It… it is nothing. It is just a small matter.” When Gao Chong saw the girl’s response, he had a bit of a helpless look.

After the girl in purple gave a smile to Gao Chong, she turned toward Liu Ming and gave him a glare.

Liu Ming only gave her a faint smile that didn’t look like a smile.

He sat steadily from the beginning and could obviously have given the young girl a hand. However, he had no intentions of doing so.

Due to this, Mu Ming Zhu’s impression of him had worsened.

However, at this time, Liu Ming’s gaze shifted from the two and onto a white statue near him.

The statue was very strange. It was like a monkey yet not a monkey, like a bat yet not a bat. It was as if it was a monkey that had a pair of bat wings growing out of it. Due to this, the statue looked extremely ferocious, making others feel a chill in their hearts as they looked at it.

“Hmph. A small clan really is a small clan. You actually do not even know about Night Crawlers, one of the most basic type of ghosts.” Mu Ming Zhu said in a sarcastic tone as she scoffed.

“Oh, Miss Mu knows what this is?” Liu Ming asked curiously.

Next to him, Gao Chong had also widened eyes.

At first, Mu Ming Zhu didn’t want to talk to Liu Ming any further, but seeing Gao Chong’s expression, she once again remembered what her third uncle had said. With a thought, she put on a smile and said, “Since Brother Gao wishes to know, I will share a bit of my small knowledge. Night Crawlers are also called Yecha ghosts and are the most common of the one hundred eight ghosts in the Hundred Ghost Diagram. Besides being able to fly, they do not really have any special powers.” Mu Ming Zhu was worthy of being a daughter of the Mu family. Even though she was not a part of the Barbarian Ghost Sect yet, she still knew a lot about ghosts. Not only did she explain every detail about the Night Crawlers, she also spoke about the other statues of ghosts nearby. This attracted many other young men and women over.

“Ha. What’s the point of understanding these low Soldier rank ghosts? Once we really join the sect, you will have to at least tame a General rank ghost to not waste learning the art of exorcism.” A tall, brown-haired teenager sneered to the side.

“You talk pretty big. According to what I know, even among the Spirit Apostles within the sect over half of them are only able to tame Soldier rank ghosts. Only a small number of disciples are able to tame a Captain rank ghost. As for General rank ghosts, even among Spirit Masters, only a few are able to tame them.” Mu Ming Zhu looked at the brown-haired teenager, and responded without reservation.

“Even if others cannot do it, that does not mean that I, Lei Zhen, cannot do it.” The brown-haired teenager said with a smile.

“Lei Zhen? You are from the Lei Clan?” Mu Ming Zhu heard the name of the teenager and the color on her face changed.

The others around also sucked down a cold breath as they heard his name, their eyes displayed a trace of fear.

Although, the Bai Clan can be said to be a first-rate family in their area, the Lei Clan ranked within the top three in the entire Da Xuan Country. The clan had dozens of Spirit Apostles, and even a Spirit Master.

“Even if you are from the Lei family, this type of speech should wait for after the Awakening Ceremony.” Mu Ming Zhu was secretly surprised but still held onto her pride. She was reluctant to lose face for her family.

However this time, Lei Zhen did not say any more. He glanced at the tall teenager next to the girl and left with a laugh.

From beginning to end, he did not even glance at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming sat on the ground without moving and turned a blind eye to everything in general.

On Savage Island, the more hidden one was, the better. Since this was the only way to survive a bit longer.

Those with a lot of strength who entered into the spotlight, generally wouldn’t live past a year.

Although the outside world was different from Savage Island, Liu Ming did not try to change this aspect of himself.

At this time, one could clearly see that Mu Ming Zhu and Gao Chong were close, speaking warmly to each other. Every now and then, a small giggling sound could be heard. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, they completely excluded Liu Ming.

However, Liu Ming did not care at all and once again focused his mind. He once more started training right there.

In the remaining seven to eight days, the platform would stop every half a day, picking up around three to tens of youths each time.

Once the platform held around three to four hundred people and could not hold any more, the man in black stopped picking up youths. He then directed the black cloud to return to the sect.

Half a month later, the giant black cloud flew over many rolling mountains and went straight into the depths of a dark forest.

In one breath, they went over a hundred miles, and appeared in front of a mountain range with over a dozen mountains.

On the other side of the sky came a rumbling noise and another black cloud came toward the same mountain range.

After a while, the two black clouds both arrived at the mountain range and landed on the side of one of the mountains.

“Go down. The gate of the sect is here.”

The man in black suddenly ordered as he appeared in midair. As the platform firmly landed on the ground, the black cloud and light disappeared.

Many of the young boys and girls excitedly jumped off the platform.

Liu Ming stopped at the edge of the platform and carefully looked around at his new surroundings.

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