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Chapter 1284: Illusion Power Seed

Chapter 1284: Illusion Power Seed

“Elder Liu is indeed an honest person. I’m not questioning Elder Liu’s bloodline… Speaking of which, it’s a blessing that Elder Liu didn’t specialize in the Heavenly Illusive Technique.” The bald man nodded first. A hint of melancholy appeared on his face.

“Elder Qing Gu, why did you say so? I have just fought against Elder Qing Song, and I realized that the family’s Heavenly Illusive Technique is formidable. If it weren’t for the magic weapon passed down from the ancestor that resisted the Heavenly Illusive Technique, I will probably lose.” Liu Ming asked with a hint of surprise when he heard this.

“In terms of power, the Heavenly Illusive Technique of our family is indeed the top demonic technique. Moreover, the cultivation speed of this technique is rapid. To be honest with Mr. Liu, I’m only 600 years old even though I have already reached the Celestial State intermediate stage.” The bald man said slowly with a smile on his face.

A hint of surprise suddenly appeared on Liu Ming’s face.

The Celestial State cultivator was already a rare high rank cultivator no matter in the Middle Sky Continent, Savage Wild Continent, or Thousands Demons Continent.

For an ordinary Celestial State cultivator, no matter how good the aptitude was, even if the cultivation resources were abundant, it would take thousands of years to achieve it. For those with less aptitude, it was not unusual to reach it after 3000 years. Those, who could reach the Celestial State within a thousand years, were definitely geniuses.

Liu Ming naturally couldn’t be judged with normal cases because of his prison space.

The bald muscular man was not particularly outstanding in terms of blood aptitude alone. If he was able to reach the Celestial State intermediate stage at the age of about 600 years old, it was all because of the power of the Heavenly Illusion Technique. The technique was simply too overpowered.

“Not just me. The other 2 elders in our family, including Family Master Qing Cong, have reached the Celestial State within a thousand years. However, compared to this cultivation speed, Heavenly Illusive Technique also has a fatal shortcoming. That is people in this family don’t have a long lifespan. Even a Celestial State intermediate stage cultivator like me only has a lifespan of 2000 years.” The burly bald man sighed and said in a dejected tone.

Liu Ming was taken aback. According to what he knew, if nothing else happened, the Celestial State cultivator’s lifespan was close to 10000 years.

After thinking about it, Liu Ming frowned and asked.

“Why is the technique so, Elder Qing Gu?”

The burly bald man’s eyes flashed. He launched several black lights, cast a layer of spiritual power barrier that isolated the sound, and then said solemnly.

“This matter is related to the family secret. Please don’t spread it outside, Elder Liu.”

“I understand.” Liu Ming nodded.

“According to the explanation left by Ancestor Mo Tian in the book, Heavenly Illusive Technique is an incomplete technique. When cultivating it, it will involuntarily deplete the life force to improve the cultivation. People of our family progress quickly, but they don’t know that their own lifespan is also greatly depleted at the same time.” The bald man sighed and explained slowly.

“Since all the elders know that there are flaws in Heavenly Illusvie Technique, why not let the disciples change to another technique? With the strength of the Qing Family, it shouldn’t be difficult to find suitable alternatives?” Liu Ming pondered for a moment and then asked.

“How could the ancestors of the Qing Family not have thought of this? It’s just that the cultivator of our family has a special physique. Except for the Heavenly Illusive Technique, it is extremely difficult to cultivate other techniques. There was once a family master who selected dozens of talents with outstanding aptitudes to practice another technique, but after hundreds of years, no one had broken through the Real Pellet State.” The burly bald man said with a wry smile.

“There was such incident?” Liu Ming was surprised for a while.

“Afterward, several generations of family masters tried many times. Unfortunately, apart from Heavenly Illusive Technique, they had never been able to find other suitable techniques. Instead, the repeated attempts caused a huge gap of the Celestial State cultivators, almost leading to the catastrophe that almost wipes out our family. After that, our family gradually gave up on this idea.” The burly bald man sighed.

“Is there really no other way?” Liu Ming said thoughtfully.

“This is not the case. There is a secret realm hidden in the Qing Family. Ancestor once left a message saying that there is a method that can solve the short lifespan issue of our family, which is hidden in the Heavenly Illusive Secret Realm. This secret realm can only be opened once every thousand years. It is a pity that we had entered the secret realm dozens of times, but we have not been able to find the method left by the ancestor. Perhaps, what the ancestor said is just a joke.” The burly bald man said with some disapproval.

Hearing this, Liu Ming had some guesses in his mind and said with a slight smile.

“Perhaps Ancestor Mo Tian left this method to those who are destined.”

“Maybe. The Heavenly Illusive Secret Realm, which is opened once every thousand years, has turned into a ceremony for the family to choose the next family master.” The burly bald man changed the subject.

Liu Ming was taken aback for a moment, then he understood the special situation of the Qing Family that required a new family master every thousand years.

“What led Elder Qing Gu to say this?” He asked curiously.

“The Heavenly Illusive Secret Realm is dangerous. Every time it is opened, only the Celestial State elders are allowed to enter it. Almost every time the secret realm is opened, the elders of the Celestial State have fallen in it… However, there is an item named, Illusion Power Seed, in the secret realm. After the Real Pellet State cultivator takes this Illusion Power Seed, it can greatly increase the cultivator’s chances of advancing to the Celestial State. Of course, it can only be found by chance. Typical speaking, among the Celestial State elders, whoever can bring back an Illusion Power Seed can be the next family master.” The burly bald man said with dazzling eyes.

“I see.” Liu Ming nodded slowly.

“The reason why the two elders, Qing Songzi and Qing Shang, are somewhat hostile to Elder Liu is actually that the Heavenly Illusive Secret Realm will be opened 30 years later. Qing Songzi has persuaded Qing Shang to help him. The chances of being the family master are naturally greatly increased, so Qing Songzi naturally does not want Elder Liu to join at this moment. It will only add more variables to his contest for the position of family master.” The bald man said with a slight smile.

“It’s actually because of this. I thought it was because of the poor sociability that I offended those two elders.” Liu Ming was stunned, and he showed a smile.

“I have already told Elder Liu about these matters. For the rest of the time, I will not disturb Elder Liu’s training.” After the burly bald man finished speaking, he got up and bade farewell.

Liu Ming didn’t try to keep him around either. He got up and sent the burly bald man out.


The door of the cave house was slowly closed amidst the rumbles. Liu Ming was silent as if he was thinking about something.

After a short while, he walked back to the hall. After confirming with Divine Thought that there was nothing suspicious nearby, he suddenly said in a deep voice.

“Senior Mo Tian, there would be such a coincidence as the Heavenly Illusive Technique that reduces the lifespan of the Qing Family and the Heavenly Illusive Secret Realm. Could it be all your doing?”

Hey, that’s actually true. Those Illusion Power Seeds are created by using the enchantments in the secret realm. After the Celestial State cultivators are killed, their soul and spiritual power are refined into the seed. It is of course beneficial in advancing to the Celestial Realm.” Mo Tian didn’t feel any surprise and admitted frankly.

“Could it be that senior did all these just to prepare for this moment?” Liu Ming continued to ask with raised brows.

“That’s right. With my help, you will naturally get the Illusion Power Seed in it, then you will take over as the family master of the Qing Family.” Mo Tian said smugly.

Liu Ming’s expression remained unchanged, but he took a deep breath in his mind.

Although he had already expected that this matter must have something to do with Mo Tian, he never expected that Mo Tian’s careful planning would lead to such a situation. Such a thoughtful plan had been laid tens of thousands of years ago. At that moment, he became warier about Mo Tian’s plot in his mind.

“Don’t worry. The way to prolong the life of the cultivators of the Qing Family is in the secret realm. After you enter the secret realm, I will guide you on how to obtain this item. In this case, it will be more conducive for you to rule the Qing Family.” Seeing Liu Ming remain silent, Mo Tian continued talking indifferently.

“Since Senior Mo Tian already has a plan, I will do my best when the time comes.” Liu Ming frowned and said calmly.

“There are still more than 30 years before the next secret realm’s opening. During this period, I will help you further refine the Celestial Tablet. Before that, don’t forget your previous agreement with me.” Mo Tian stopped talking after leaving this reminder.

Hearing this, Liu Ming nodded. Then, he entered the secret room and sat cross-legged.

He had traveled a long distance without rest, and he had another battle just now, so he really needed to take a good rest.

Early the next morning, Liu Ming appeared outside the gate of the Qing Family’s palace.

The disciples guarding the Qing Family at the gate had long known that Liu Ming was the new Celestial State elder, so they naturally let him pass without asking further questions.

In the main hall, Qing Cong sat on the main seat. When he saw Liu Ming approaching, he smiled and pointed to the chair on the side of the hallway, motioning Liu Ming to sit down and have a talk.

“Family master, I came here to ask for something.” After Liu Ming greeted him, he sat down on the chair casually.

“If Elder Liu has any needs, you can just speak up.” Qing Cong said faintly.

“I want to find some materials that are urgently needed for training. I wonder if family master can help in this?” Liu Ming said directly.

As soon as he finished speaking, Liu Ming raised one hand. A green jade slip flashed and floated toward Qing Cong.

In the jade slip, Liu Ming had already engraved the materials needed to upgrade the Mountain River Pearls into it and some of the simpler materials that Mo Tian needed to condense the demon body.

Qing Cong took the jade slip and stuck it directly on his forehead. After a while, he frowned slightly and said.

“If it’s an ordinary item, I can help you personally. But the materials that Elder Liu is looking for are all rare treasures. I’m afraid the cost will not be a small amount.”

Upon hearing this, Liu Ming replied without showing any surprise.

“Please don’t worry about this, family master. As long as you can help gather the above materials, I will naturally bear all the costs.”

“Okay, since that’s the case, I’ll let the our people pay attention to these materials later.” Hearing this, Qing Cong agreed on the spot without further ado.

“Thank you, family master. I have other things to do, so I’ll take my leave first.” Liu Ming got up and asked to leave.

TL: Liu Ming be like: Shit you reached Celestial State by 600 years old? While he attained it at 100 years old+…

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